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DoA Event The Joint is merging with Den of Angels!

Jul 12, 2017

    1. As some of you long-timers may remember, Den of Angels once had a forum for aspiring doll sculptors to share their projects and talk shop. It eventually grew beyond the scope of what fit our focus at that time, and that community was rehomed on The Joint. Over the years, some of you have told us that you miss having an area of DoA for BJD artists. Today we are happy to announce that we have decided to merge the Joint back into Den of Angels, so that DoA can be a place to discuss resin BJDs throughout the creative process.

      We hope to import member accounts and content at the end of July, however it will take our staff time to do some cleanup and organize everything to better fit DoA's structure. For that reason, we can't give an exact date for the opening of the Joint on DoA. In the mean time, we've started a temporary thread to discuss BJD-making while we work everything out:

      If you have an account on the Joint, please read this thread for more information about the merge.

      We know that some of you will have questions. We've tried to answer some below, but feel free to ask any questions about the merge in this thread.

      I have both a DoA and Joint account. What will happen?
      Your accounts will be merged and you will continue to use your Den of Angels username and password to log in. Your postcount may go up!

      I have an account on the Joint but am not a member of Den of Angels.
      Your account from the Joint will be transferred to Den of Angels and you will be able to log in with your Joint username and password at the end of the month. If you can't wait that long, create a DoA account now and tell us your Joint username on your application.

      I might have made a Joint account years ago but rarely used it...
      We have deleted accounts on the Joint that had fewer than 15 posts and have not logged in recently. If your account was deleted and you are not a member of Den of Angels, we welcome you to create an account on DoA. No invitation needed!

      Can I use this merge to get around a ban?
      No – if you are banned on Den of Angels, you will stay banned even if your account on the Joint was not banned.

      Will this change the criteria for on-topic dolls?
      Den of Angels remains focused on resin BJDs that meet our criteria. However, we recognize that this area of our site may need special consideration. We are in the process of discussing it and have not made final decisions yet about exactly what will be allowed.
      #1 DoA Mod Squad, Jul 12, 2017
      Last edited by a moderator: Jul 12, 2017
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    2. I plan to sculpt! I did not know of the Joint! Thanks for working on this I hope to be active when the merger happens!
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    3. This is great news, thank you! I really look forward to being able to discuss sculpting!
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    4. Cool! I have a Joint account but was never able to log in again after the first time I used it.
    5. That is wonderful news- how exciting! :D
    6. This will certainly be very exciting and useful! I look forward to the update! <3
    7. Such great news! I never used the Joint forum, although made an account there.
    8. Looking forward for this! Right now I'm in the process of casting my first doll head!
    9. This is so great, I've been interested in possibly learning to sculpt to eventually make my own doll, but was kind of intimidated by the joint... :sweat it'll be nice to have the discussion on DOA to browse easier.
    10. This is great news, The Joint hasn't seen much activity as of late... Hope this will get people talking more :D
    11. While this is exciting, I have both an account on Den of Angels and on The joint, but I believe they are registered under different e-mails, to be honest I'm not even sure just how to check. (Two different usernames). I have no plans on attempting to have two accounts here but I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't going to create an issue. If more details are needed I'd be happy to give them.
    12. @errinreynolds You can post the information in Ask the Moderators or send it to me privately and we will make sure your accounts get merged properly.
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    13. I honestly didn't know about the Joint, but I'm excited for this! :) I've been getting into sculpting, myself, so I'm looking forward to how this plays out.
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    14. Cool! I recently made an account on the Joint so I could see people's projects, but it just wasn't that active. Hopefully this changes things.
    15. Tell me about it I am sitting here thinking... coool as well as "why didn't I think of searching for people who sculpt!?!" I don't sculpt but always found the idea intriguing
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    16. Wonderful! I miss the old DoA threads, and although I'm a member of The Joint, it always seemed so isolated and quiet. Thank you, mods! This sounds like a ton of work!
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    17. This is really exciting! I hope the joint will see more activity then because I loved all of the discussions there and learned so much. : )
    18. This is really exciting! I look forward to hearing more! I kinda fell out of sculpting BJDs, but I'd love to meet some newer artists and follow their projects! :D
    19. This is very exciting! I'm ready to take another stab at sculpting so this works out perfectly for me. I hope the transition goes smoothly for everyone affected! :whee:
    20. Whoooo!! I can't wait because I didnt want to join another forum just to look at info, and now that its all in one place I can look forward to all the new information