The Quality of the Festival Contestants is Amazing...

Aug 15, 2017

    1. Where do you get your ideas from? Even if you are not participating in the contests, I'd like to know :abambi:!
    2. The stuff I've seen so far is really lovely! It was so hard to choose when I went to vote for the first round of the triathlon.

      Though, fair warning, I think most of the contestants are gunna be pretty tight lipped about their inspiration until the voting results are posted, lol. Nobody wants to accidentally give themselves away yet.
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    3. Agreed, I'm always blown away by the creativity and skill. :) Contestants can't say anything about their entries just yet, since the rules say they have to remain anonymous. After it's over, you'll be able to chat about it!
    4. @Samsally @Alewife ohhhh that's right!! Darn! Guess I'll wait <3. They all look so cool! I can't imagine having the imagination to make all those!