These Doll Hobby and University?

Sep 3, 2017

    1. Hey y'all. It's been a bit since I've been involved with the Doll Hobby, not super long but long enough to feel like it's in danger of being put on hiatus. My first semester living on campus started in August, so for the past month I've been running around like a mad man. Now most of my time is devoted to studies and socializing, which aren't bad things- I just don't know anyone yet and it's a little lonely. But my dolls have been thoroughly neglected, and I was wondering if there were any other hobbyist that were in college/university as well? How do you guys cope with it?

      *edit- I just saw the typo in the thread title, sorry about that. I was on my phone when I was making the thread.
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    2. I'm currently in college and will live one year abroad mid-september for my studies. Unfortunetly, I don't think I will be able to bring my doll with me, which kinda breaks my heart. However, I think I can give you some advice. The thing I would recommend the most is to put on a schedule. I know it seems (and is) boring, but sharing your time in advance will help you have some time for your dolls (like one hour a day or on hour each sunday, etc.). Set a moment were you take care of your dolls. You can also talk with other hobbyist to keep you on track, on campus if you're lucky enough or on DoA and other websites. Having someone with you always help. Hope this will help you, good luck with your school year! :)
    3. I just started taking classes, and am busy looking for work. Plus I'm ALWAYS out and about, so much is going on in my life right now. Still, I FORCE time in for my dolls. If there is no time, I MAKE time. For example I decide I don't really need to go shopping today, I'll stay home with my dolls. Or I don't honestly have to clean my room today (yes I do) I'll have a doll photoshoot. XD
    4. You just need to make time if you really want to. I have a full time job and I, starting a master's degree next week. I find it hard to have time for my hobbies, but I know that it's important to take time out to relax and do things I enjoy. I'm not a 'schedule' type person, but I have weekends and sometimes days off if I've been working longer hours than usual.

      Its not easy, but if you care enough about your hobbies, you'll find time!
    5. I already finished university but during the time I basically placed the hobby on hiatus, probably not what anyone want to hear. But I was too busy to have time for them, including their story. For me that was great, when I come back it was like a fresh start and I could see things by a different angle. I also had changed enough that I wanted to take my collection in a opposite direction but in a way that made me satisfied and have more fun.

      It's different for everyone and there's no wrong way. If you don't have time, that's ok you can pick it up later without problem. The dolls won't run away, I promise.

      If you want to make time for them, you can pick them when you need to relax and do what you usually do. College/university can be stressing so you need a way to take time off anyway.

      Best of luck on college :)
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    6. I am in university right now, and I have my doll sit with me while doing my studies. It feels like I'm not alone, which actually helps me to work more effectively, and I also feel like I've managed to not neglect Gwen in the process. :) My degree is priority however, so I don't try and make time for this hobby. That's why I just incorporate my doll into my work time.
    7. I just started classes last week at the local college, and my classes take up four out of five of my weekdays. I've made it a priority to have that last day be a chillax day, and that would give me the opportunity to do something productive (faceups, mods, etc) if I want/need to. If I don't get work done in class, I'll do it over the weekend. I need to have balance for myself, as too much work will make me completely irrational. As much as I make my degree a priority, I put my wellbeing/mental health first and foremost. Without a competent (healthy) mind, degree be darned.

      Since I'm in the Graphic Design program, it sometimes gives me an opportunity to use my crew in projects, which allows me to connect with them even when I'm hectically busy. In fact, I had a flipbook animation project for one class, and I used one of my boys to model for me as I worked on it.

      Of course, that won't work out for everyone, but that's one way I use to cope :kitty2
    8. I got into the hobby when I was in college, and during graduate school I took some of my dolls to the dorm with me. I wouldn't recommend sticking them too close to you computer, as the head magnets made my monitor wonky.

      If you're worried about what your dorm or classmates would think, Mine either didn't care or accepted this was one of my hobbies.
    9. I wasn't in the BJD hobby during college, but I did collect other dolls. I always made time for them, even if it was just handling them or changing their clothes here and there. Even when I didn't have time to really play with them or take pix or anything, I had them sitting on my desk so they were still nearby and I could see them.
    10. I literally just finished moving into residence, and I brought three dolls with me, who I intend to do photo shoots with and that kind of thing. We'll see what actually happens...
    11. It's a little weird being out of home, I finally got my room semi in order (took me long enough T^T ...) and it feels better. First coming in, the blank white walls felt like a cell, lol. My dolls typically hang out on my desk. I've got a couple of floating heads that chill in their boxes, Shuuhei has been very patient waiting for me to find time to finish his face. I've got an exam coming up this weekend, so probably after I'll force it in.

      I was super scared my roommates were afraid of dolls, they aren't really leaving my room but I don't want someone to come in, shriek, and then toss one of them. Irrational fears being what they are...
    12. I put my dolls beside me when I'm studying and doing assigments ^^ so it's less stress ! lol XD
    13. I went to arts school so its easier to find one who has the same hobby with me. Lucky me
    14. I think you should still consider yourself a part of the hobby if you feel you are--you own a doll after all; you don't have to be working on a project, dressing your doll, taking photographs, or interacting with the doll community to be a part of it.

      I went through university with dolls, and it was a nice hobby (along with sewing) to pick up when I was stressed. Like sewing, BJDs are nice because they aren't time-sensitive, and you can stop/start your projects at need. I'm back at school now, but in the same state as my dolls (they have their own closet now in my apartment!), so I both have less time to work on projects than I did when I was working, but more supplies and victims.

      The online community is also a nice distraction or break--I used it in college, and I use it now in between studying (less homework but a lot of studying now).

      If your anxiety regarding "taking a break" from the doll hobby isn't related with some sort of external pressure to post about it online or complete projects, but just sort of an internal desire, I think a good practice is to set aside some time every week to work on doll stuff. You'll need some breaks from schoolwork anyway.

      For me, crafting was easier than painting, supplies wise, so I did a lot of wigmaking and clothes making, and saved my painting and modding for breaks. It's nice to be able to plan a large project (huge faceup binge, modding extravaganza, photoshoot, YouTube video) for holiday breaks so that you have something to look forward to. Then you can use it as motivation during finals studying.
    15. I found this hobby during my sophomore year of college and got my first doll within the same year. Luckily I had a dorm room all to myself each year so there was a little more privacy and no invasions of space. Although it made me a little uncomfortable at first, I decided I enjoyed seeing my doll too much to try and hide her away, and she stayed out in the open so who ever came in my room would see my doll front and center. Almost everyone would ask about her at first and most were pretty cool with it, and then they would move on. I guess it depends on the kinds of friends you have, but I didn't make a big deal about my doll and so neither did they.

      I guess keeping my doll out in the open was my way of "staying relevant" in the hobby. I didn't always get to spend a ton of time with my doll (which quickly turned into two dolls) but being able to look at them every day helped. I went on DOA daily, and would enjoy changing their poses on my desk every couple of days, seeing how "realistically" I could pose them. I bought and changed their outfits based on the seasons and holidays. I took photos and did photo stories when I had the chance as well. Even though I couldn't always enjoy them they were always there so I never felt like I was "out" of the hobby.
    16. Do you take your dolls to college? Is it a good idea? Should dolly stay at home with the parents? I just got my first doll and I'm currently a senior in high school hopefully going to college in a few months. Should I live on campus, I'm wondering if I should risk bringing my doll with me. I am a twin and I would be rooming with my sister who I can trust but...well, you know.
    17. Unfortunately, I'm a grad student and wasn't in the hobby as an undergrad so take my advice with a grain of salt.
      I have my dolls with me at my university. I even take them to class with me. I'm a graduate teaching assistant and have an office where I can leave my dolls. I've never had any issues, and my colleagues love my dolls (I share my office with the other GTAs). Disclaimer: I am a part of a small department where I know and trust everyone, so I don't really fear for my dolls. I'm not sure how far your college is from your parent's house, but perhaps you could scope it out, make your decision, and either bring them or not later.
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    18. I wasn't in the BJD hobby in college, but I had fashion dolls and plushies, and I did take them with me! I lived in a dorm with a roommate I had never met before, so I didn't take too many to start out until I knew I could trust her. She turned out to be very respectful of my things and she rarely ever brought people to our room, so it went really well. For Christmas, she even ended up buying me some accessories for my dolls! <3

      If you can trust your roommate, I see no problem with taking your BJD. If you're worried about somebody coming in the room when you aren't there (room inspections, roommate's guests, etc), you could buy a locking trunk and put your doll in it when you're out of the room.
    19. I also was not in the hobby when I was in college (20 freaking years ago) but if I had been in the hobby and if I had taken a doll with me, it most certainly would have been stolen or destroyed. I went to a mid-size state university in Wisconsin. I was not an intense party person, but it was impossible to keep my dorm room secure with all my guests and my roommate's guests coming and going. I would frequently return from class to find the door wide open and the room empty, the roommate down the hall or even on another floor. It was the culture of the school. I would defiantly recommend scoping out the situation first.
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    20. If you will be living in residence halls or apartments where your space is shared with a stranger, I would test the waters before bringing any dolls. When with strangers, they may find the dolls uncomfortable, they may not have any regard for your items, they may bring in friends or other strangers who might cause an issue. Most pairings for dorms and apartments are respectful and peaceful.

      When I was in college, my roommate and I got along very well and respected each other's space and belongings with no issue. It's that 1% chance of a bad scenario that you want to avoid.

      I take a ton of reports on crazy roommates/their friends stealing and breaking things. Just be careful with expensive belongings. Alcohol can lead people to do things they normally wouldn't, and college is certainly a venue for intoxicated behaviors.

      Until you establish a good rapport, or develop a way to secure your valuables, I'd keep any expensive things (dolls, electronics, jewelry) locked away or at home.