To everyone who has done buisiness with me in the past few weeks:

Sep 5, 2007

    1. As a few of you know I've been really sick for the past few days,
      and with school having caught up on me it's not going any better!
      Along with several other problems,

      About the late recivement for the packages::

      those who are awaiting packages from me having been waiting quite a long time,
      and I swear they had been sent out when I said they were,
      guess what!
      Since I was sending so many packages and letters out they decided that I was up to
      'terrorist conspiracies'
      so they went through a search on everything I had mailed out.

      When I checked today they said that everything was sent out,
      except a SD sweater (which I'll message the owner about).

      Hopefully everything will arrive this week,
      perhaps next week /=

      Again, everyone, I am very sorry!
      If you would like to talk more about this please feel free to PM me,
      as long as your happy!

      <- Sad, fusturated, and tired


      I'm cursed!
      Posted this on my 911'th post D:
    2. awww, it's okay! just feel better and rest up.
      hehe, you're terrorizing the county with cuteness.
    3. Seriously,
      It's sooo sad and fusturated with it,
      but after thinking on it for a while I busted out laughing.

      ....I really am sorry about it all though ;3;

      And, yeah,
      I'm going to get some rest today
      (rest meaning working on school work and trying to finish commissions)

      Thank you to everyone who understands.
    4. Wow. Really? Well at least I know the mailman isn't hiding my packages.:sweat

      Thanks for the update :)
    5. terrorist???I'm sooo sorry.
    6. I am glad I checked here, I was starting to get worried. I'll let you know when it arrives. I hope you feel better. I am sorry this is happening. >.<'' silly mailmen.
    7. I hope everything gets fixed at the postal service! It'll be ok.
    8. Well I received mine yesteday and it's absolutely *ADORABLE*!! And well worth the wait! I'm just waiting on my little guy's head to come home, and then I can spam some of your awesome work :)

      Terrorist conspiracies eh? I wonder if they felt silly when they saw what was really in the packages XD
    9. I haven't gotten mine yet >.< I am starting to get a little worried that they lost in the chaos or something.. *cries* silly government.
    10. Thanks everyone :aheartbea
      I'll begin working again this weekend.

      Junia- Serious? D:
      Thats so weird!
      I'll go harrass the mail office tomorrow,
      very sorry sweetie!
    11. D:
      When I went in to harrass them about people not sending the packages out,
      I found out that they hadn't sent all of them out..
      because they had ripped open some of the packages!
      So I now have to go get material to repackaged them,
      and then send them back out -
      Through a different mail office for sure!

      Very sorry everyone who has not gotten their packages!
      I will be sure to stuff them with goodies ;3;

      If you havn't recieved your package please PM me
      with what you bought and your address!
    12. Let me get this straight. They ripped your packages open, didn't mail them out and YOU had to ask questions to find out about it, YOU have to repack the items for reshipping and YOU have to pay for postage all over again????
    13. I sent you a PM. I am so sorry this is happening, I would demand free shipping and new packing materials. ass hats. I cant believe they did this to you.

      please keep me posted
    14. Kcurry- YES!
      I would have at least expected them to send them back to me,
      or even contact me.
      I'm really upset with the whole thing.
      My mother says that those aren't the people that are usually there,
      so maybe they are new and aren't sure what to do.
      It's a rather small office,
      but, really,
      I would have expected better.

      I will now be shipping from a different office,
      so hopefully that will fix everything.

      Junia, Thank you again for understanding!
    15. I think you're taking it very well - I would seriously rip them a new one (it wouldn't help, but I would feel better)!
    16. aww poor thing,
      well i can tell you my stuff arrived with the speed of light ;3

      But i am surprised that they thought of you as a terrorist..
      i mean i ship large boxes out in sets of 3 sometimes for my commissions
      and i never had anyone anything about it lol.

      I hope everyone gets his/her stuffs because it's <3
    17. Heey! I'm sorry you had such bad experiences sending packages O:
      That's really terrible! *hugs*

      And... I haven't received mine yet T_T
    18. me either. *cries*
    19. himitsu- pmed you,
      I think it got lost in the mail T_T

      Junia- It's going out again tuesday,
      I have it all packed and ready to go filled with goodies.

      Everyone else,
      I really need your address along with what you bought
    20. okies, I am just worried is all. This is all chaotic. I feel so bad >.< sorry for driving you crazy.