To everyone who have trans. w/ me please read this ---> - UNRESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

May 7, 2007

    1. Hi everyone. Sorry I've been MIA for a while. There was a death in my family and I've been having a very *VERY* hard time coping with it (for those of you I'm friends with, maybe I'll tell you the story, but other then that, I really don't want to talk about it). Anyway, I'm really sorry to those of you who I havn't been in contact with or anything like that. DOA was really the VERY LAST thing on my mind.

      I'd really like to complete the orders that I was obligated to fill (try to get my mind off the heartache), but for those of you who want refunds, I can understand that too, and I"ll try to get those to you ASAP.

      I've been trying to get back into my regular life, but its been very hard for me. I have ALL of the reciepts for everything that I owe to people, so don't think I forgot about you!!

      I'm not sure when I will be back on DOA, but for those of you who need to, please feel free to contact me directly :) ---

      Again, I'm really sorry about all the miscomunications :ablah:

    2. In addition, I'd hope you guys would hold off on all of those "police reports". I'd like to work this out with everyone. You've all talked with me before, and its really sickening that you all think I'm really that bad of a person :*(.. I'm sitting here crying right now =\.

      Looks like I'm gonna have to sell my dolls to fix the problem *pukes*
    3. My Refund/Send out List:

      - TheFontBandit - Refunded 5/06 ($25.00 via paypal) - Transaction Complete.
      - Crazybatt - Shipped 5/10 (DC#: 03061070000134112843) - Transaction Complete.
      - bhevarri - Shipped 5/10 - (DC#: 03061070000134112850) - Transaction Complete.
      - Caddyvamp - Shipped 5/12 (DC#: 03061070000134112911) - Transaction Complete.
      - chappy-chan - Shipping 5/15 (DC#: 03061070000134112867) - Transaction Complete.
      - mikaeel - Shipping 5/25 (DC#: N/A to UK)
      - Gothicwings1366 - Shipping 5/25 (DC#: 03061070000134112881)
      - miztyl - Shipping 5/25 (DC#:03061070000134112874)

      Stuff I'm Presently working on (5/15):

      - Syndal_lynn - *1/2 comission complete!*
      - simmie - *working on a refund*
      - Artemille - *working on a refund*

      (i'll do this as quickly as I can guys.. Please try to bare with me ^-^; )
    4. I've PM'd you. Thank you for the update. I hope things get better with you soon.
    5. I pm'd you as well. I hope you can feel better.
    6. I'd like to let everyone know that Becca has completed my refund (I'm the Amy she mentioned in the first post). I have had several previous transactions with Becca that were great, so I am glad that our issue could be resolved and I hope that everyone else's can be resolved as easily.
    7. Thanks guys..

      I'm going to try to fix things as soon as I possibly/financially can handle. Like I said, feel free to PM/email me, or whatever works for you. I'm going to be listing my dolls on ebay this week to try to be able to refund those of you who want a refund in a timely manner.

      Again, I'm truely sorry about my miscommunication.
    8. I pme'd you.
    9. Hello Becca,

      I'm so sorry about your loss. Truly I am.

      We were all so worried about you, but we don't hate you. I don't hate you.

      I do not want a refund. Please take your time with my commission, I'm not going anywhere. Take care of yourself and heal.
    10. *hugs* I do apologise. You must understand that a lot of us have a lot of money into you. ^^; And you had gone on vacation first without telling us, then you disappeared again. And yes, you do have every reason to not have been on DoA what with a death in the family. Please don't think that we automatically thought ill of you. We were worried by the amount of money that all of our commissions came too and the fact that you were usually on... and all the sudden disappeared.

      Becca, don't think badly of us. *hugs* What would you feel if situations were reversed? I know I understand why you wouldn't be able to log on, and I whileI feel you ought to have come in and posted up somethign a little earlier I can understand how a close death can hinder one from doing things. *hugs*

      All in all... feel better. Honestly. If you are still up to it, I do still want my stuff and waiting is not a problem for me. I have all the time in the world. Communication is all we need. :) Feel free to take yoru time, on my things anyway.

      *hugs* So long as you keep in contact with me I am willing to wait. *more hugs* Again, don't think badly of any of us. A lot of us just want you to emotionally feel a lot better.

      Don't be so hasty to sell your children. Most of us can understand.
    11. I dont think badly of any of you. This year has been really horrible for me, and I probably shouldnt have taken on as much as I did. I promise I'll keep you all updated. I'm just trying to sort everything out right now and figure out what I owe everyone. :)

      oh, and I didnt read what any of you wrote about me --- I don't like drama. haha
    12. Yeah I'm with Syndal_lynn: as long as I'm updated I'd rather get my commission instead of refund. :) Hope things get better!
    13. PM'd you Becca.
      Im sorry to hear about that.
    14. I got all my stuff yesterday. I'm glad everything's okay.
    15. Got my item today, thanks. =)
    16. just an update: if any of you know people who are still trying to get in touch with me who havn't looked at the feedback forums and they don't know whats going on, please send them my way ^-^! I don't think I have access to the rest of the forums quite yet, and I want to make sure I'm making everything right with everyone :)

      Crazy & bhavarri- I'm glad to hear you got your packages :D. Hope you enjoy your stuff!
    17. You're doing great Becca <333

      Update: She's got part of my commission done and working on the other. <3 i am pleased. ^^ hehe
    18. Hey Becca, I've PM'd you about my jacket. :)
    19. Well...It looks like she shipped my package. ^_^

      Thanks Becca! I <3 you
    20. not quite ^-^ ---- this thursday. i'll send you the DC# too once its packed up.