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Transaction issues with Aelice

Apr 15, 2006

    1. I purchased a couch and cabnit from Aelice's furniture store in the marketplace back in January. At the time the piece was 44.99USD and the shipping was a choice of:

      To which I took the slower and cheaper option because I was in no rush. She also mentioned:

      I paid for two items and they were sent around the 19th I believe. I recieved the second item on the 28th, with a small problem of the glass (it was a cabnit) in the front being broken. I told her I didn't reecieve the couch. After a while I had still not recieved the couch, this was part of the reply to the broken glass and the couch.

      and I informed her later that it still hadn't arrived.

      Later on in her store I saw a tea set that was less than half the cost of the cabnit piece. I suggested that this would be a suitable replacement for the cabnit because I didn't think she should have to pay to have the entire thing replaced for just broken glass. She agreed and sent the tea set free of charge. I recieved it.

      However, looking back through my messages I was no offered the option to pay for insurance on the couch. It did not arrive. She says she cannot find the proper paperwork to document that she had sent the couch. Unfortunatly she has been a little bit late in sending PMs, or replying to bmy questions.

      Now she is claiming that because I never paid insurance there is nothing she can do, and ignoring my suggestions of a refund, also refusing to send a replacement piece free of charge. I've looked through my PMs (I have all of them saved) and I cannot find a point where she offered me insurance, but I've found She has recently offered a compromise when I pushed for a resolution to this problem. Her compromise is that she replaces my ordered couch with a spiral couch she is currently offering in her store, but that I pay the shipping. The item is that same price as the couch I purchased.

      Basically, I am wondering what should be done in this situation. She was very herlpful in the beginning, but when I began to push for a replacement piece or refund for the couch it became harder to communicate. I haven't posted anything much in the feedback forum before, so if you need more information please ask and I'll do my best to clear it up. I would like opinions so this can be worked out. I'm relatively newish to the forum, so I'm not well known in the marketplace, but I do have some feedback since I purchase a lot and I have sold one thing. Itend to PM sellers once I recieve their item as a courtesy to them.

      I've tried to present this as plainly as possible as well, so here we are. Aelice is free to post in here too of course.
    2. I was originally confused because I had paperwork on another package to Canada, which was shipped the day before with EMS and DID have paperwork. When I double checked on Reena's package, this was not so. I could not find the receipt for that day, and that is my fault. Her other arrived with damage, but she did not insure. Yet, I DID provide her with a good-faith tea set as an apology, which I did not need to do.

      I was a bit confused by the tracking, which was my error as I am used to package tracking with parcel in the US. Therefore, when both pieces were shipped out, I was unable to get tracking.

      [DoD input post removed by request, as we have settled on an agreement. ^_^ Post is still up for those curious of the input of other members.]

      The post I made. I wanted to keep it off of DoD, but if you wish, then go for it.

      Now, you are making it sound like I purposely sent one piece and not the other. WHY in the world would I do that?

      It is my error that I cannot find the receipt, but now you are treating me like I purposely did not ship it out. I did. I do not know why you would jump to the conclusion that I would send out one package, and not the other. Both went to the address you provided, and one DID arrive, which does show it was the correct address.

      I have spent a lot of time and effort for that good-faith replacement piece, but I have not found it. No one has ever lost a piece before, and I am sorry it had to be you.

      Because I am also out of money for the effort I have spent trying to find you a replacement, I offered the fair option of sending you a couch if you paid shipping on it. This couch personally costs me more to buy, and is not an equal replacement, which is why I asked you to cover shipping.

      That IS an error on my part, BUT in my store thread, I note that insurance is an additional cost. Therefore, the issue is not that it was not arrived, but that it was not tracked. If she wanted insurance, she knows she could have requested it.

      The issue is tracking, and it is my error for not knowing that parcel cannot be tracked at the time, and I cannot find the receipt after such a long period. The other piece DID arrive, and if she is going to accuse me of not shipping the other, she is welcome to. But I absolutely did send it. If she cannot believe that, she still did not opt for insurance. She opted for a slower shipping method. Purchasing without insurance always has risks. :( I've never had a package lost before (misplaced by an apartment, yes, but never lost)

      If you are willing to pay shipping, again, I will ship out the couch you wanted, the Artistic Twirl. That is the fairest option to both parties, IMO.

      I am not a complete idiot, I always keep insurance slips. Because.. they're insurance slips. -_-; In the case if I HAD lost an INSURANCE SLIP, obviously, it falls to me to pay you even if I cant get a refund from the post office without a slip.

      ALSO: KEEP IN MIND THAT I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF AS WELL THAT YOU ARE HOLDING THE COUCH AND TRYING TO GET A FREE PIECE FROM ME. If you are accusing me of not shipping it, I could easily throw back that you received it and are just trying to take advantage that you know I cannot find the receipt.

      Which is why you paying shipping on a replacement piece is fair to both parties. -_-


      So I'll just wrap it up, again. :|

      It is simple.

      I have no proof you didn't receive it.
      You have no proof that I ever sent it.

      I am simply asking you to cover shipping on the twirl couch. I cannot find a like-size replacement of the couch style you ordered. I cannot control when the stores get what style piece.

      I think that is fair to both parties. Period.
    3. Again, this is an older transaction (early early this year) and I've learned so much about the ups and downs of the postal system and to be more accurate with what I can provide buyers.

      When she accuses me of being hard to communicate with.. I get quite a bit of PMs. When she sends repeat of 'have you found a replacement yet??' every other day, she needs to realize she is not the only buyer I am working with. :( I try to respond to ALL of them promptly, and when I tell her I am searching, I am searching. I was also working with another girl who lost her package, and I alerted her of that. (The other buyer ended up not being a package lost in the mail, but her apartment complex had misplaced it.)

      Thank you for your understanding, EmmBee.

      I dont think I'll ever accept parcel post. :( Lizzard is right. It is not worth the headache to both parties.
    4. I dont want to flood this with a life story. ^^; I'm sure I'm boring enough as it is!

      I'd like to know if she'd like the picture first, because I need to head back to the store. The local stores have not been getting stocked in new furniture very often, and the one in Santa Fe (hour's drive, city to the north) is difficult to reach and also pretty nil to pieces other than dressers and such, so I cannot return what I purchase there easily. Summary, not efficient, gas or time-wise unless I get a 'I am willing to pay shipping if you have to pay for a nicer, larger piece' or 'find anything of a similar color or style in its size if you can.'
    5. Aelice, I did not mean it to sound as if you had not sent the piece, but simply that I had no proof you had sent it. If there was proof on either side that the piece was sent then that would fix a lot of confusion. As it i, the piece has entirely disappeared. My post office knows nothing about it, and yours doesn't either.

      Also, I did NOT PM you every other day. I PM'd you once or twice a week after a few weeks of silence. I have the dates I've PMd you. I only PM'd once you went a long time without answering me or without responding with an update like when you say you're going to find out. I give you time, you don't respond, so I PM and ask.

      Maybe I wasn't clear (reread the PM?), but I meant I asked when I went to the post office to pick up a piece. The package wasn't delivered to my door so I had to go get it, and I asked for any other packages that may have been there for me. I wasn't missing anything, they'd left a slip at my door.

      When I told her the package didn't arrive and the other was broken she offered me two replacement pieces Fed-exed free of charge. I was just wondering on the status of the replacement since it was a promise the seller made. If she didn't intend on replacing them free of charge, or wanted me to pay shipping she could have stated that in the PMs. Instead she offered me two replacement pieces free of charge. I offered to take the couch that was marketed at the same value as the piece I had originally purchased.
    6. You are not listening to me on the other couch. That one is more expensive to me both from the store, AND the packaging required for its size and unusual shape. That is why I am requesting shipping on that one, as it is NOT equal to the one you purchased or the others I am willing to ship for free. I marked the cost down because they are taking up space in my dining room.

      A replacement piece is a replacement for what you paid. I would already be in the negative as I did send you the piece and the post lost it, and do not even need to go out of my way to get you a replacement as insurance was never requested or purchased, but because I try to keep people happy, I offered. I have not been able to get that for you, because the store has not restocked a like piece. The Artistic Twirl couch is MUCH larger and not the same, and therefore I would need to charge you shipping. I am asking you for shipping because of that. If it was a piece that I could 'equivalently' send for the one you purchased, I would have contacted you that I found one in the like style. I am also frustrated; imagine how it feels to drive 3 hours out of your way to 2-3 stores only to find that it has absolutely nothing new, and the employees just say 'We dont know what arrives on the next truck.' The gas spent doing that is horrible on my budget as well, but I still do it.

      Requesting shipping fee from you is fairest to both parties. If you want the Artistic Twirl, I am sorry, but I cannot do otherwise in this situation. If you are willing to wait to see if the stores restock a like style, I will still ship that at no charge. I understand the wait has been long for you, but it has also been for me.

      Edit: On PMs. I get frequent PMs and try to keep up to date on all, but I admit human faults in responding. (Not only to you, but a few members have found me snobby because I dont catch that I never responded even though I absolutely meant to) It's not rare for a person to read a PM, make a mental note to respond to it later, and lose track of that mental note. My email and AIM are more than public for situations like that.


      Either way, I've had my say. You can fall on the 'I have no proof you sent it even though you probably did' and I have the 'You have no proof it never arrived even though the post probably lost it.' It's a lose-lose situation. I'm going to have to apologize and stick by the solution I've already posted here.