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transaction on DOA with "Fanny" - RESOLVED

Feb 24, 2007

    1. EDIT: on on 3/27/07 I received my package. there was a tracking number on it. when checking the tracking number it said "The item left Hong Kong for its destination on 22-Mar-2007" so i don't know if it was held at the Hong Kong post office for months or if it was just sent. but anyway, I GOT MY DRESS!!

      thanks to everone (especially the mods) for helping to resolve the situation.
      on 12/15/06 I sent $80 to "Fanny" (http://www.denofangels.com/forums/member.php?u=4113) for a dress set she listed here on DOA. since it was an international package i waited patiently for it to arrive. I contacted her a month later when it did not arrive, even by the slowest method of sending packages to tell her it did not arrive.

      she responded "the dress set had been set out on 18th December which was monday.
      In my past experience, airmail took about 10-14 days to be sent to USA.
      However, it had been nearly a month after parcel sent, i will go to post office and see the status.
      i will tell you the answer i get from post office tomorrow."

      She did not PM me "tomorrow" but after another gentle reminder she did PM me with "the office said that if the address is an error and cannot be found, the dress will be returned to sender's address" ... I waited a little longer, and said that it has not arrived and she needs to file a claim on this package as i have not received it. I have PMed her since a few more times with no response.

      guess i lose out on $80! It looks like she never claimed anything at the post office, and has not sent me any tracking or proof that the dress was sent out. I know she is online and posting to DOA since she has posted here twice yesterday and once on the 22nd, so she is just ignoring me now.

      would you like to lose out on $80? if so, feel free to do business w/ this person. :|
    2. oh, and she was on again today, ignoring my PM.

      I will update here is i get any response, though i don't expect any.
    3. hi Jolarocknrolla

      Glad to see that you open up a thread so that i can really contact you.

      I think the problem causing this thread is the pm box of my account.

      I recieved serveral pms these few weeks (including yours) , i response to each of them. Some of them sent double pms to resask their questions, they seems haven't recieved my pms.
      (e.g. yesterday, a member ask about the body i am selling. I replied her and after a while, she pm again and thought the body was sold SINCE I DIDN'T REPLY. But i had replid her already!!!

      Concerning the dress set, i had submitted a request of tracking to the post office. Their reply was just " we will contact you if we find that".
      If you want, i can go again tomorrow and ask for a copy of the tracking request.

      About your pms, i replied all of them but seems that quite a number of them are missing. To avoid that problem , if you still want to ask me any think, instead of pm, you can sent me emails.

      I hope you and other members understand that i am not a cheater in DOA. I had made over 10 selling and buying internationally in DOA. This is not a large number, but all of them are body parts and cost ranged from $130 - $500. This is the first time i am trying to sell my dolls' outfits. I had never imagined any accidents happneded in sending out the items. The outfit set is lovely and i really hope the dress can be dressed on your girls.
    4. do you have a tracking number on the package that you sent? my email is "jbiniek@yahoo.com"

      ps. perhaps contacting someone on the Moderator's team might help solve your distressing PM issue.
    5. Fanny - i have emailed you at the email address you provided - i STILL have not heard back from you. i would like to see the tracking number for the package you sent me please. it has been MONTHS now. I have PMed you repeatedly and now i have emailed you as requested as well, still i don't hear back from you ...
    6. Hey, Jola

      please don't expect everyone to be sitting in front of the computer everyday, checking emails and forums all the time. I have my works and studies.

      I had tried my best to response to your questions. I had gone to postoffice several times asking about your parcel. I had been regarded as a trouble-maker by the officer in the postoffice. The answer i got was "i will inform you when we have information about the parcel, please be patient".

      Please understand that airmail always involve risks of being lost on the way of delivery. Of course both of us don't want this happened in our trade. Normally in postal trades, buyers always are the risk-barer. Would a seller refunds to buyer upon lost items, provided that the items was sent? Recieve no money but give out money on items sent? that's ridiculous! Besides, if you really afraid of lost parcel, you should have requested for EMS. I mentioned in my post that you can add the difference and change to EMS.

      you doubted that whether had i sent out the dress set. I never cheat to my buyers. Most of my trades in DOA are doll parts which cost more that US130. If i really was a cheater, why did i cheat through a Us80 dress set!?!?! Why didn't i cheat through a US400 dollfie body? Please think about that.
    7. how do i know that you sent the package if YOU HAVE NOT PROVIDED ME WITH A TRACKING NUMBER, what you can do is take a photo of your receipt. do you have a receipt?

      listen, i have spent $80 and gotten NOTHING in return. are you telling me i should be more patient when i HAVE been patient. for MONTHS i have been patient. i'm not saying that you cheated me, but i am saying you have not proven you sent out the item and you have not proven that you you filed a claim with your post office, which are easy things to do.

      so why should i pay $80 for something and get NOTHING in return? is that fair to me? are you saying it's my fault i didn't get the dress set somehow?
    8. Fanny, it is the seller's responsibility to make sure the item gets there. You could have insured the package, or at least gotten a tracking number (these fees are like $2USD each). I think you should refund Jola, or send her a duplicate item.
    9. Nefla - this was an international package, si i'm not sure if she could have done that. i'm *trying* to be fair and not asking for a refund because i'm assuming she sent the package ... what i would like though is proof. there should be a receipt from the time she sent the package. i would like to see it. if i see the receipt for my package (and i have several friends that can read the language - no worries) then i will wait for the post office to resolve things. i do expect things to be resolved eventually however.
    10. still waiting for news ...
    11. still waiting ... no receipt photos.
    12. hmmm, seems like Fanny has time to bump up her sales on the 6th but no time to give me the receipt information like i asked. pity.
    13. still no contact from Fanny ... beware.
    14. Jola, I'm sorry you haven't received any info about your dress or a possibility of a refund. :...(
    15. did you pay by paypal? you could file a claim
    16. it's too late to file a paypal claim ...
    17. Friendly bump because this really isn't acceptable!
      At this point, I think it's not rude to ask for a refund Jola, I think it's more than fair to ask.
    18. if you email paypal's claims department (call them, tell them the situation.. they'll give you the email address). They will look at the case and may be able to re-open a file a claim for you.
    19. I friendly bump for it!

      How unfair doing things like that!! Why some people don't mind scamming like this?