Transaction problem between naitomeadoll and gretch110 - RESOLVED

Oct 29, 2007

    1. Appropriate action is being taken to resolve this problem, I feel this is no longer necessary. :)


      *SIGH* I really hate to do this, but I am at the end of my patience with the bit of unprofessional ism that went on here.

      In early october, (around the 9th -11th) I had talked to gretch110 about buying her LIMITED EDITION ELF AIDA. I told her I didnt need a lay-away, and asked her if she would accept a payment, via bill pay. Which she did, I sent her a check for 1100$ USD

      It took about four days to get there, and communication up until then was fantastic, and she by all means, a sweet girl. I hate to do this because it might ruin a budding friendship. . . But I feel I have to take some action. Well, I was told the doll was shipped and I should recieve him on a monday, she shipped on friday, I was surprised because the fast shipment method she used. Monday's came and went, and I contacted her a few times, responses were few and far apart.

      and here is what happened. My check still had my old CA address on it, and the doll arrived at the post office in california where I used to live, no big deal right? HUGE DEAL. I do not get along with my mother, and she has refused to help me in any way.

      It seems as soon as we figured out what happened, Gretch110 went into hiding, she agreed to reimburse me for shipping, (About 17$) and that was the end of it from her and said she'd let me know if the doll ever ended up at her house..

      now, this would be no problem if I had a tracking number to go by, but I never got one of those. So I feel like my Aida is stuck in a limbo some where.

      I would like Gretch110 to take responsibility and find out where the doll is. I'm not even sure if he is at that post office any more, and for all I know he could be at her house, and she could have 1100$
      and her doll back. Personally, Id like to have the doll. D:.

      It's almost november now, and I would LOVE for this to be resolved, or with some other kind of update instead of.. "I'll let you know." I realize this was an accident, but I feel it is a pitiful accident on the sellers behalf, I gave her my new address SEVERAL times, in fact I think I told her my address on the check would NOT be the same as my shipping address.

      But because she was in a hurry, this huge mess has happened. I am going to try and get back to the post office again in the morning, and see if they can give me any news.


      Gretch110, I am paging you here before I take further action.


      EDIT: I got a reply almost fourty minutes after posting this page.
      okay here is the tracking # 2503 8555 7490 7762 9484 It says they attempted to deliver but I'm assuming it hasn't been claimed yet since it doesn't say delivered. Since it is Sunday and I'm at work I have no way of figuring out were Aida is right now, I would love to but sadly the post office is closed. :( I know that for unclaimed mail it takes about a week before they send it back so the soonest I will see him should be mid week this week. They attempted to deliver him on Monday and if I had known she wasn't going to pick him up then I could have called the post office early last week and got him going to you sooner. However if that is the case and he is sent back to me then I will have to ask for the shipping refund back. The whole purpose of me refunding that money was because you originally told me your mom would ship him back to you, now your saying she's in Hawaii. I'm a little afraid that I've made a bigger mistake then just shipping him to the wrong address right now and am a little confused at the way your attacking me since I've gone above and beyond to try and fix this. I'm deeply sorry that you and your mom have a rocky relationship and that I've sent him to the wrong address and in doing so caused more strife but she should at least be able to tell you if he's there or not. As for a refund I wouldn't be able to issue you one until Aida show back up to my house since technically it's still a postal issue and that's what the insurance is for. I know that your wanting Aida very much so I would hate that you might not get him because of this. Again I am sorry about all this and will still keep trying to resolve it. I know that your worried about not getting him but in the year I've been selling BJD stuff I've never once been dishonest with any of my buyers (or sellers). I've got a perfect track record on all my feedback and have even sold several dolls. I've never ever scammed anyone out of money and I don't intend to start now. So please don't think that this was intentional, it was an accident. Like I said before that day was extremely hectic between my best friend moving in my god daughter coming over and getting sick and then going to the er then rushing back to make sure I shipped Aida out I got a little overwhelmed and I'm sorry. If you have any other questions or anything let me know... I will try and call the post office in the morning and see when they will be sending Aida back to me. Unfortunately I have to work 12 hours tonight so I won't get off until 3am my time so I may not be able to call the post office as soon as they open, but I will call tomorrow.

      Also if you could please just go ahead and email me instead of pm me on DoA. Your not accepting pm's on DoA and it's frustrating to get this all typed out and not be able to send it.

      EDIT: with my reply.

      Hi, you have been well aware that my PM's have been down for a good long time, I can send them but not really recieve them. So I turned the feature off. I will refund you for shipping AFTER I get Aida, because honestly, I would rather have the doll than a refund. I'm not trying to attack, I'm trying to get your attention. And I feel that if you have to log onto DOA you have time to write me as well. Can I ask why you didn't give me the tracking number in the first place? I thought my mom would ship him to me. Being as it was a big package, but she refused. I don't think you have gone "above and beyond" to try and correct this. If it were the case then it would have never have happened, I understand life is busy. I just want you to keep in touch, if you log onto doa. Then you have time to write an email. I am going to contact the post office as well, and if I get ahold of them before you do. I will have Aida shipped back to you and then you can re-send him to me. Unless they can forward him directly to me with out charge. Again, you are a very sweet girl, it only takes one bad business transaction to ruin alot of things, the problem transaction thread will be deleted as soon as Aida arrives on my doorstep. I will refund you for shipping when he arrives and leave neutral feedback. To me it was alot of money to just wait around for, if you know what I mean. You can also contact me on AIM at BonjourHoney1
      The nightmare doll

      I do apologize if I sound harsh to her, but I feel in a business transaction concerning so much money things should be dealt with accordingly, and especially if there are several ways to get a hold of me, then there really is no excuse, especially if one has time to surf- DOA..
    2. I hate that I have to defend myself like this but unfortunatly I have to and don't want anyone to think I'm blowing this off.... the fact is that I've been communicating every day with naitomeadoll through emails. For any and all out there who have delt with me in the past know that I always ship my stuff out the next day and if I'm unable to I let you know why and when I will be shipping. I've never once had something happen to any of the packages I ship out.... for any of those who may deal with me in the future I would like to say that some of the stuff naitomeadoll is saying is unture.... this thread was posted after I sent my responce to her on Sunday. I'm sadend that someone would do this all while still talking to me every day. This problem never should have ended up here because I was keeping in contact the whole time. ... as a continuation of the emails sent last night (Sunday) these are the ones that followed, I want to be very clear that this has NEVER happened before and that due to this problem will never happen again as I will be changing my selling procedures to only accepting paypal with CONFIRMED addresses so that I can be sure everything goes to the correct person and place.

      Sent after her last reply:

      I'm sorry but HUH!?!?!?! I was NEVER aware that your pm's were down at all whatsoever you never said they were. If they were down then why would you be sending me pm's that doesn't make sense. The only way I had to get a hold of you was email, I don't use AIM and never claimed I did. As for the tracking number I didn't realize until today that I hadn't given it to you! You had never asked and I just assumed I had given it to you, I shouldn't have assumed I should have gone back and checked my sent emails apparently. As for writing emails, again I'm sorry I have written you an email every day and didn't realize that my communication was lacking. I work from 3pm to 11pm and my computer is on all the time. Just because it says I'm on doesn't mean I am, I'm working and not always able to pay attention to my laptop... I'm completely blindsided by your whole attitude and frankly don't understand it. When I originally realized my mistake you told me your mom would ship him to you, it wasn't until Thursday that you said she was leaving him there and then today she's in Hawaii ... so I had no idea I was supposed to be looking out for a him. While I realize that it was my mistake I'm HUMAN! I make mistakes, life happens and things get messed up. You never once told me that the address on the check would be different and only sent me your Chicago address once, the day you asked to buy Aida. I've been trying to resolve this but what do you want me to do at 8:30pm on a Sunday while I'm at work? I don't feel like this is a bad transaction at all, I do feel like your making it that way though. I made a mistake by sending him to the address on the check your bank sent me, the address he was sent to is someone you know and not just some stranger. He's insured and will get back to me eventually since your mom isn't going to pick him up. I'm still emailing you every day and I'm still talking. If this was a bad transaction I would have done nothing at all.

      If you get to the post office before I do then please let me know and I will check my email and DoA as soon and I wake up that way I know what to do. If it would make you feel more secure that I'm communicating better I will email you as soon as I wake up and through out the night while I'm at work. You have my attention now so I will be sure to keep my communication open better! :) And I'm sorry it took so long to respond back to your email, I'm the only one working at the moment and have been flooded with calls and unable to type out an email in full. Thank you so much :)

      naitomeadoll's responce:

      Well, the important thing now is that we locate Aida, and get him back to either you or me, I apologize for my attitude and for the fact I may have been a bit harsh, I am glad that I have your attention. That's all I wanted, because this is a problem and needs to be resolved. I wasnt aware that you were using two different computers. ^^

      I didnt worry about the tracking because you said he'd be here on the monday, and it was only two days. Id rather not have this turn ugly, so let's just find out how to bring him home!

      I thought I had told you my PM's were down, and that is why I gave you my email address in the first place.

      And finally my last responce from last night:

      I totally agree I want to get Aida home to you and get this resolved! I think that we both were a little missinformed about each other and now that we've emailed it's been resolved. I really never intended for this to happen and I hate that he's not there yet. As for the computers I actually use about 3 so some times I will forget that I left my home computer on when I leave the house and not be logged on at work on my laptop also. I appologize if you thought I was just avoiding you because that was not my intention at all. Like I said I thought that everything was going ok communication wise. Now I know better and will rectify the situation. Thank you again for being so patent with me and I hope to hear that Aida is home sitting on your lap soon :)

      **Again I would like to express how sorry I am that this has happened. YES I was rushing to get him shipped of that day because I had said I would. I did not foresee that my 4 year old god daughter would spike a 105 fevor and have to be rushed to the er. And while I still managed to get him shipped out that day, I now wish I would have waited a day and shipped him out Saturday even thought that was a day after I said I would. I'm human and I make mistakes and this one was a big one. I'm doing everything in my power to rectify the situation. Thank you all for reading my ramble and I hope that I can still do business with everyone in the future! Nothing makes me happier then being able to put a smile on someone face, or to hear that I've made they're dream come true just by selling a doll or some clothes :) If anyone has questions or concerns about my 'mishanding' of this situation please feel free to pm or email me at and I would be happy to talk with you.
    3. I will have mods delete this as soon as aida arrives on my door step. ^_^ As I have said before. I got Gretch110 email this morning, and she informed me that she had called my post office, and will be filling out paper work to get aida shipped back to her or to me.

      So heres to hoping that it's resolved soon!

      Gretch110 is a sweet girl, and she is fun to chat with, this was just a precaution to take on my behalf
      in case something DID happen.
    4. Would someone please contact a mod with details of how and when this transation was "solved"?
    5. zagzagael- I wrote you a pm
    6. -No aida as of yet, supposedly on his way back to greetch110 and will arrive on thursday/friday
    7. Aida arrived today back at my house - will be sending him overnight/2nd day to naitomeadoll Thursday or Friday depending on my work schedule.
    8. doll still being shipped, ^^ Tracking says it will arrive on time. heres for hoping.
    9. Doll arrived today through UPS on time. This transaction is compelete and should now be deleted. Thank you :)