Transaction Problem with darkawaii

Jun 16, 2010

    1. I bought a Volks Maggie Head from Darkawaii around the 20th of April. The head looked fine in picture and was of a coloration I needed to match my friend body. It was to be a birthday gift for my friend. When I got the head everything seemed alright. When I gave it to my friend she said she was modded and showed me the difference between unmoded one and the one she had just gotten. The nose was greatly sanded. My friend herself had checked the pictures on the selling tread beforehand and had not seen it even if she know the mold well.Nowhere on the selling thread was this mentioned and my friend wanted an unmodded one.

      So I contacted darkawaii about it and she said that since she was second owner she didn't know it was modded(please note that it was not mentioned either that she was second owner) so she agreed to refund me. When I contacted her I also asked her to pay for half the shipping back since it wasn't my fault nor her for not knowing. She didn't disagree to it and she asked me to ship the head before she refunded me, which I found strange but went along with since she had good feedback here.

      Once she got the head she let me know and refunded me original shipping and head price. I then asked about the refund of the shipping from me to her and she said she never agreed to that and she don't want to do it.

      While I agree it wasn't her fault for not knowing the head was modded, I am left with paying over 10$ of shipping and having nothing at all. I asked her to pay half of it because I felt like neither party was at fault here but I don't want to be left with the bill. It might feel silly to open this for 5$ but I didn't gain anything in this transaction, while she still have the head to sell.

      So I would like her to pay half the shipping back which is a bit more then 5$ but I will leave it as 5$.
    2. darkawaii was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I gave you every bit of information I had on that head. NOT going to refund you half shipping for an item you didn't do any research on. I had SEVERAL pictures of that head up. I said VERY PLAINLY that I did not know volks at all, and that I was AT LEAST her second owner when she was purchased. I noted every bit of damage, etc that was plain to see (as I always do), and I refunded your money ASAP when I got the head back. I waited for the head to be returned to ensure there were no damages and that I wouldn't be left with a damaged head and no money.

      I DID NOT HAVE TO REFUND YOU AT ALL. My threads clearly state this. I could have just left you high and dry with a modded head, but I didn't. You got a full refiund, including your paypal fees.

      The nose is not 'greatly sanded'....when I looked at the pictures after your comment to me about it, I had to REALLY LOOK through the marketplace to get 'up angles' angles on the face that I couldn't obviously get on VOLKS...which is the site I used as a reference and as a link. If you don't know volks either, this isn't my fault, you should be doing your research. I did mine and obviously I made a mistake so I refunded you 100% what you paid for her.
    4. You advertised a Volks Maggie head, which I bought as a gift for a friend. It is not my responsibility to know what the head should look like. I checked the pictures for damage, but they are not from the same angle as on Volks' website and I did not have an unmodified head to compare with: There was nothing I could have done, or should have done, to make sure the head was unmodified.

      I am pretty certain the original selling thread did no mention you were the second owner, but as you removed it, I never had a chance to check again.

      When I told you I wanted my money back and would split return shipping in half with you, you said to just send the head back and that you would pay me when you received it. You did not object to charges for return shipping. At that point, we had a deal.

      I kept my part of the bargain by returning the head before you gave me money back. You did not keep yours.

      Return shipping for a wrong or defective item is the seller's responsibility. Either you pay to have it sent back to you, or you forsake the item. Any company works that way, because it's hat the law says. It's what the law says in the United States, and what the law says in Canada. The law also applies to individuals.

      I'm still willing to pay half of shipping it back, because I believe you that you did not realize the head was modified. But if I need to actually push a claim, I'm claiming the full amount, as is my due.

      For the record, we're talking half of $10 here. That's $5.
    5. No, I told you that I would issue a refund as soon as the head was in my posession. It's not so strange to request my item back before I issue a refund. I always have to send items back before I get refunds when I have issues with things. it's how it works. I don't know anyone who would do otherwise. I have also always paid my own shipping for items defective or unsatisfied when it's being returned. It's part of buying online. I'm not losing money on this deal, sorry. $5.00 may seem trivial to you, but it isn't to me, and I gave you pack 100% refund. I would pay you the shipping back if I mis-represented my item, but there was nothing hidden from you when you purchased.
    6. The reason I did not insist on making you pay the full amount of shipping back is ,like I said, because you may not have known the head was modded. Taking this in consideration you couldn't have stated it was modded. I purchased what was stated which is not what I got.

      Every time I had to send back an item because of a problem, the seller paid my shipping back and also refunded me before I sent the item back. I dealt with two people on here and on ebay and in both case they did exactly like any company do: they paid my entire shipping back.

      My point is that I am the one loosing money here. I have nothing left to sale. I didn't even have the enjoyment of owning it because from the moment I received it until I shipped it back, the head was inside the box.
    7. You weren't owning it to begin with I thought? I understand what your point it, you've stated it several times. I must admit I've gotten a few PMs in support from people here on DoA, and I don't think I am in the wrong, so I am not giving in. I did not mis-represent my item. You wanted a refund. I gave you one, shipping it back to me is your choice, and it was my choice to refund you the money and accept the head back.

      I don't know who you're dealing with, but I am not a company. I am a private seller. I won't lose money when I didn't do anything wrong here.
    8. I agree with you that you didn't from the start and I know it isn't your fault but it isn't mine either that's why i wanted us to pay half half, because since neither of us is at fault here so neither of us should have to pay full shipping back. So I think half half is correct.
    9. I've already stated I'm not paying you for this. I was actually in ebay the yesterday looking in to this whole thing, and I was correct. Buyer is responsible for shipping back in every store I checked. Feel free to leave negative feedback, I consider this matter closed.
    10. Since the oposing side doesn't seems to want to give in at all I will let it go. I will not leave negative feedback but I will link to this page. I am closing this page but I am not really happy with the result.