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transaction problems with Toccyn - RESOLVED

Nov 21, 2006

    1. Dec. 15: Newest update: page 5

      December 12th, 2006.

      Toccyn (Clarissa Jones), You have been reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (http://www.ic3.gov/), and the police. I cannot wait any longer to get my body or my money back. Had you contacted me and told me you were having problems, I could have accepted that. As long as you had communicated with me, I could have tried to be lenient. But you abused my trust.


      This crime is classified as a FRAUD.

      All I want is my body or the money, and I will drop the charges.

      I suggest anyone else who has not recieved their packages to go to Internet Crime Complaint Center (http://www.ic3.gov/) and report it. And then contact their local police.

      December 11th, 2006:
      (Mods, can you please make this a sticky, so no one else is stolen from?)

      7 PMs
      6 emails
      6 calls

      and this thread, I am at the end of my rope. For some reason or another, Toccyn HAS NOT sent out the body. Between the three dates she said she sent him, I still have recieved NOTHING, as have two others who commented to this thread. I hate to say it, but only do because I can think of no other reason for any of us to have not gotten anything, but she lied and never sent us anything. I feel ashamed that a fellow DoA member could abuse their peers like this, it certainly makes this seem like a less friendly environment.

      Toccyn. I have tried to contact you many times. With concern, with annoyance, with pleading, but I am not going to wait for you anymore. My money was not charity. I helped you out because you were going through a rough time in your life, and you probably still are. But your first priority was to cash my money order and send me my body, not rip me off. I am very upset right now, I wanted my boy to have a body by Thanksgiving, and now I doubt I will have him by Christmas.

      I don't know why you are doing this, lying and ignoring people who obviously love this hobby as much as you do, if my assumptions are right and you are just keeping the dolls and the money. It might seem like there's nothing for people in other states to do to penalize you for this.

      I could be wrong. You could be without internet (but then, aren't there libraries and friends houses?) Maybe you lost your phone (but I'm sure you could check your messages from any other phone). I don't see why you wouldn't even TRY to tell people the truth. We all paid alot of money to you, and it sickens me how easily I was taken advantage of.

      Things always come back to you, even worse than what you did to others. I'm hoping you will wise up and do the honest thing before the repurcussions hit you. Because as it stands:


      That's alot of karma that will catch up with you.

      I will now be contacting the authorities- the FBI's internet fraud line, Moneygram, and the Hagerstown PD. Not because I'm being a horrible person, but because I am tired of being ignored, and tired of the lie that my body was sent out weeks ago. :|

      UPDATE: December 8th, 2006 (one month since payment was sent): I have managed to get ahold of Toccyn in a way I can't disclose, and hopefully, she'll be getting back to me soon. Let me reiterate, in case she does come online, all I want to know is where the body is. What day it was sent off. If it was sent off. I hate to keep this thread going, but until I recieve the body, or my money back, I cannot. So please, get in contact with me, Toccyn! I don't want to have to repeatedly use this method of communication.

      And I don't want to go to the police.

      Please, do the right thing.

      Update December 4th, 2006. Toccyn has still not responded to me, nor Enki or sagejupiter. It's obvious that she's avoiding us now, as she hasn't even been online for a week. I can understand not coming to DoA if you're too busy, but not even responding to emails? Toccyn, you need to do the right thing and tell us where our items are, or give us our money back. I want my body. I was kind enough to trust you, and now your negligence has finally worn away all of my patience.

      If I recieve no body or emails by Friday December 8th, one month after I sent you the money, I will be contacting the Internet Crime and Fraud Center, and Money Gram to revoke my money order to you. I have your old address, name, birthday, and your picture, and I will have no problem going to the police if I get no word from you by then. I also have every single PM, and email, along with my money order stub. I can only assume at this point that you are purposely doing this, kept the money and didn't send anything to any of us. Maybe the mail lost it, but that is your problem, not mine. You wrote me an email TELLING ME you would get a delivery confirmation, and you (as far as I have seen) have failed to provide one.

      Please don't let it come to this. I don't want to retaliate and seem mean. I just want what I rightfully bought. I unfortunately don't have $402 dollars to throw around, I have to work hard for my money, as I'm sure you do. Please, do the right thing and contact us. All I want to know is that you sent my package and that you aren't trying to steal from me.

      Your silence is very unfair, and isn't reflecting well upon you. Please! Speak up!

      Update NOVEMBER 29th 2006: I have still not gotten my body in. Also, Toccyn posted to this thread, saying my body was on the way, but with no delivery confirmation, and no keeping in touch, I am getting more than frustrated. It's been over 20 DAYS since I sent a payment, and this is getting ridiculous. I didn't send off money in a way that was helping someone to get brushed off like this, and I'm not feeling very nice about all of this now. Toccyn, I NEED TO KNOW WHEN YOU SENT MY BODY immediately! I have been waiting long enough. Having talked to my post man, and him telling me that a package from Maryland should have come here by now, even with the holidays and the blizzard we've had is unnacceptable. Please do what is right, and give me more than a one sentence answer. I want facts. I think I deserve that, having been kind enough to send you the amount of money I did by Money Order.

      I had to send you all my earnings from a paycheck. and whose suffering? My boy, whose just wondering where the heck his body is. And my trust. I almost feel after this whole thing that maybe I can't trust my fellow doll lovers, and that's very very sad, especially after all of the positive experiences I've had on DoA. I implore you, just get in contact with me. through email, through PM's, I'll even PM you my phone number if that will make you feel comfortable. I just want to know I am getting this body, or my money back.

      But I will NOT take silence as an answer.

      update: 11/25/06: 4 days later, I still have gotten no word back from Toccyn on if she sent the body with a delivery confirmation (which she said she would), or not. I understand that the holidays get hectic for people, but I am really starting to get worried, as there are obviously 3 people waiting on things from her, and she's not even checking her email now. I am hoping to get him on Monday, if not, I'm not sure what to do. :crushed

      update: 11/21/06: She is okay! I received an email from Toccyn, telling me my body is on the way. I'd like to keep this thread up until I get it though. Thanks for your support, everyone!

      Also, anyone trying to get ahold of her still, email her from her user page. In the end, PMing did nothing for me.

      I am looking for Toccyn (or anyone that might personally know her) to see if she is okay. I first contacted her on 11/1/06 when she had a DM Amos and her CP Shiwoo head and body for sale (that thread has since been deleted). I felt bad as she was having family problems and wanted to help (even if helping got one of my boys a body). Due to the nature of her problems, she couldn't accept paypal, and I sent her a money order on 11/7/06 for the CP Luts body. After a few days of not getting a hold of her, I started to worry, and put a thread up on 11/15/06, asking if anyone knew her whereabouts. I got an email from her that day, from me emailing her from the site.

      In the email, she told me she would send out the body (which she recieved the money for) the next day after work. That would have been Thursday, and today is Monday. I have gotten no email, delivery confirmation (which she said she would send to me) or a package of any sort.

      Her last activity on DoA was 11/17/06, the day after my body was supposed to have been sent.

      I am really very worried, not only for the money that I gave to her, but for her own well being. I sincerely am hoping that she is all right, and something came up that had to do with her family problems. that is totally understandable. But I need to know ASAP if she is going to send me what I paid for. I have been waiting to get my boy a body for a very long time. It is very disheartening, as all I have to prove that I bought him are a handful of PM's and a money order receipt. So far I have only had good experiences on DoA, and I would like it to stay that way.

      Toccyn, please respond/email me, as soon as possible. First, to make sure you are okay, and second, so I know that I will be getting what I spent my money on. Anyone who might also know her whereabouts or can talk to her, can you please tell me anything you may know/relay this message to her?

      Also, anyone who wants to post telling me all the reasons I was wrong for sending a money order, please save it. I was trying to help a fellow DoA member going on tough times, and that I don't regret.
    2. I'll try paging her on another forum she frequents :)
    3. I think her absence has to do with her family troubles. She hasn't been on AIM, and unfortunately I do not have her phone number. But a fair few of us will be keeping an eye out for her :]
    4. Thank you, luna-rouge, I would appreciate that.

      Thank you also, whitebread! I'm mostly worried about her and her family troubles at the moment, because I want her to be okay. I know she's probably going through a tough time, but paranoia's also asking why hasn't she written/why isn't my purchase here yet. Hopefully, she'll be online again soon, so everyone can know she is okay. :)
    5. :( I understand how you feel, peach-and-lime!

      I'm waiting for the gaghiel set and luts boots she was supposed to ship over a week and a half ago. And I've pmed her twice, and gotten no reply to either pm.

      I understand she's going through some really hard times, but she signed in after I'd pmed her - and she still didn't contact me. She promised me a confirmation number for my package on the 11th, and I received nothing.

      I even sent her payment through priority shipping, to help her out a bit more. She couldn't take paypal due to her situation, so I sent her a check. :/

      I'm a bit worried.
    6. See, that's what worried me, that she had signed in a couple of times after pm-ing, but then the pm's have been all screwed up the last week and a half for me. . . it seems I have to contact everyone on the forum. I'd be doing this on the thread she sold me the body in, but it was deleted. I first started freaking out because I didn't know if people did that before the doll was sold and shipped?

      I am just hoping that she is okay, and that the reason she hasn't contacted either of us was some sort of emergency. Still, it would be nice to know. Because that was alot of money. :(
    7. I have also been trying to get ahold of Toccyn for about a month now. (for a different reason though.) I want to be patient, but there are a lot of scams going on. It's only natural to worry.
    8. I have bought a doll from Toccyn and she was very good to deal with and very nice and helpful. She didn't seem like a person to cheat anyone out of money or such so maybe she is just having some problems at the moment. I hope you get it sorted out though really.
    9. Here's hoping everything is alright...I'm also waiting on a head i bought from her...I sent a check last monday and haven't heard back....
    10. I have bought from her in the past and everything went smoothly, it's sad (and worrying, yes) that you're having communications problems with her ;_;
      Maybe her PMs are not working? I know mine have been acting weird lately. Have you tried emailing her?

      I hope she shows up soon and lets you know what's happening!! Best of luck to you all.
    11. Toccyn and I have had many deals in the past, all went perfectly, she just may be still having problems with things at home.

      And yeah, PMs have been weird lately, e-mailing might be your best option if you haven't done so already.
    12. Okay, I got an email from Toccyn today, saying that my body had been shipped out. She's been busy with work and moving. Thankfully, she is alright. I want to keep this thread up until I get the body though.

      Enki, sagejupiter, I suggest that the only way to really get a hold of her is email her, if you haven't already. I got hers from her userpage. At least it will make you worry less.
    13. Peach-and-lime : Thank you!!
    14. Hey peach-and-lime,

      I contacted her, as you mentioned and STILL haven't received any e-mail from her.

      Can you pm me her e-mail address so that I may attempt to contact her again, please?

    15. bumping up, as my body has still not come.

      Enki, I'll PM you right now, I think that since she's moving, she's only getting on once every three or four days. >.<
    16. Can someone tell me if they've been able to get a hold of Toccyn?
      :x She's illuding me, I fear.
    17. Still haven't heard anything either =_=
    18. another bump, as the body that was said to be in the mail monday has still not come (I can expect no mail on Turkey day, but I haven't even gotten emails back from her on confirmation numbers which she said she'd provide. :( )
    19. She hasn't been to other forum for while.
      The last she was there was Nov 20.

      I have a number of hers, but I'm afraid that might be her house >_>;;
      in which she may not be there and plus It will be wierd if I ask for her Online name...

      All I can suggest is the same. Try e-mailing her. :[
    20. I have emailed her 3 times. I know her real name, but it would be alot to ask if you could call her for me, and I don't feel comfortable asking for her phone number from you, as it's not fair to put you in the middle of this. But. . . yeah. Come Monday, if you're still interested in helping, and I haven't gotten the body, I might take you up on that.