Transaction with Kocomo - resolved

Sep 3, 2007

    1. I sold Ling, my CH Unique Prayer Choa to "Kocomo" on DOA and shipped her off. The day she gets her i get this email:

      "Hello Choa arrived today... She has issues you didn't tell me about. I have enclosed pictures.. Her face has 3 or 4 markings, her eyelashes are smushed, and her neck is all scratched I beleive from the s-nook during traveling as the s-hook was pointed down into her neck.. I usually bubble wrap the neck seperately from the s-nook and make sure this wouldn't happen.."


      I emailed her back asking if she knew how it happened since she was VERY well wrapped and if she tried removing the marks on her face with Magic Eraser (they simply couldn't have been gauges). This was her reply:

      "Jola, With these issues she is not worth the $800 plus shipping that I
      paid for her... I would rather send her back then to deal with issues"

      I told her I didn't have that much to refund (I have all of $17 in my paypal account right now!) but that i'd like to work something out to fix the damage or do a parial refund etc etc, again asking if she could try Magic Eraser to makes sure it was actual damage ... she wrote:

      "Why did you ask so much for her when you knew her eyelashes where
      smushed and never said a word.. plus the markings on her face had to be since
      you owned her.. the neck I do believe came from the s-hook, however that is
      faulty packaging. We all have bills.. I am unemploied due to serious health

      huh? her eyelashes weren't smushed, they curl up. and that was in my photos and the CH photos ... I had photos taken of her the day before shipment actually showing that side of her face and there were no markings ...

      " believe you.. but it doesn't change the matter of her issues
      none.. I will be kind however. I believe in what goes around comes around.
      So I will just relisted her on DOA, showing the issues she has and state
      that I just purchased her from you for $800 and I will ask $600 for her.
      Yes, I am loosing $200, but I don't think it is the first time, but it
      will be the last time! I do have one request, please may I also borrow your photo images for the posting of her?"

      I emailed back and offered to at least send her the default eyes, outfit and wig so she could make her money back on the supposedly "damaged" doll ..

      "I have listed her on DOA, please see and be sure it meets with
      approval.. I am saying best offers over $695 including her outfit. I am
      taking offers until Saturday. So hopefully you will be able to get the
      outfit, wig, eyes ect.. to me by Monday. So I could ship her out by
      with hopefully an offer for her! Wish me luck and thank you for the
      I deeply appreciate that!!"

      So i sent her the stuff and she asked if i shipped, i sent her the tracking number ... and today i see this thread:

      a thread on DOA auctioning her off. photos show NO DAMAGE, no damage is noted in the listing. the photos of Choa clothed are the CH photos, but the nude photos are HER photos. Taken after she got her. showing no damage.

      I emailed her confronting her about this:

      "Me?? I was and am too chicken...
      My daughter, whom does Reborn baby dolls. She lightly sanded and buffed
      the neck. The face is not scratched, I said it was a make-up smudge. Anyhow
      she cleaned the face to where there is just one smudge mark, that is pale
      on the cheek, she is still working on that for me, but it doesn't show in the
      picture now, but I will tell any potential buyer she has been repaired. I am
      having to take a hugh loss because of these issues.. so whether or not
      she gets fully repaired she is in fact a repaired doll.. there-for I still
      take a loss. She will be great for someone whom wants to repaint her."

      THEN, after she got no offers, and probably after seeing that i have a Volks Cyndy in my signature she sent me this:

      ""I have no offers for her at all...! I realize you do not
      have the funds to refund me, but perhaps a trade? Do you have any other dolls we could possible trade for? Do you have an older Volks doll we could trade... You might be able to fix her for a resale. I am afraid to try magic eraser on her face as I would not want to disturb her face-up. What ever just remember I paid $800 plus shipping so it has to be a fair trade.."

      I refused of course since we had already agreed that the dress, wig and eyes would make up for the "damage".

      TODAY: she filed a paypal claim against me and put up this ebay auction (note please nude shots are hers):
      Edit: Kocomo has withdrawn her paypal claim against me.

      i'm willing to put this all behind me and consider this resolved. I wish her luck in selling her doll.
    2. Wow... I am shocked that someone would claim that much damage and extort extras from you like that, and then post in the auction that the doll is in "like New Condition." The part from the auction that kills me is:
      That's really appalling. I hope that Paypal has the good sense to side with you. :(
    3. There is always two sides to every situation. You are only hearing her side and of course she will make herself sound good... I am the victim in the situation.
      It is easy to take emails and reword everything to fit her side of her story.
      My side of the story:
      I, in good faith paid $820, for a doll that I was told was in new & mint condition. When I received the package, the head was off the doll and placed at the dolls feet. The s-hook was pointed downward onto the outerside of the neck and had been rubbing against the neck during shipping. The neck had darkened rub marks and the head had smushed eyelashes and what appeared to be make-up smudges on the cheek. I told Jola about the issues and that it was packaged poorly for one..{why was the head removed, from the body?} I said I was disappointed with the purchase and wanted a refund. She said she no longer had the money, it went to bills. I said okay, I understand that. So she offered to send the original outfit eyes jewels and wig. Okay? So now I send over to my daughter, whom reborn baby dolls, the doll to have her repair it for me. Then the so called outfit arrives, the dress has issues that I needed to sew and mend and the zipper sticks and will need to be replaced. There is no eyes, no jewels, and the wig was all mussed up with pins sticking out everywhere. Which I shampoo the wig and left the hair down long. This did not help the situation out at all. So I wrote again to Jola and told her the issues. No reply... So I paid $820 for a doll that I can't even resale for $620.. So feeling like I was really taken I wrote to Jola via Paypal requesting a $200 refund. Still no reply from her, then I decided just the heck with it.. toss it up to a lesson learned, so I withdrew the Paypal request, with-in an hour or so from when I filed. Well almost an hour goes by after I withdrew.. Jola post all this info here... Why? So again I am being victimized.
    4. well, feel free to post your "side". I quoted your exact words from your many emails to me, i didn't change anything or take anything out of context, this is how it looks to me. I was SHOCKED to see you file a paypal complaint against me after everything i tried to do to make things right - even after it appears there was nothing wrong with the doll i sent you (according to you in your ebay listing!).
    5. The only other thing I have to say.. is if I am not the victim here, then why was my auction BIN at only $620.. when it included everything you sent me, and I just paid you $820.. because the doll, the dress, and wig, were not worth more then what I was asking.
      Jola, You want to discuss this with me, send an email..
    6. Kocomo- if the doll is damaged, as you have said to Jolla here, why are you not mentioning the damage in your auction?
    7. Oh, I think it's perfectly appropriate for this to be conducted in a public forum, since this is the whole point of a feedback thread.

      Kocomo, you have started a PayPal claim for $200 against Jola because you claim that the doll is damaged, but you are selling it on eBay without any mention of damage, and you attempted to sell it in the DoA Marketplace without any mention of damage.

      You have already received expensive/rare items in compensation for this supposed "damage" (a CH Limited dress, wig, and eyes), and yet you still think it's appropriate to file a PayPal claim for an additional $200?

      We are currently discussing the appropriateness of your continuing to do business in the DoA Marketplace, given these serious issues.

      -- Andi
    8. Kocomo, we have discussed this at length.

      I'm not responsible for her resale. You agreed to buy her from me nude for $800 ... and i fulfilled all of my obligations to you and more. if you don't like her or she doesn't fit in that is not something i'm responsible for. what price you decide to sell her is not my problem, that is *your* decision.

      Since you decided to file a paypal claim against me then fine. We will let paypal arbitrate. I think i have an excellent case.
    9. Here's some good advice. If you think you've been wronged and you're a victim, explain what happened. It's not about stooping down to any level because this is the feedback section. Jolarocknrolla is leaving feedback based on her experience with you. As you said there are two sides to every situation, you should then explain your side.

      By not explaining your side, the only assumption left for anyone to make is that you have no side to explain, meaning that this is a scam. Whatever paypal decides, if you don't explain, your reputation is pretty much shot over here.
    10. Kocomo has withdrawn her paypal claim against me.

      i'm willing to put this all behind me and consider this resolved. I wish her luck in selling her doll.
    11. Jola the Paypal issues was resolved & withdrawn at 10:58 AM EST almost a whole hour before you even posted this thread...
    12. Dear Kocomo,

      Perhaps you need to realize that if you behave in shady practices and are called out on it, apologizing is better than continuing to insult the person--who, I feel I should add, is appearing much more innocent than you in this situation--in an auction is NOT going to earn you any new friends.

      Also, if you continue dredging this up again and again, maybe you should reevaluate how seriously you're taking this doll hobby.

    13. No matter what I do or say at this stage, you all will find fault with me... I have only done, what was requested of me by the Mods here on DOA. I was told, should I list the doll for sale again.That I would have to be specific of the damages the doll received from shipment, that is exactly what I have done. I did not mention anyones name in the auction nor did I mention the name of this board.
      What is it that you all expect from me...?
      I am receiving threating emails, containing profanity and verbal threats, via the Ebay auction, via "ask seller a question" from members from this board. This is a serious offense according to Ebay rules. I have NOT reported any of these members to Ebay, as I am not looking for trouble. However I am having trouble keeping my husband from reporting these, as he is highly annoyed...
      I am sorry for everything... I am sorry I purchased the doll, I am sorry that I sent an email message to Jola via Paypal, {as I was unable to reach her} However I had never escalated that into a Paypal claim.. Jola you know that!
      I also had deleted and canceled the request from you before you even posted this thread.
      As far as what I should do about the auction or the doll, I no longer know the correct answer any more.
      All I know right now.. is that I am really tired of all this, and my husband is even more tired at reading emails with verbal threats containing profanity... so please do give it some thought before you write and send any more
      emails via Ebay...Thank you...

      Adding this:

      Now if someone just paid me $800 for a collector doll,
      I would have packaged it very nicely and shipped it
      in the same manner as how I would have wanted to receive it.
      She removed the dolls head from the body, with-out
      a plastic sheild face protecter, and placed it at the feet of the doll.
      With one large sheet of bubble wrap she drapped around the doll.
      The s-hook was pointed down onto the neck of the body, naturally
      during shipping the s-hook was rubbing against the body.
      I never would have seperated the head from the body. Whenever I have
      sold just a body, I make sure the body and s-hook are wrapped seperately
      so there would be no chance of this sort of thing happening.
      So I write to Jola and explain what had happened. I would like
      to also add I was very cordial through-out all my corespondence
      to Jola. Not once did I get ugly, nor demanding. I did say I was
      unhappy with the doll and would like a refund. She was unable to refund
      me... I still was cordial and polite, going as far as saying I understood.
      She offered to send me the outfit, I did not request or demand the outfit from her.
      As a matter of fact, I am a seamstress, I had no need for the outfit..
      since I make all my clothing for my dolls.

      Also I would like to add, I never posted a thread here saying I had a
      bad transaction from Jola, as it is not in my nature to be ugly or hurtful.

      Now most everyone here, has said I extorted an expensive collectable outfit, for what you all say
      are alleged damages.. So having a biased opinion, or being a very close friend to Jola,
      you all, have just called me a liar and the most worse kind of thief.. before I ever even had a chance or
      the opportunity to defend myself. This thread has been the most unfair hearing I have ever seen.

      Well, if the outfit was such an expensive item, wouldn't you have packaged
      it nicely? Jola sent the dress rolled up in a ball shape with the wig, and
      placed it in a plan paper envelope... The dress needed mending, it
      still needs a new zipper, this one is sticky and very hard to zip and un-zip.
      Which by the way Jola did say the zipper was kind of sticky..
      The wig was a mess! I tried to email Jola, and ask why send me the
      items and not care about how they are shipped or their condition.

      Some of you may remember or perhaps choose not too, when I first listed the doll in Marketplace
      I wrote the description stating how I just purchased the doll from Jola, the
      condition I received the doll, showed pictures of the issues at hand, and
      I even stated she was sending the outfit along to me.
      I even wrote to Jola and asked her did the description meet with her approval, as I had
      mentioned her name in the sales thread, I did not want to offend her.. she said yes it was fine.
      Then when the outfit arrived in the state it was in... I rewrote the description in marketplace
      and had my daughter repair the doll the best she could... and added newer pictures and
      description. However Jola, you only sent the second screencap to the Mods, you never
      sent them the first screencap of the sales thread...where it showed the issues.

      Anyhow, then I decide to just place the doll on Ebay...I put a link to the auction
      in my sales thread.

      Now in the meantime this thread is posted and started because Jola stated I escalated a claim
      at Paypal against her {which I did not}she also states the doll was in mint
      condition, and that the damages were alleged issues... then waits a little while and then posts in this thread
      transaction resolved, claim has been cancelled and the auction stopped. There was NO claim to cancel!!!
      It was a correspondence between seller and buyer, at no point did I ever escalate that into a claim!

      Yes, I stopped the auction as it was requested from the Mods that I stop the auction
      and if I am to sell the doll then I have to state the full discription of the damages.
      So I wait a few days, I relist the doll on Ebay with all of the issues.
      Even with this thread here, and all the biased opinions of me and things being said about me.
      I was still considerate, to both Jola and this board by not mentioning any names.
      So then everyone decides to post more opinions of me and send me emails
      with name calling, using profanity, and threats... demanding I owe an apology.
      I haven't done anything that even warrents my need to apologize to anyone.
    14. Jola is out of town, so she's not going to see this until she gets back.

      Kocomo, I'm sorry that you are receiving threats -- are any of these sent through DoA PMs? That is against the rules, and please forward them to any active mod if you have received any nasty messages through DoA.

      I'm sorry that you've had such a negative experience with this -- it's obvious that the doll hasn't worked out for you, and I wish you luck in finding a new owner.


      -- Andi
    15. Also, with either side, please do not post in feedback threads unless you are INVOLVED directly in the transaction, thankyou!