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Resolved Transaction with littleimp

Jul 16, 2010

    1. Long story short, sent a package to Thailand Express mail from the US and the USPS sent it to the wrong country. I've told littleimp it will be a long while until customs sends the package to its right destination or back to me and that I was going to file for insurance with the USPS, but now I've got a paypal dispute opened against me as we're both sitting here waiting for the USPS to sort this mess or give her, her money back. I've done everything in my power to explain the situation, but I feel I'm not getting through. Plus now instead of working on her situation I am over a thousand dollars in the red and scrambling to fix that so my bank doesn't close my account. When I clearly have given her enough proof of shipment. I do not know what else to do. I have a huge amount of positive feedback and haven't disapeared through this whole ordeal the USPS put us through, yet at the same time I feel I am being punished as a disput was opened against me.

      + Shipped the doll June 10th
      + Got a pm from littleimp June 19th that the package was in Portugal, not Thailand like it should be.
      + I sent photo proof of shipment, showing the tracking number, receipt and in clear details her name and address which was written quite clearly to Thailand.

      + I sent 2 pms that day (19th):

      "Looks like the post office made a huge error unless it has to be routed through that area to get to Thailand. I know nothing about international travel so not sure what to tell you abuot that.

      I am however looking at the note right now it says Thailand, (city and zip code edited out for safety reasons) in very easy to read writing so not sure how it could have gotten that mixed up. Here is photo and here so you can see (I cannot show link to photo since it has someone's full name and address on, safety reasons). You can take the number to your post office, I will do the same on Monday. Right now it is Saturday and they are closed tomorrow for holiday, so will have to wait until Monday and get after the post office. Hopefully they can stop the package and route it to its correct destination. I did insure it for its full value, but hopefully it won't come to that

      + About 30 minutes later I contact littleimp again:

      "Alright just got a hold of an emergency Express service number and had them investigate. They are going to send information to Portugal, stop the package and re-route it to your correct address though customs should do so as well. I should be getting a phone call when its done and I believe the representative said it can be checked online.

      Sorry about all this, I will do as much as I can to make sure Tedros arrives to you safely and quickly. Stupid postal service
      ! >.<"

      + June 22nd got a worried pm from littleimp about their package still being frozen. There isn't much either one of us can do for the time being but wait it out:

      "Not sure what else to tell you or what to do. I just know I was told they would redirect it to the right address though that may mean a delay in arriving. They asked for both our addresses over the phone and the tracking number so they could send the information to the customs and catch the package. Though the operator assured me the people in portugal would notice and send it back.

      I had this happen twice to me because of the USPS. I did get the packages, just took extra time to get redirected to me

      + June 25th. I pm the buyer again to keep in contact. "Hello found out some new information that the package will be routed to you or be sent back to me since I checked "return to sender" on package. Though it may take a couple of weeks to sort out. Hopefully it won't take that long. I will recall USPS in the morning to see what else is being done."

      + June 28th I contact the buyer again with any and all information I can find.

      Pm #1:
      "Hi just a quick pm to let you know I'm still here. I will contact them again today to see if there is any news, however I've been told it may take a couple of weeks for the package to return to me or get sent to you. I've still got the ticket and insurance and everything, but right now it will just take time for the USPS to fix their mistake." 1:36pm

      Pm #1:
      "Ok I found some more information. Perhaps you will know more about this.

      The postal administration of Thailand has advised that as a result of the continuing political unrest in the country, Thailand Post has suspended postal operations from May 20-23, 2010 in the following provinces: Bangkok, Samut Prakan, Nonthaburi and Pathumthani
      ." 1:52pm

      Pm #1:
      "Hello again. I'm going to go ahead and call for an inquiry to international claims. For delayed packages I have up to 30 days to file so going to do that now. They will send me a package by mail to fill out. Hopefully it won't come to this, but I want to call before July 10th. I just need your phone number. I believe they will need to call you to confirm that your package has indeed gone missing. I've been shipping things for about 10 years and only had to file one claim for insurance before our of hundreds of packages. It was in the US, they did have to call, but that ended well since we had proof. I have my tedros information still from Iple so have enough evidence to send in that I did buy the item. As it is international and there is a different procedure it may take a little more time.

      Thank you for your patience in all this. I'm doing all that is possible to make sure you get your Tedros or your money back with the postal service
      .: 2:43pm (same day)

      + June 29th I hear back from the buyer with the phone number of theirs I need.

      + July 7th I get another worried pm from littleimp about the package. I reply back the same day. I believe this is the day I went in person to speak to a supervisor.

      "Hello I am still filing claims but since it is in customs it may take a couple of weeks to move. I talked to a postal worker about this, these things take forever to get sorted out. You can talk to anyone on the forum who has had a package shipped to the wrong destination or lost, the USPS is very slow at it.

      The only thing we can do now is wait, but I still will file claims which may not be needed at all I'm told since the package may show up. It may be a very long wait, and the USPS may never notify us if the package was picked up and sent to you. The USPS pretty much can't do anything since its in customs. Either way you will get your doll or money back, but it will be a wait. I've already done my part it is the USPS who is slow at this and won't do much.

      Insurance claims usually take weeks as well to see any money back. I had to file for claim/insurance once and it took about 4-6 weeks to see that check and that was a US claim for insurance. Right now I'm treating it as a lost package and turning in the paperwork for insurance in case it never shows. Though I had someone tell me on another bjd forum they had the same problem and it finally did show up weeks later

      + July 16th I get an email from Paypal saying 2 claims have been opened for the payments toward her package. I also get a pm stating this. Even though I told the buyer I would be filing insurance claims so we can get the money back and also it would take a long time for customs to move. I check the tracking number again and find: We attempted to deliver your item in PORTUGAL at 11:40 AM on July 9, 2010

      I call the inquiry line again today to see what is going on with the package and am told they will have information on July 19th and to again wait for it. If not, they will automatically send the insurance claim packet to me to fill out and send back in. I asked for the claim form before, but I won't be getting it until they are done calling/investigating it seems. I'm collecting proof of the doll's value as I wait for the form to be mailed to me. And also now have to deal with a paypal dispute. I am thinking of taking it to a claim so I can send paypal proof and let them decide, but I am unsure what to do. And I'm worried the USPS won't give back our money or doll if they know the buyer has their money back.

      Here is more information about filing claims with international. I cannot even get the claim form until they finish things.

      If anyone could provide information or advice about this sort of thing that would be wonderful. I contacted a mod already. They cannot get actively involved, but advised me to open a thread here.
    2. Contacted Paypal for more information since my Paypal account is now in a huge mess and frozen (so I can't get payments that are suppose to be in or pay on things) and I'm pretty flat broke so this move really did a number on me. Well apparently I cannot move it to a claim otherwise Paypal will force refund even though I did ship the doll. So right now can't do anything with paypal. All I can do is wait for the USPS do deal with this. I do not understand why these disputes were started when I've already stated I was going to file for insurance so I can refund littleimp if the doll does not show up. I've already promised the doll or money back depending if the USPS gets the package to the right destination.
    3. Reply from littleimp:


      I also understand your situation. I did Paypal filing to protect myself. It doesn't mean that I don't trust you. With all your help and follow up on the case I do appreciate your sincere with me.

      I have asked my friend who experienced the mess with USPS before, the suggestion i got is to file the case. I didn't know that it will makes you such this big trouble. I'm willing to cancle Paypal filing if there's anything to assure. Please understand my situation too. Frankly we're strangers who have the same passion of doll, I can't say that i have 100% trust on you, and I'm quite sure that you feel the same way to me.

      I would be happy if we can meet at the half way. My solution would be 50% refund before 19th July (Paypal case will be expired) and I'll be happy to wait for the doll as long as USPS can solve the problem. If the doll arrive I'll refund 50% that you paid me. Or if you have any better solution, please suggest.

      I hope we can solve the problem with win-win situation for both of us. We both have the passion on the same thing. Sorry for a mess on your account but please understand my situation too.

      I'll try to ask Paypal if Paypal can waive the fee that will happen with the 50% refund on this case.


      My reply:

      "I'm sorry but your actions have caused me to lose faith and trust in you. I do have 10 pages of positive feedback and a good reputation here which I've earned over the few years I've been here. To even give me so much money would have to mean giving 100% trust otherwise you would never have given a total stranger so much money to begin with. I really don't think you understand what a dispute means and the damage you have done. It pretty much flat out means you don't believe me to be honest and are calling me a liar. Disputes are also used if you never hear back from me, which isn't the case. Even after letting you know I was beginning the process for insurance claims. Even after you know the reason why your doll has not appeared. After giving you proof of mailing. The tracking number I gave you weeks ago is proof enough the USPS made a mess of things. And I for one will not ruin my reputation here on doa nor do I want to.

      And you could have PM'D me before hand telling me your concerns, but you kept silent. That is poor judgement on your part. No seller or buyer wants the other party taking action without letting the other know. If I had known you felt unsafe I would have taken measures to ensure your feelings, but no instead you went behind my back to do so without any communication on your part. If you had asked for a partial refund in good faith I would have found a way to do so, but no by doing a dispute you forced the issue and ruined my paypal account for the time being. You can pretty much talk to any of the people I've sold or bought from and they can tell you I am an honest person and will go out of my way to make the buyer happy. But I cannot do that if I do not know about these things ahead of time and you don't keep me informed.

      And where is this money going to magically appear from? I need the USPS to give me the refund so I can give you any type of refund. All you are doing is causing a delay in things and making it a hundred times harder for me to do anything. And causing me a lot of grief. I rather be working on getting the USPS to get you your doll or money back than having to deal with this headache you've caused me. Because that is what you did. And the USPS always investigates matters before giving out claims. International requires more time for that. That is how usually things work. Its not a rule I made up on my own. I have to follow the USPS' procedures and their speed. From your pm's, it seems you felt this would automatically take place and did not realize it would take a lot of time even though I told you more than once it will take weeks. If we lived in the US it might have gone by faster. The USPS will not issue any money back to either one of us too until they are sure the package is 100% lost.

      Listening to a "friend" I find somewhat shocking. I rather you have kept in good communication with me and done your own research over listening to one person's experience on their own situation. How do I know you won't take that 50% and run off with that and the doll? Especially when you have no feedback whatsoever. Just take your word on it you won't? I only say this because you have little posts and no feedback on this forum. I think even $100-$150 as a sort of deposit would have worked. That deposit would ensure that neither one of us would take off, because I'd still be out of that amount. I could have even done $200. Though who's to say you will drop the disputes after you get not only that deposit, but the full amount from paypal?

      However I can probably find someone to loan me another $150 or so. I had to borrow a loan from my father to cover the $1,065 red mark on my paypal account you put there which I have to pay back right away. I had no choice in the matter. Your actions wiped me out. If you hadn't gone through with the disputes, I could have easily done what you are asking, but you are asking and at the same time preventing me from doing so. And since the disputes are open that would mean $1200-$1500 or so of my money would be in your hands. And honestly your actions do not make me feel safe. Your no feedback does not make me feel safe. Overall you made it more difficult to come up with an extra $150 or so for you, but I will find a way to get you $150 as collateral. That is only if my paypal actually works. I honestly do not know if I can even give you a deposit as you pretty much froze my paypal account for the time being. I believe the disputes have to be dropped, but I'm not even sure it will be in working order by then. And paypal is also waiting for that transfer of the $1065 which will take a few business days to reach. I'm not sure I can do anything with my paypal until I'm out of the red.

      If perhaps you had asked me say a week or two before the 45 days I could have made arrangements to do so, but because of what you did, I cannot. Again if you had communicated with me, we could have avoided this mess.

      I'm sorry if I still sound angry, but I am. You took a drastic action that not only worked against me, but you as well. Hopefully you can learn from this for the future to actually contact me and tell me you feel uncertain and at least give me a chance to make you feel comfortable before going through with the last resort. Your pms were so brief and short I had no idea you felt this way or were going to open disputes before the 45 days. And honestly I would never run off with your money. I could have said nothing to you all this time or did nothing, but I've given enough proof I'm working in your favor.

      Here is a good page I found with information about disputes.

    4. I'll just answer to your PM then. I don't want to put the heat. Also open to any suggestion.
      I accepted that it's my fault to file the case without telling Luzulistar.
      That's all because I don't know it'll cause this big problem.

      I decided to cancel the case on Paypal.
      Just wait for the reply and suggestion on what I should do now before I actually cancel it.

    5. Thank you for replying. I have just sent you a pm with a possible solution to give us both peace of mind in this wait.
    6. Thank you Darin for understanding. Darin has closed both disputes as an act of good faith and appology. It really means a lot to me, but now I can go back to working on getting after the USPS to finding your package. I will do all in my power to make sure you are satisfied with the outcome.
    7. Thank you for you kind cooperation over the matter.
      Very appreciate your help and immediate action.
    8. Littleimp got the package safe and sound! You may close this, everything has been resolved with a happy ending for both parties. :)