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Resolved Trying to contact Citrus - RESOLVED

Apr 15, 2011

    1. I'm buying a MNF shiwoo from Citrus and have been trying to pm her for about a month to confirm she got the first payment and to ask her a question.
      Her inbox is full so i can't get through to her, I know shes been online...its just her full inbox stopping me from getting through to her.
    2. Citrus was last on the forum 12APR. She is now Being Paged.
    3. AHHH I'm so sorry! I didn't know my PM box was full! I've been off and on for a while, but the last message I have from you is form March 8th, asking for my paypal address. Yes, I received the payment; I'll PM you right now.

      My email address is elavins@optonline.net. I'll clear out my PM box right now too. I never noticed the 'Being Paged' notification either, I might've not been on since then though (it's been a while).

      Sorry again!
    4. I have now been in contact with Citrus ^^ problem solved