Resolved Trying to contact living_doll_13 - RESOLVED

Mar 18, 2012

    1. I've recently finished paying off a Volks suiseiseki from living_doll which I had on layaway and I was told that she would be shipped by now but I haven't heard from her since being told the doll would be sent the next day. I've sent a couple of messages that have been read but I havent had them replied to and my more recent ones appear to be unread.

      I just want to let living_doll know I'm trying to contact her and that I hope everything is okay :)
    2. living_doll_13 was last on the forum 13MAR. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Thanks zagzagael :) still haven't heard from her but have also emailed her paypal address
    4. Still nothing from living_doll :( I've emailed her through doa now. I've spoken to someone who bought another doll from her who said it was shipped quickly despite sparse communication.

      This doll cost me a lot and if I have not heard from living_doll by Wednesday morning I will have to talk to paypal. I'm hoping the doll has been shipped and I just haven't been told yet. I don't know what else to do at the moment.
    5. Living_doll has read my two last messages today. I have now decided that if I have not heard from her by tomorrow (Tuesday) morning I will take it up with paypal. I just want a response of what is happening even if the doll hasn't been sent yet.

      Please talk to me!
    6. Living_doll has messaged me! as of this moment I have a tracking number and I will update this thread as soon as she arrives. I'm sorry for all the fuss and panic as living_doll has given me a perfectly adequate reason. Thank you living doll - I will close this as resolved once she gets here :)
    7. I have received my doll and Living_doll has been wonderful throughout our communication <3 Please close this thread :)