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Trying to contact Ly-die!

Jul 23, 2011

    1. I don't really want to have to do this but I really need Ly-die to get back in contact with me.

      She messaged me on 17/07 to enquire about my Pukifee Pong Pong that I was selling. We messaged back and forth and then on the same day (17/07) Ly-die decided to buy him. Up to here I was very impressed with how quickly we had conversed and closed the deal on the exact same day!

      I sent over all my paypal information and a couple of days I messaged her to ask if she was still interested in the doll and I had a reply on 19/07 where she said she would pay on Friday (today) "if you do not have a problem". I expressed my concern that I had not been informed that it would be a week until payment as I was not open to layaway and I have messaged her a couple more times but have not had responses.

      I've turned two other people away for Ly-die to buy this doll and I'm worried that I will have lost those potential buyers if she changes her mind. The sale started out so well with all messages quickly replied to and I guessed the payment would have been the same, especially with Ly-Die being on the forum - even a quick PM would suffice just to keep me up to date!

      I'm sorry if I appear hasty but I really just wanted a quick sale as I am on holiday soon. I want to make sure everything is okay!

      Please get in contact with me! :)
    2. We do not allow Pagings for these sorts of non-transactions. This is a "flakey feedback" situation and you are free to leave flakey feedback for this member in her individual feedback thread and then resume selling your doll. Please insure that you have pms in your possession in which she unequivocally states that she will buy the doll. Thank you.