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Trying to contact Sadaloha - RESOLVED

Oct 19, 2009

    1. I purchased a doll from Sadaloha, and the communication was great until she said that she would ship it out. October 12th was the last I heard from her, and she said she would let me know on the 13th what the tracking number was. I never got a reply, so on the 13th I asked her if she shipped him out yet.
      She was online on the 14th and I didn't get a reply to my message from the day before. I messaged her again since but she hasn't been online.
      I'm not saying that she's a bad seller just yet, but I really want my doll and would love to get some communication from her because it's been about a week now.
      As long as I eventually get the doll, I will be happy.
    2. Had positive contact with her just now! She sent me the tracking number, so I am very thankful! Will update once I receive him :)
    3. Doll received! Mods, you can mark this resolved.