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Resolved trying to contact sharnofshade - RESOLVED

Jun 2, 2011

    1. I entered into a split with sharnofshade for a Soom Nephelin last year. The doll finally shipped and arrived in Melbourne. I was in the midst of organising a pickup from sharnofshade when I seem to have lost contact with her.

      At the beginning of the split i did get her details, but I've mislaid them. I was wondering if anyone knows her in real life and can give me her phone number.

      I don't think that she is avoiding me or has bad intentions, but it's been almost two weeks since I've heard from her and I'd like to get my part of the split. I hope sharnofshade is ok, and it's only something like computer problems or uniwork.
    2. sharnofshade was last on the forum 19MAY. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I have had information that sharnofshade is in hospital. I don't know any details. I'm sure she'll be back in contact when she recovers.
    4. She is part of my split as well- she has paid for the Shoshon antlers, so I hope she is ok and will answer soon.
    5. As my mother mentioned to Kez, I've been ill and in hospital recently. I'm now back on track to get everything shipped/handed over and paid for, though!

      I've paid Ereskigal for the shipping for my Shoshon antlers.

      I've PM'd Kez about making arrangements regarding her part of the Nephelin split. We are making plans for me to hand them over in person. I'll make a note in this thread once we have a solid plan.

      I've PM'd Alphonse (another member of the Nephelin split), and will be shipping his horns/hands on Monday the 13th. I will be paying the shipping, and sending them tracked/insured, to make up in part for the delay.

      I will not be online again until this Monday due to circumstances beyond my control. I will be checking DoA as soon as I regain Internet access, and will make replying to any PMs and emails my first priority.

      I'm terribly sorry, everyone - I was already struggling slightly with the Nephelin split due to exams, but I never imagined I'd then get sick and have everything delayed so badly! Now that I am better, I will do absolutely everything I can to make sure these splits are resolved happily for everyone.
    6. I have heard from sharnofshade and all is back on track.