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Unresolved trying to get a hold of Ookami Takamori (MP Ban)

Oct 31, 2011

    1. OK i waited almost 3 months...and i guess im going to have to leave some not so great feedback or try to get this fixed...i really didnt want to do this as at the begining of the trasaction Ookami Takamori was really great...she was very nice and let me do a layaway for a Minifee Rheia/Resinsoul hybrid.
      however a few days after she said she would ship she let me know the doll have fallen and one of the lower legs had broken ( i was sad but greatful she told me) she offered to refund or try to fix it...i asked her if a 25$ refund would be ok as i still wanted the doll but figured i would have to replace the piece...she said ok and sent the doll but no refund...when the doll got to me (it took a couple of weeks just because of international shipping) i found that both the lower legs had broken...i wrote her letting her know and she offered to give me a 50$ refund (double the damage double the refund) i agreed as it was a nice thing for her to do...given i figured i would have to replace her body...i guess there where some issues with paypal...and then she stoped answering me emails...even though i saw she was online!...i sent several emails and now she has stoped using this site...im not sure what to do...and i have been waiting as patiently as possible in the hopes she would contact me...but im at a lose...i know 50$ is not a lot...but i thought it was a fair refund given the doll really needs a new body...
      if anyone knows her in Real life i would apreciate help getting in contact with her...again im sorry i have to do this...the trasaction was great at the begining...im just not sure what happened
    2. Ookami Takamori was last on the forum 21OCT. She is now Being Paged.
    3. thank you...ill update if i hear anything...im not really so hopeful though... also i her profile says 21Aug...i think...is that wrong? im confused and a little upset if she was on just a few days ago?
    4. You are correct - my mistake. She was last on the forum 21AUG.
    5. i had my hopes up for a min. there...sorry...
    6. so still nothing...im not sure if i should leave feedback at all if shes abandoned this site =/
    7. ok...so its been a very long time...i see no solution...so im not sure what to do here =( im thinking she probably has a different account here now...to have stopped logging in at all...but this problem i think will not be resolved...i have lost the 50$...and i guess thats that...im sorry i could not resolve this...