Trying to get a hold of Plushie! - RESOLVED

Feb 1, 2011

    1. Plushie your inbox is full. ^^;;

      I shipped your head back to you, but haven't been able to get a hold of you. It's not a big deal, I just wasn't sure how to reach you other than through PM.

      He is insured for $100 and the tracking number is 13100890000059331045

      The total for shipping was $4.15 which you can send to my paypal. PM me if you need my paypal address again.

      He should be with you again, within the week, please let me know when you get him.
    2. Plushie was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Plushie has gotten back with me, but is having some problems sending the shipping money through PayPal right now.
      I'd just like to keep this paging thread up until the payment goes through.

    4. I've received the payment!
      This thread can be closed now. Thank you!