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Trying to get in contact with Kihayo!

Nov 13, 2010

    1. Yeah, On Oct 5th, this year, Kihayo contacted me Via Text about an add I put on at her Collage.
      The add was for a light sanding and body blushing of a BBB blue Sprite.

      We meet Oct 8th So I can hand over the doll plus some materials.

      We scheduled to meet friday, the 22nd, however I couldn't make it due to some problems.

      However when I contacted her a few days later, she told me she was in the ER, via Text. - Nov. 3th

      On the 6th of Nov she sent me this:
      She never got back to me.

      I'm still willing to pay, but I would really love my doll back. ; 3;
    2. This member was last on the forum 6NOV. However, are you saying that you transacted business with this member who only has 4 posts and no Marketplace access?
    3. Yes, we first contacted outside of DoA, however, we did talk on here. I'm mainly looking for anyone how knows her and can get in contact.
    4. The Paging system really cannot be used for transactions that occur off the forum or for transactions that are outside of the guidelines of the Marketplace rules.
    5. Oh, okay! Well thank you anyway!