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Unfortunate experience with lilycat28

Apr 1, 2007

    1. In Nov I did a layaway for lilycat28 on a lovely sooah doll.. The doll was to come with her black outfit she was sold with and I said I would include wig. I gave her free shipping as well. I didnt even mind when I would get an email saying Sorry holidays are here so I will be skipping a payment .. So the day came when it was finally paid off and I said I got the last check on a thursday. I emailed her said the doll would be shipping that very next day. I did have to find a shipper box so It was Saturday I got to ship her however Saturday morning i got a very nasty email from her saying How long am I going to wait for this doll will there be another delay. I found this funny as her check only arrived thurs and here it was only the second day after that I was shipping yet she emailed me this.

      Well the doll arrived and even though I swear the wig was in the box she said no wig was.. So I took her at her word and said I would send not one but two wigs to her . if she would just look again well and get back to me this was on the 23rd of Feb.. I did also tell her I wouldnt be able to ship the wigs till the following week around the 29th I heard nothing back and shipped out the wigs on the 29th.. I was only going thru my own feedback thread did I find a very negative feedback from her saying I had sent her some old lady white wig and another one she couldnt use.. Now the wigs I sent her were a lovely leekeworld wig which I have pics of on Sooah and another luts wig.. which I didnt have to send but did. I also gave her lovely glass blue luts eyes in Sooah that werent included so you can imagine my upset at her negative post about the wig espeically since I sent them out to her with an extra and on time. she got the wigs she claims march 7th which as I did ship on time Feb 29th were right in the time frame first class mail would take to get there So im really unclear as to why I got such a negative response from her to begin with but.. I did apologize anyway. But honestly in all I am alittle more then upset after having waited longer then the time frame not complained myself about late payments and took her at her word about wig not being in the box and sending along a pair of glass eyes to boot. I feel I am a good seller and did in fact try to make her happy but I guess some people never are . I also dont understand why she didnt contact me if she wasnt happy with the wigs in the first place other then to just leave me negative feedback
    2. I'm not sure this is grounds for a negative feedback.. o_O I'd be upset if I didn't receive a wig it was supposed to come with too, whether it came with pretty eyes or not. If she didn't receive the wig she wanted, or the wig it said it would come with, then she had every right and reason to give you negative feedback.

      Just a tip, giving someone negative feedback just for giving YOU bad feedback makes you look worse.
    3. Now I think your comment was uncalled for. If this girl was late on payments, then had the audacity to send a rude e-mail within two days of finishing payment about shipping is uncalled for. Also, if she was sent an extra wig and a nice pair of eyes, I don't see how she should have left negitive feedback. Maybe neutral, but if a seller has been nice and professional, and the buyer has acted less so, I don't see how a negitive would be justified. The poster is just expalining the situtaion.
    4. Thank you pawpaw for coming to my defense.

      I really do not know what to say to say in regards to shaDrouet's post regarding our transaction.

      It makes me very sad that she is calling me a liar. There were no wigs in the box and she promised me two wigs, not just one.

      In addition, the layaway began Dec 5th and I sent my last payment on 2/9/07. I did miss a December payment, but that was because of the holidays.

      After my first two paypal payments, I went out of my way to get her postal money orders, so she would not have to eat the paypal fees. My suggestion not hers.

      I also find if very funny that she left me positive feedback 2/23/07 and now she just slams me.

      Oh well, sha may have lots of good feedback for her other transactions, but our transaction left something to be desired and I would not do business with her again.

      If anyone is truly interested in the TRUTH, just PM me.

    5. I tried my best to do what a seller should do. I sent two wigs in the place of the default one that was missing. I sent a leekeworld one and a luts one both of which I have photos of sooah wearing still in my files. I also have all the nasty emails and Pm I was sent.

      I posted this thread as I thought I had a right to speak about a most unpleasant transaction that I had. and apparently that Im still having troubles with as another nasty PM just came in today to me

      Perhaps things will move on.. I tried my best but I guess my best wasnt good enough.
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