Unhappy now with commission from mel-mel-chan

Mar 3, 2010

    1. Sadly, I need to correct this (as suggested by mods since we cannot edit feedback) with a Neutral for the final work done.

      After further checking, the eyebrows are not symmetrical or the same shape at all: http://i47.tinypic.com/9hqfba.jpg (this was taken on a flat surface with her face directly in the camera, gridlines in Photoshop). In our previous communication, I expressed concern with the symmetry. She stated this was due to the head being uneven and ensured me they would be fine.

      After re-checking the face today and PMing her my concern, she stated this was because of the shape of the head and the eyes, but even with factory flaws, the eyebrows should not be that off. She argued that perfection is not possible, but I think in the image you can clearly see the eyebrows are off.

      There was no resolution offered by mel-mel-chan for this, as she sees no problem.

      Also, her thread stated that turnaround times were 1 week, but it actually took 4 weeks. when asked, she said "I need to change that." Not a big deal as the eyebrows, but turnaroundtime was a factor in my decision of choosing her as a face-up artist.

      I would be cautious if commissioning mel-mel-chan for a faceup.
    2. As ambitious love has decided to update her feedback for me after events which transpired after we'd both left feedback for each other I feel I need to do the same, as suggested by mods to both of us.

      ambitious love received her head back in the mail monday 3/1. She sounded extremely pleased, we both left feedbacks for each other, deal done it seemed.

      I then received PM from her tuesday 3/2 with complaint that the eyebrows on her faceup were completely uneven, with a photo with gridlines drawn to show what she was seeing. She has said I've argued with her about them being even when all I did was point out that in the picture provided the head had a slight tilt to one side (this was confirmed to me by a couple people i asked to look at it too) therefore the gridlines would of course not match up. She asked if there was anything that could be done. I honestly did not feel I could have made them more symmetrical to the face, even if I were to havce taken it back I as an artist don't feel I could redo something to please her.

      During faceup process she expressed concern about the eyebrows and their symmetry, and as she will state she took my word for it that they were even and symmetrical with the eyes and in my eyes they were. Two human beings do not share eyes so we know how that story goes, but throughout this process she was sent roughly 8-10 photos from begin to end that had the eyebrows and approved the overal complete photos before she paid and I mailed back. She's saying I'm blaming my camera for part of this, but the only thing I ever blamed my camera on after reviewing our PMs, was about washing out the true color of cheek blushing and not being good enough to capture the detail lines on the lips.

      I once again appologize about my turnaround time being marked incorrectly in my commission thread, it has been corrected for the future.

      In the end, I just don't see how much perfection you can expect out of a faceup which originally would have been priced $30, but was only $15 becuase of my discount for head sculpts I wanted to paint. I did have a very exciting experience painting this head and I was very happy to see upon arrival that she was happy, but what happened made me feel like she was happy but then changed her mind the next day. I would be cautious as a faceup artist to accept a commission from ambitious love if you do not feel you can achieve perfection.
    3. In addition to mel-mel-chan's feedback:
      Pic of the eyebrows: http://i48.tinypic.com/fk8wv4.jpg
      They are clearly uneven.

      I was willing to pay full price for the faceup, but the chance of a discount came up so I saw no harm in asking. I never ever asked for perfection and I never expect it from faceup artists, who are human, too!

      I have also left her feedback detailing my side of this transaction on her feedback.