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Unoa 2 painted version Crescent Shop lottery

Oct 2, 2008

    1. I would like to, unfortunately I just don't have the money right now =(

      The Unoa 2 body is so pretty!
    2. Ditto for me... but I will get on the pre-order of the kits in January.
    3. I already have one....but I wish they would sell extra heels.....I lost one :(

      oh the body is very nice.....maybe a little big around the chest though.
    4. Just wondering as ive never ever done this before, how likely is it that you get your order, if its a lottery, sorry if its a bit vague a question.
    5. Depends on how many people enter the lottery. They have only six dolls, so the change you get to buy it is pretty slim.
    6. Yeah which is why I will wait for the pre-order... at least there I'll have a better chance
    7. aw, damn, I wish I had the money D: I might get in on the preorder though...
    8. I'm just hoping this is an indication that there may be a pre-order for Zeros in the future. >.>
    9. Wow, I REALLY wish I had the money... she's really cute!
    10. For anyone who does not know the difference between Unoa 1.0/.15 and Unoa 2.0 here are photos:

      left to right - Unoa 1.0 w/default bust, Unoa 1.5 w/large bust part, Unoa 2.0 Mocha

      Unoa 1.0 is the original Unoa mini, Unoa 1.5 is the current mini model and adds some joint improvements, and Unoa 2.0 is a different mini-height BJD that has proportions/size more like a 16-inch fashion doll (but more beautiful and realistic). I've heard the Unoa 2.0's mix well with Orientdoll Dae size (Tae, etc) and Domuya Flexifashion.

      Unoa 2.0 has been made in two colors called Mocha and Cream. Mocha is pictured above but it looks like this sale will only be for Cream (as shown in the Crescent-Shop link in the first post)
    11. Where can I find information on clothes sizes, shoes sizes and wig sizes for Unoa 2.0? I've been scouring the threads in this forum, but since I can't search for the number 2 it's been difficult to find the information I need. Also, where can I find owner pictures? I won one of the Crescent girls and I have no idea what sizes to buy for her. :o