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Unoa Face-up Question

Jan 9, 2019

    1. Hi, I recieved my B-grade Unoa Lusis today and she's beautiful. I need to get her body blushing and a face-up and that's where I have a question. Regarding a face-up do I need to send the entire head or just the faceplate? Is either one feasible? If so, what are the pros and cons of each. And - does anyone have any pictures of a just faceplate face-up and of a whole head faceup (If there is indeed a difference)?

      Thanks and sorry for rambling a bit :)
    2. The faceup artist doesn’t need to do anything to the back of your doll’s head, so you would just send the faceplate. :)
    3. Sometimes it’s easier for me to secure the face protector on a full head, so that’s a pro of sending the whole thing. You might take a look at the artist’s portfolio and see if they ever put wigs on their commissions (Eludys does this on her instagram) and if you’re ok with that, it would be a reason to send the whole thing. But it’s really up to you in the end! They won’t be doing anything with the headback unless it were to include head tattoos or painting hair, as some get done when they have a shaved look in mind.
    4. I've sent some faceplates for makeup in the past as that's all the artist requested. If you're having the body blushed as well, you may want to send the whole thing, just to keep it together.