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Oct 1, 2008

    1. "Version 1" of this thread can be found here (locked because over 1000 posts):

      Please continue the discussion. :)

      -|[ U-noa Quluts 『ZER0』 | ユノア ゼロ ]|- | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

      Owner pics @ Flickr group
      -|[ U-noa Quluts 『ZER0』 | ユノア ゼロ ]|-

      Body Comparisons:
      SD16 vs Unoa Zero

      Resin Comparisons:
      Unoa Normal Skin vs Fairy Skin

      Mod note:
      This thread once had a large number of links to different DoA threads with official pics, display and magazine photos, body comparison photos, and foot comparison photos. These links broke with the forum change, so we have removed them. If you come across them again, or find other helpful threads/posts that you think would be appropriate here, please feel free to report that specific thread or post, with something like "Please link to this in the Unoa Zero discussion thread" or something to that effect and we can put it back. :)
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    2. Thanks for making the new thread! This is as good a time as any to ask a few questions:

      Has anyone used size 6/7 wigs on their Unoa Zero? I have found that Volks SD sized wigs are too big, and Dollfie Dream wigs seem to fit better, but I'm afraid to buy new wigs without knowing what size I should be getting.

      Also, what company's clothes seem to fit her best, bust-wise?
    3. I have a question~ what type of resin are they made from? I remember vaguely the first editions were made in French resin~~
    4. I think you are on to another one there, you must be referring to the Limhwa girls.

      They were in french resin to start with and you can now get them in several different ones.

      The Unon only comes in one to the best of my knowledge.
    5. Nope, pretty sure it was Unoa, but maybe only the models for the dollshows or something ^^;

      ah well. as long as they come in urethane it's all good =3
    6. Yes, it was the display models only that were in french resin.
    7. I'm trying to gather some good comparison pics of Unons with other similar-sized dolls....body and feet....for clothing and shoe finding purposes. Anyone have some pics to share? *pretty please* I'll try to keep the first post updated with useful info and links.
    8. Oh - I missed that part - that would have been cool though!
    9. I'm so excited to finally getting my Unon girl.. T_T I lucked out and found one on Y!J for around retail and BIN. I was trying to be patient and hope for another lottery, but considering my luck with them I just went ahead and bought her. XD

      I think I've got all the clothing, wigs, and eyes all down.. but I keep looking through the old thread and everything and I cannot for the life of me find a shoe size? What shoe size are they compatible with.. or a good place to order shoes? I think my girl is gonna be barefoot for a while until I can figure it out. ^^;
    10. The kit comes with 2 pairs of shoes, so she wont be barefoot
    11. How exciting ! I, too, am a proud new Unon Zero owner as of 2 1/2 weeks ago. Completing the resin prep and assembling her was such fun ! Staci is doing her gorgeous face-up, blush, man/ped and she is almost ready to come home. What a special and beautiful doll Unon Zero is. The kit includes eyes, a wig, and, as already stated, shoes. Have fun !
    12. Yeah, I'm aware it comes with shoes.. I'm just not a fan of the resin heels/shoes so I will most likely not use them. ;o

      I was really hoping to find a foot measurement at least.. but I haven't found anything yet. ^^;
    13. I just got my girl and I measure 7.6 cm
    14. Thier feet are 3 inches or 7.6 cm, the resin shoes they come with are so basic they could easily be modified to something more relevant to your intrest, I wouldn't be so quick to brush them off.
    15. Thanks! I did try to look up the Domuya dolls.. but the website is down for me. gives me a Page Load Error and I wasn't sure if there was another site.

      I'll just slink away and stop acting like a noob now. >_> I'm sure you guys are sick of answering questions.

      Aeneas> I'm familiar with the Unoa heel optional parts... and I really just didn't like them at all. ^^; Thank you for the measurements though!
    16. Maybe try Dollmore model girl shoes I got a pair of white high heel from there seems to fit her fine. Also boots wise try SD13 boys boot. If that help.
    17. That's an awesome link~ my model girl needs some shoes ^^;;

      I hope there will be another pre-order for unoa zero ;_;
    18. oh, lucky to find this thread, I just got my girl 2weeks ago, and sewn an one-piece dress by myself, I found someone sell the 22cm circumference hair which will suit, now I m long for a high heel shoe for her, but god, maybe the best way is ask one of my friend to preorder some shoes...sigh...T_T

      fortunately, my friend can make some clolth for me, after I design one...
    19. They are both gorgeous Kayley, thanks for sharing them! I love the mohair wig you made them too!

      My husband recently came back from Air Force training, so I hope soon to put my Unoa Zero together .. she's been in pieces for quite some time :/

      I'm wondering, could anyone tell me if SD13 tops fit the Unon? I'm thinking SD16 tops are a little tight?

      :starcookie thanks! :starcookie