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UNON / U-noa Zero / Unoa 0 : Latea & Marion Discussion v. 2

Oct 1, 2008

    1. Have you tried one of your F60 bodies?

      Mine is an Ariadoll hybrid (Ariadoll doesn't exist anymore, but their dolls went to Switch/Hummingdolly, so you can get them there.) A shorter alternative might be one of the options from SQLabs, but I don't know about a resin match. Their "Realskin" is meant to match Volks pureskin.

      -- A <3
    2. Now that I don't have her Unoa body she no longer has a headback so I'm going to have to buy a Buff headback before I can try it! If I can remember correctly though, I think the resin match would be pretty far off. :/

      I absolutely adore the Switch body but I heard its terrible at posing, do you know if the posing between Aria and Switch are the same? If so, what has been you experience posing her?

      I was also looking into the Sadol Love60 and LittleMonica Harmony. I'm not sure if LM would be a match or not and I know almost nothing about Sadol doll.
    3. I'd say that the Ariadoll posing is about the same as Zero posing, with less-bendy knees -- it's a pretty body, but not super-poseable. (FWIW, I know that Switch did something to improve the leg posing when they bought the body from Ariadoll, so the current version may be better.) It *does* come with an option for heel feet and SD16-style high-heeled lower legs, which made me happy -- she can wear SD16-sized heels, whereas the Zero body has hard-to-fit feet.

      I don't have direct experience with either of the other bodies you're considering. If F60 doesn't match, F65 probably wouldn't, either -- don't they use the same skin color for both?

      Sadol certainly looks very pretty in the owner photos I've seen, FWIW!

      -- A <3
    4. Thank you so much for all your help I really appreciate it<3

      I have to admit I don't spend a lot of time putting my dolls into super complex poses so I feel like I could be safe going with the Switch body even if it isn't the best. I have a friend who owns one who doesn't like it which is what made me nervous. She says it's very hard to make the body stand up and that the arms sometimes go in funny positions. I'm not crazy about her not being able to stand, but like I said, I don't feel as though posing is actual one of the first things on my list of criteria for dolls! And as you said, the Switch and Aria bodies are simply gorgeouss!!!! And I like the feet options too.

      Oh!~ Silly me, the person I was thinking of who has an F65 hybrid has Fairyskin Unoas on a white skin FL body. So even though hers work, I don't think the normal skin dolls would match. I can tell you 100% by Tuesday. I currently don't have my dolls with me but when I get home I can check.

      My same friend also said Sadol has been improving greatly and that people really like their dolls. I like the look of the Love60 body but I'm afraid to try a new company that I know little about. I don't know anything about Sadol resin, but I once bought an SQLabs body and while it was stunningly sculpted, the resin felt very fragile and lightweight and almost - well, cheap! - and she came with a broken finger! I hate using "cheap" as an excuse because I know there are cheap dolls out there with amazing quality, but the SQLabs just did not feel the same as my other dollies and I didn't end up keeping it. I'm not Sadol is cheap by any means, just that I am now a bit more wary of buying from companies I have no experience with. ANYWAY, hahaha that was long-winded. I *do* love the look of the Sadol body, and I watched a video review where the owner said she was very impressed. The posing for Sadol isn't incredible either, but I do think it's better than Switch.

      The other thing I *adore* about Sadol is their hands! They have a bunch of different positions too....I'm wondering if I ended up buying the Switch body could I hybrid some Sadol hands onto it?? hmmm!
    5. If they have S-hook hands, you probably could -- I've had pretty good success mixing and matching as long as there's a reasonable resin-color similarity.

      For posing, I usually use 18g copper wire in the arms and legs of my big dolls -- means they can hold poses much more stably. I don't think Ariadoll has any better or worse arm posing than many other similar dolls, and if you wire them, you won't have to worry about it.

      I look forward to seeing your girl in one piece, however you choose to complete her! :)

      -- A <3
    6. Me too! Hahahah thank you for your help..

      i have aver one more question though! The switch body has a slightly thicker neck than the Aria, do you think this would be a problem? Since I currwntly only have a faceplate I can't remember how big Unoa heads typically are. Are they usually considered big headed SDs like Volks and FL or are they on the smaller side? I have a LM Sarubia who has the tiniest little head, she would never look right on a big neck like Switch! Hahaha
    7. They're an 8/9 wig size -- I'd say they're a fairly average face size, but a smaller cranium than a Volks doll. I don't see it looking bad -- the Ariadoll neck is SUPER long.
    8. The part of hybrids interest me!

      I don't own any hybrid dolls myself, but I saw an Unoa girl on an Aquarius Doll body, which looks remarkably similar to an Unoa Zero body. The owner photos looks like the doll would pose great and has separate fingers to bend as well. The price seems reasonable enough. Has anyone tried that combo for an Unoa Zero?
    9. Thanks again everyone for all your help! I think I am currently stuck between Switch, Aria and Sadol! I will post here when eventually she is put together ^^
    10. I have my Unoa Zero faceplate on Sadol Honey 63 body. The body is really cute but its posability is terrible. The neck is too different in size, there's a big gap between head and neck, and the resin doesnt' match at all. Here you can see here before the face up (now with blush the resin matches perfectly!):

      [​IMG]Cora by christinopia, on Flickr

      On the fridge you can see her profile better and notice the big gap between head and neck!
    11. QueenObvious hee, I think the F65 hybrid you were referring to was mine. ;) I sold the body away in the end because it was a great stander but a terrible sitter. :(

      I actually got a Sadol Love60 body for one of my Volks heads and I did try my Unoa Marion on it and the neck was too short for her. The proportion would not be great with the Sadol Love60.
    12. Oh thank you everyone so much for your help!! I didn't think I'd actually find people who tried a Sadol/Unoa hybrid and I'm so glad I know now!

      yoake I was referring to your girls! They're absolutely gorgeous, some of my fave Unoa Zeros out there ^^ and I really love the look of the F65 bodies but I really want something shorter for my girls.

      Now I just have to decide between Aria or Switch! Switch seems to have a shorter slightly thicker neck while Aria's is very long but slightly slimmer...
    13. QueenObvious Thank you! Ah indeed the F65 is pretty amazonian, lol. Her body is pretty stout and not kitty limp like the unoa zero body. u_u I hope I can find the right body soon.. April Story seems too busty and stout as well, but maybe Aquarius and Switch may work. I'm just worried about shoulder to neck to head proportions!
    14. I have an Aquarius 59 but I never tried to put Unoa head on (mostly because of all those elastics I had to put to keep Unoa head in place!), and I have a Calssy body on the way... I think I'll try with the Classy body and see if the neck fits better!
    15. OH christnopia! If you do ever put your girl on a Aquarius 59 I would love to see the results of that!
    16. That's what I was supposed to try when I received my Aquarius girl, but if you want to take her head off you have to take off the O ring, so I gave it up (too lazy :doh )
    17. christinopia Gamekitty Gosh, I totally understand the pain of removing the unoa headback from the unoa body itself. I could play the heads around different bodies because I got a separate Buff headback for hybridising. I've seen the msd version of this hybrid on Flickr and the proportion match looks perfect.
    18. Thought I'd revive the thread with some fairy skin girls this new year!
      My Marion has happily took on a Volks SD16 white skin body from the recent FCS order and I must say the proportion is perfect. :aheartbea
      The resin match is not bad, either! :D Best hybrid body for me (other than the Feeple F65 I got previously who was stiff and couldn't sit).

      Unoa Darlings by aki ♫, on Flickr
    19. Oh, Aki, they look gorgeous!! And those dresses are wonderful on them :)

      -- A <3
    20. For reference, when I sculpted the Zero headback, I used the Volks SD16 body. I know this is not the cheapest, but the proportion is lovely. She also fits very well on the Super Gem body, though the resin match isn't as great without blushing. So if you know the circumference and length of the Volks SD16 and the Super Gem female body, you can guess what other bodies might fit well without ordering blind. I hope this helps!