UNON / U-noa Zero / Unoa 0 : Latea & Marion Discussion v. 2

Oct 1, 2008

    1. I like the proportions of the classydoll but the body is so pink lol xD

      I snagged an awesome blazer and a pair of boots that actually fit her! (Dont know the maker though :( ) from a recent doll meet~

      Need to take some photos~ So excited she finally has shoes!
    2. A lot of people seem to have trouble with shoes for zeros, but I can't wait to see more of your girls captainKiyo!
    3. This thread had died down in a bit :( There are lots of Unoa Zeros for sale in Yahoo Japan and other places. Maybe we would get a new girl to join us?

      In the meantime, here is my Marion Didi's sleeping plate back from the spa! Shhh... she is sleeping.

    4. Aww, sorry I haven't been sharing my girls' photos here! My Unon girls are definitely still the most loved girls in my collection. :aheartbea

      ;_; And I missed Ashbet's reply! Thank you!! Loulou tends to look most photogenic in anything. You can put her in a gunny sack and she'll still rock it. ;o;

      Here is Rodart, my Fairy Skin Marion on a Volks SD16 white skin body.
      Her sister Loulou gets the original body as it's more girlish for her personality.

      redhead rodart by Aki, on Flickr
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    5. Does anyone know if a Unoa zero would look good with an iplehouse yid? I really liked their sculpts, but I'm afraid the boy might be too short to look good with an unon! Pictures would be nice too!
    6. mmm iplehouse has really small heads :< So i don't dont think the fit would be a perfect proportion, but it might work?

      I took my Latea (Freyja) to a meet today~

      #unoa by ashley lauters, on Flickr

      Ended up find a nice pair of crobi pants that fit her perfectly, heres the link to see those So im happy she has a pair of jeans now xD
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    7. IpleHouse EID or SID men tend to have heads that I'd consider proportionate with a Unon.

      I have two nYID boys (Chris and Vampire Chris), and their heads are quite small and narrow (they look a bit too small next to some of my *IpleHouse* dolls!)

      Not sure if a different headsculpt with a wider jaw might work well with a Unon, but I wouldn't suggest Chris with one. You'd probably be best-off with at least an SID sculpt.

      My Unons are hard to get to right now (I need a small stepstool and to move several other dolls off the top of a cabinet), which is why they haven't been photographed lately -- otherwise, I'd offer comparison shots :/

      -- A <3
    8. Hi folks! I know shoes/clothes can be a bit of a problem for the Unoa Zero gals so I figured I'd stop by with some info. I don't own any of the girls myself (yet), but a friend of mine does. Details, details. I sadly don't have any pics to show off. Sorry. o n o;;;

      Angellstudio's 1/3 Sweety Loli Girl shoes fits and comes in both white and pale pink. The Zeros stand like a rock in them, and you should be able to also wear sheer/thin stockings in them too, but I from what I understand it's a tight fit.
      Angellstudio's 1/3 Mori Girl shoes are slightly bigger than the Loli shoes. They look absolutely amazing and are super easy to put on. * u * <3 They're also available in brown.
      Both pairs of shoes have this super cute detail under the sole and have a slight heel.
      Angellstudio's 1/3 Girl's Summer dress fits like a glove. It almost looks tailored.
      Angellstudio's 1/3 Sweet Winter coat fits, but the arms are a little short in my opinion. Super feminine and full of great detail. Comes in both khaki and pink.

      Hopefully this helps! I'll come back and report on shoes and clothes if I get a better look at my friend's wardrobe. Gotta wait till she comes back from vacation though.
    9. Oh, wow! That is really helpful -- thanks! :D
    10. Miracle happened; my friend who promised she wouldn't get online during her vacation got on and we got talking about dolls again. Hope you guys won't mind another mini report.

      I didn't get much more shoe info out of her that hasn't already been posted in this thread, but I learned that Kaleidoll shoes absolutely don't fit. Which is a shame 'cause they carry soooo many pretty ones. :...( Guess I'll have to look elsewhere when I finally get around to purchasing a Latea.

      Greentime on Taobao's Big Bat sleeve set fits, and the pants are especially good on.
      Greentime's Romantic Petal set was iffy for her. The top is alright, but the skirt was oversized and ended up so low that the stomach showed. I think this can be solved with some safety pins though, but I'm not sure if that's an option for the perfectionists.
      This winter dress set from CLS is sold out, but my friend has nothing but praise for the outfit. Wearing everything together is a tight fit over the chest, but apparently looks super on and worth looking for on secondhand markets. Comes in both beige and brown.

      Aaaaand that's it. She does have a few more things like Jesus Diamante inspired stuff from Etsy and an in-progress Elegant Chic one piece dress (AUC design I think, seen on the 2012 Unoa Zero version in black/light pink), but nothing else that the rest of us mortals/collectors may purchase or obtain from other places.

      If you can't tell my friend is obsessed with gyaru fashion, even more than myself, so if you guys know of any clothes, shoes or wigs that fit these gals I'd love to hear about it so I could do some Christmas/Birthday shopping for her. <3 or prep myself ahhahahahahaha shopping for dolls you don't have is a bad thing q u q;;;
    11. Hi thread!
      Does anyone happen to have pictures of either of the girls with the original elf ear piece?
      I've just snatched a pair from mandarake, it's my first ever purchase from there and I'm a bit nervous but at the same time very excited >.< - there's not many pictures of them apart from the original event photos, or maybe I'm just not very good at looking @[email protected]?
      Thanks in advance!
    12. Hi! I'm not really sure if it's in the two forums or not but does anyone know of a comparison photo of the 14 eyes versus 16 eyes in a Latea? I tried some glass 16s I had already and they were too big for her.
    13. I'd suggest urethane 16mm from a company like Mako or Enchanted Doll. Glass eyes tend to have larger irises and high domes.

      Can't share pics from my phone, but if you click the link in my signature and search for "Unon" or "Unoa Zero" in my photos (or just find the album entitled "Grace & Fortune), you can get a look at my girls in 16mm EDs :)
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    14. Your dolls look so pretty! Mako eyes just look so amazing, they catch the light so well!
    15. I received my elf-ear parts (as well as devil and unicorn horn parts), but realised only upon trying them on that they were fairy skin ver. >.<
      With a bit of blushing and tactical hair placement they're alright though, and I really like the pointyness. ^^
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    16. very sorry to bother i am in love with the unoa zero body but i was wondering if i could use a feeple 60 head on it,...someone told me unoa zero body is incompatible with any head and modding wont help is it true?thanks
    17. angelos:) I've seen a couple of owners putting Volks heads on their Unoa Zero bodies. As the head works in a faceplate + headback style, you can connect an S-hook to the string at the neck and attach other heads with compatible resin tones. Hope this helps! Putting the Unoa Zero head on a Feeple body is much tougher because they have this neck system.
    18. oh so its doable?i am mostly interested in putting a feeple 60 chloe on a unoa zero body you think it will work?...btw ty for taking time to repply