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Oct 1, 2008

    1. Hello, I dropped by to see if there are any updates on the beautiful Zero. Sad to see this thread so quiet. Any news on the recent lottery event?
    2. Hey! Yeah I recently entered and won the Unoalchemy lottery. Honestly though it doesn't feel quite real yet. The unoa zero is my total grail doll and I had given up on ever having a chance at her a long time ago. You can definitely expect to see some serious spam from me as soon as I get her set up!
    3. Joining the thread here now that it's been revived ;)
      I was lucky enough to get a second hand Unoa Zero in January, the box opening link is in my signature for anyone interested.
      She came as a fullset one-off from a Japanese event from 2013, so the Latea plate has a super cute faceup by a Japanese artist!
      Here's Citrine:

      Marion has always been my favorite though, so I need to paint her and then get a body for Citrine - they're both too pretty to not have their own bodies! :doh

      Also, big congrats to you @Cicada ! That's amazing! :whee:
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    4. Congrats Cicada! It will be wonderful to see some new owner pics in this thread.

      Thanks for sharing Citrine's pic, Motiko. I love how you have styled her with the brunette bob - very pretty.
    5. Motiko, your Citrine is so lovely. I never tire of seeing Unoa girls. :D
    6. Eeep, I have been offered a second chance at the lottery Unoa. Should I take the plunge? I'm nervous because it's a LOT of money and I haven't been able to sell any dolls on the secondhand marketplace to help fund the purchase. Plus, if I do order her and then decide she is not for me, would I be able to rehome such an expensive doll in the current secondary marketplace conditions?
    7. @sugarlump Well, I am a bit of an enabler sooooo my vote is to go for it! These dolls really don't come up very often and I think if you don't end up bonding, so long as you don't list her for a ridiculously high price you should be able to find a home for her. But that's just my opinion. Latea was my grail so there really was no question for me - I had to do it!
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    8. Thank you @Cicada and @sugarlump :) Zeros are pretty amazing I have to say, so I think you should go for it sugarlump! The problem with these girls are it's going to be a plunge pretty much regardless of when you get them (at least I know it would be for me), but I sincerely don't regret getting mine! :aheartbea
    9. @Cicada and @Motiko :) Well, your enabling was successful. I have taken the plunge. Slightly terrifying - but I have loved the Zero sculpt from afar for a long time, and my absolute favourite girl in my current collection is my Unoa Lusis.

      @Cicada Can't wait until we receive our girls and we can post pics :dance
    10. I just got my shipping notice!!! :cheer I am over the moon right now! Poor girl won't have much more than a wig to come home to though lol. Oh I just cannot wait for the weather up here to warm up a bit so I can start working on faceups. :XD:

      Wow, I can't believe she already arrived! I started a thread for her box opening. She is just beautiful and I am blown away. I can't wait to see some more Zero girls bouncing around here!
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    11. Can Zeros be put on sdgr girl bodies? I think it might look nice, but that's only theoretically.

      Also, why do people tend to hybrid their faceplates with other companies' bodies? Is it because they don't like the original bodies? Or because the original bodies are difficult to obtain?

      And how well does the original body pose? Is it good? I heard some parts cracks because it's thin, is it really the case?
    12. Reviving this thread with some Q&A + spam.

      @Misoup. IDK if you got answers elsewhere, but here goes.
      1. You could put a faceplate + a buff headback on an SDGr body.
      2. There's a lot more faceplates than Unoa Zero bodies. I'm sure some people actually prefer the hybrid, but the baseline reason is just math. It's easier to get a plate than the body.
      3. The body is great. It's gorgeous and well-engineered, but you have to know what you're doing. It's long and heavy, so you can't just expect it to pose well without effort. I recommend sueding the knees and neck. And yes, the neck especially can crack. A bit of moleskin will reduce friction, but the rest is luck.

      Ok, now for the question! Sorry if this has been asked/answered, but how is the fit for luts senior delf heels? The measurements seem right (7.5cm internal) but I figure asking can't hurt.

      Spam time: Meet Ophelia, my modded Marion. :3 She's from 2010 and a bit of a rescue. I've spent the last week cleaning, restringing, and painting her.

      [​IMG]ophelia by komorebi, on Flickr
    13. Sorry if this question has already been asked, but could the Marion FP (with a headback) look proportional on either the Dollstown 17 or 18yrs bodies? I think they may be too slender, but if anyone could tell me about these hybrids, or show pictures, I would appreciate it very much ^^

      @rianne I have been stalking your flickr lately because of this new girl, she is so amazing! <3 She has rekindled my love for this sculpt, so I am hoping to make Marion work for one of my doll characters.
    14. @zomjirate thank you! I've always had a soft spot for marion, and I'm super thrilled with this girl. Now to figure out shoes. ^^;
    15. Has anyone had luck wiring this girl? Even after tightening all her elastic mine is still very floppy. I can't get her to stand at all.
    16. Wow, has it really been over a year since anyone has been on the Unoa Zero thread? Would love to see new girls! I've been sleeping for a couple of years, dolls tucked away...just woke up and my Unoa Zero is still gorgeous!
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    17. Woow i can't believe it's been so long xD


      I love your girl's outfit/style, that skirt is so cute. and her faceup is so pretty.
      I really need to get my Latea painted someday @[email protected]
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    18. I recently adopted a unoa-zero but the previous owner lost the guidebook. I wonder if anyone could kindly share scans of the assemble guide with me? Thank you so much!!
    19. Hi, I was just about to reply to you on Flickr about the perfect guide scans: 「U-noa・0」 Latea/Marion
      Basically photobucket’s new aggressive policies have take hostage of all my pics, blurring out and watermarking years of work, but I think I’ve recently did a full backup somewhere, I’ll try to find the scans and send them some other way, in the meantime if anyone else can help it would be nice.

      Edit: re-uploaded all the files here: UnonPerfectGuide
      hope that helps, good luck with your assembly and enjoy your new doll!^__^
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    20. Thanks you so much:D:XD:

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