Unoss Shoes & Eye size?

Oct 19, 2020

    1. Hello!!
      I came back to my family home where I had to leave my 1/3 girls (Volks Unoss & Madoka) behind when I moved away and was motivated to give them some love and care since they are SO old and have become slightly yellowed over time...

      I wanted to get some new clothes for my girls and went through the threads here but have found alot of the links are no longer working since the companies have dissolved or changed their doll model names... Also before when I was into the hobby there weren't as many amazing resources and shops as there are now!

      So, I was wondering what size shoes U-noss wears and where I may find them? I am seeing alot of SD13 boy shoes pop up in discussions but since there are new, larger dolls (ie. SD16, SD17, Iple HID/EID, etc), I'd really love to get her boots if anyone knows if that is possible...I know her calves are bigger than SD13 boys so I'm not sure if she can do that...

      Also, I think I read that she wears 18mm eyes? What size eyes do you use for Unoss? And where do you purchase your eyes?

      Thank you so much! <3
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    2. The only cute shoe I have had reliably fit my Unoss is this style from Rrabit. The difficulty in finding shoes for them lies not only in their calves being wide but in how wide their feet are at the toe too. I actually owned mine for over 10 years before I found a pair I liked for her that would also fit. I suspect this style may fit as well, but I've yet to receive it. For what it's worth, every other Rrabit heel for 65~ish cm boys that I've bought has been too narrow. I've bought one of most of their designs in hopes that they'll fit her lol :whee:
      I have some old heeled knee-high boots from Luts (I think ssdf size?) that fit her too, but I think they're quite clunky looking. Honestly the best advice I can give you is to pay attention to the width of the shoe because even if it'll fit them length wise, it probably won't fit how wide their feet are.

      Mine wears 16mm eyes (from Oscar Doll, whose eye designs are now manufactured by Swandoll), but you might need to bevel a little to get them to sit flush. I just noticed significant gapping on mine despite the eyes I use for her being fairly low-dome. I tried to put a pair of 18mms from (le jardin en mai, I personally would not recommend them in general) in and they wouldn't even fit in the socket.
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    3. Thank you so much for the info!! Those shoes are so lovely! Her feet are so big but they're so lovely in's a shame it's still so hard to find her more feminine shoes! ToT

      I kept seeing OscarDoll being mentioned in older posts but the links were broken and I could not seem to find them in Google! Thanks so much for the updated link!!

      If you don't mind my asking- what clothes does Unoss fit these days? Particularly bottoms...

      PS- your dolls are all so gorgeous!!
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    4. Exactly! I love everything about her, she's just extremely difficult. Her hands have to come off for me to get her in certain outfits ;-;. I've given up on her ever wearing pants unless I make them myself or commission them too. I did just rearrange her eyes and I got one to sit fairly flush with the eye well, but her right eye has significant gapping so I will probably sand down in there to get it to fit better. I'd imagine it's a problem on any Unoss.

      I just took a photo of how the shoes fit her. They also help her stand. She's not sueded or wired or anything (yet, I think that's today's project), and I think her elastic is probably close to as old as she is, so they're kind of a godsend for stabilizing her ankles right now.
      (You can still kinda see just how wide her feet are in them lol)
      I haven't received the second style of shoes that I linked yet, but based on the description I think they're roughly the same size as the pair she's in now. I have it in 3 colors and I keep being tempted to buy the remainder of the colors since I don't think I'll ever find her a better shoe:whee:. More and more companies have been starting to offer heels for big boys lately so I'm constantly on the lookout for them.

      I currently have her in an outfit that's meant for DD/SD13 girls from JETRUNNER;D, but the skirt sits too high on her waist because of how wide her hips are. The shirt rides a little high on her waist too and makes her look a little chubby. I personally think it's cute, but it's definitely not an ideal fit. Before that I had her in an SD10 (and maybe 13?) girl outfit from Volks that also rode too high on the waist. I haven't specifically bought her many clothes recently, so I usually just do the trial and error method with things that look like they'll fit.

      No problem! I was devastated when Oscar said they were shutting down, I'm so glad that someone licensed their designs and has kept them in production. I'm happy I could help, I adore Unosses and I'm really happy to see that someone else is wanting to give theirs a makeover! :D (and thank you so much!!)
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    5. Thank you soso much again!! I may pick those shoes up myself!

      And- YES. The waist thing...that's exactly what my problem with her has been... Cute skirts always ride up on her... ToT Your outfit for your Unoss looks so sweet! <3 On another note- looking at your girl and other peoples' Unoss these days, I really regret sanding my girl's eyelashes and brows off! They add such a charm!
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    6. You're welcome!

      I think if you can find something that has an elastic waistband or even partially elastic waistband that would help a lot? Though since they're hard dolls and not squishy like people, clothes still like to ride up. These might actually fit if you're in the market for shorts? I think they'd look better if the shorts were shorter (since Unoss are pretty short too), but the back of the waistband is elastic so it'd at least stretch to conform to her waist The little thigh strap is elastic too (though I had to take mine in for the doll I bought them for lol). I have a pair of their shorts for DD size that I can test on mine a little later for you if you'd like.

      Edit: it looks like some of RRabit's skirts have elastic waistbands too.
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    7. @Astro You wouldn't have to worry about clothing and shoes if you'd just make her the hot pink wrestler outfit I've been advocating for her for years now. hot pink metallic stirrup pants, no shoes, pink wrassle theme pedi :chibi
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    8. Ahhh those shorts are cute!! I wonder if her thighs would be too large for them? ><;; They look very sexy and casual though- I love the little cross charm! I'm so afraid in general to get pants for her LOL. It really does seem like clothes with elasticity work best for her... I don't want to trouble you to have to change your girl's clothes! I really thank you again for helping me! <3
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    9. It's not a problem! I just have to dig them out, I think they wound up in an unsorted box of doll clothes. I've been curious about it ever since I thought about it though, so I'll try them when I find them!
    10. [​IMG]Dollmore loafers on Unoss by t4124, on Flickr

      I bought these pink loafers from Dollmore hoping they would fit the Unoss feet. I wouldn't call this "fitting", but I forced them on with some tools. Unfortunately they appear to be faux leather so they don't stretch much and I assume they will deteriorate badly over time. But they are ON for now and they look SO cute!