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Unpleasant experience with Chuuie.

Dec 3, 2006

    1. Normally I try to be very understanding about straining situations, but after holding a doll for over two weeks for Chuuie--which I had agreed to give her a very extended layaway on--and repeatedly checking that she was *sure* she would be able to go through with the purchase, she bailed on me yesterday.

      If her boyfriend really was seriously injured to the degree that it put their future livelihood at stake, obviously I don't want to be a jerk about it--but today I noticed she posted on two Musedolls for sale saying she was interested, and asking about layaways...

      This kind of behaviour is just plain sleazy, and to prevent anyone else from having to deal with future frustration, I would recommend against dealing with Chuuie, especially if she asks you to put something on hold for her.

      edit: I'm sorry~ I just remembered that thing I read a while back about how posts in this forum must involve monetary transactions. My apologies if this needs to be deleted. I just didn't want other sellers to have to deal with what I went through~ and couldn't think of anywhere better to put it!

      My apologies~ >_<
    2. Unfortunately the same thing happened to me with some dress I was making. She said she wanted it and that it was beautiful yada yada yada.. after waiting patiently for a reply I never got one, thus I just assumed she didnt want it anymore considering she never replied back. :/ no fun holding onto things if theyre not serious buyers. I wont be hurt if you back out, I will be upset if I hold it for a looooonnnnnnnnggggggg amount of time. yep, thats my rant. I feel for you Lelei. Alas life goes on, and we learn eh??
    3. I believe you are allowed to put this type of comment in feedback as long as it's specific and yours was.
    4. i think it's allowed, if she bailed out on more than one person, other people need to be informed too. i have met her in person and she is very nice, but i have no clue about her business practices.
    5. I had a musedoll Erato outfit on hold for her at the beginning of the year. I was reluctant to do a layaway, but did one anyways. She couldn't make her first payment because of her boyfriends injury, so I took the dress off layaway. I really didn't want to deal with someone who could be that problematic.

    6. I feel bad for doing this, but after a lengthy time of understanding and now completely ignoring PM's I now have to leave bad feedback.

      The last message I received from Chuuie was 3/10/07 about promise of payment for a commission that was finished late last year. She commissioned me for $78.50 worth of items, and once completed, pictures were sent 12/14/06 and she was very pleased. After excuses of BF sickness, then credit cards issues with the mentioned bf, and banking issues, then complete silence until March about more banking issues and hoping I still had the commissioned items. I've PM'd her twice this month that I will be leaving negative feedback unless I hear SOMETHING about her situation, which has led to silence.

      I have a pretty flexible policy and having only one non-payment out of many commissions, I know I'm fortunate--but I wanted to make sure other people were aware of possible payment issues before stepping into any kind of agreement.
    7. I hate to do this as well as I've been very flexible and understanding from the beginning and would still complete our transaction if she so desired--but in the interest of letting other sellers know what they're in for:

      She ordered a $100 special made harem set from me in November. I was delayed in making the set, and finally finished it probably about a month or so later (the exact time frame escapes me atm). I needed to special order the chain for her since she wanted it to match a necklace she had bought and paid for with no problems a month or so prior--having already had a successful transaction with her, I was not at all hesitant to make the harem set.

      It's now almost June. No payment at all and no contact since March--when I got all the same reasons as everyone else here did: BF in hospital, paypal was giving her trouble, bank problems, dental bills etc.

      I told her to take whatever time she needed and the set would still be here--but I've seen her around the market place since then on occassion, and still no payment here. She was a nice person when we chatted, I'm disappointed to see things have gone this way :(
    8. I'm still holding some tiny outfits for Chuuie. They been on hold for her since September or October time. When I pmed her at least a month after she first told me her boyfriend had to go to hospital to ask if she still wanted them, I got back a rude response, when I'd asked politely. I boubt she'll ever buy them but I've still got them here nonetheless.
    9. She did the same to me earlier this year in January on some LE Lydia jewelry I was selling. I put it on hold for her in Nov or Dec of 06, and in January, PMed her. She said her boyfriend's situation had gotten worse and he was back in the hospital, ect ect, and asked if I'd keep the jewelry on hold for her a bit longer. After a couple months of silence and non payment, I gave up on her and sold to someone else.
    10. Ugh, hate to do this, but I probably should'e posted sooner. Same issues - Back in January she bought some geta from me (on ebay!) and I had to chase her around for a month - her excuse was she'd given bf the money, he'd forgotten, had lied to her, then bf in hospital.. *sigh* paypal dispute later, finally got the payment.
      When we released the prototype for the shieldmaiden she said she wanted one, to put her down for one. Never followed through, and to be honest I just let that drop and blocked her on ebay. .^_^;;

      I don't think she acts in bad faith. I think she falls in love ( and out of love) with dozens of things and just leave the rest of us hanging.. >.<
    11. So how many times has her boyfriend supposedly fallen ill?
      Just so people can compare dates that they were told her bf went into hospital, here's what she told me:

      I recieved this pm on the 26th November 06

      And this one on 3rd December 06

      I don't think she's doing it maliciously....But she does lie I think.
    12. I received a PM on 6/6 with a new boyfriend excuse (he's the only one with online paying abilities and is going out of town) and a willingness to pay, and of course no communication after that. She was online 6/18. I wrote to her today that our transaction is now void, so I don't have to think about whatever soap opera is going on in her life.

      Vendors: make sure you receive payment first before accepting any promises from Chuuie. I can at least sell these items to someone else, and one of my tinies actually likes a couple of them.

      End of saga....