Unpleasant transaction with Starchaser09 - MEMBER MP BANNED

May 24, 2010

    1. I really didn't want to have to do this, but Starchaser09 has been given every opportunity to fix the situation and has failed to, latterly compounding my frustration in what should have been a very easily solved issue by insulting me and essentially ignoring me, so I have little choice. I'd like to state now that whilst I don't believe her to be a scammer, it's clear that she has very little experience dealing with problems like this and on the advice of mods, I'm putting this thread up as a warning to her other buyers.

      On 15th March, I sent Starchaser09 a pm enquiring about some clothing she had for sale in her thread HERE. All was well, we settled on a shipping price including insurance and tracking, communications were friendly and swift. I sent the money over immediately, same day, and this is where things began to go wrong.

      FOOLISHLY, because she had good feedback, I was an IDIOT, trusted her and sent the payment "personal" at her request. I had never done this before on such a large amount of money ($128), but she seemed entirely trustworthy so I agreed to it without a second thought.

      Starchaser09 had promised to ship on the Thursday of that week (18th March), but I heard nothing that week, or indeed the next week. Thinking nothing of it since people have busy lives outside of their hobbies, I just thought the box was on it's way and left it at that until 8th April, when, having still not recieved either box or a pm, I sent this to her:

      All I got in return was the following:
      Well, so was I now, so I replied immediately:
      The Easter holidays here came and went, still no box, so once more I sent a pm to her on 11th April, now nearly a full month after I paid her:
      I got no reply for three days, and then on 15th April, she sent me the following:
      So apparently, despite my paying for tracking, it would appear I don't have it and Starchaser09 doesn't seem to be even vaguely concerned by this. Awesome. To make matters worse, I can't use paypal to claim back the money because I paid "personal" payment, upon which there are no chargebacks. Not exactly filled with hope for the situation, I figure there's no point getting annoyed with her, what's done is done and there's nothing either of us can do to change it, so I wait and see if the box turns up late after the holidays.

      By 19th April, over a month since I bought the things, there's still no box, still no contact from Starchaser09, so I pm AGAIN:
      Despite being online, she ignores the pm entirely. I once more give her the benefit of the doubt, although by this point, I have no idea WHY, and wait until 26th April to pm again:
      Still no reply for another long stretch before finally I get this on 11 MAY, almost two MONTHS to the day since I paid her:
      I might actually have believed that had it not been for the fact that the volcano didn't erupt until 21st March, well over a MONTH after my parcel was supposed to be shipped. I send a reply on the same day:
      Naturally, I get no reply for a week until finally, Starchaser09's crowning glory arrives in my inbox on 17th May:
      Up until this point, I was actually pretty understanding of all of her massively flakey behaviour, things happen in life, you can't alter them and really, it's not worth getting upset over, but when people openly accuse me of lying to them when I've done nothing but be pleasant over the situation, I no longer care to be understanding.

      I replied immediately:
      All I got in reply was the following:
      This was a week ago. I have heard nothing since and frankly nor do I wish to. Starchaser09 is clearly an entirely trustworthy seller UNTIL SOMETHING GOES WRONG, when apparently it becomes far too much effort for her and she seeks to put off the buyer with idle libel and weeks of zero communication. I am tired of chasing her for my money/items after two months of her incredibly flakey and unbelievable nonsense and I shall be posting a link to this in her feedback thread so that all potential buyers can be made well and truly aware of her lazy selling standards.

      I sincerely doubt I shall ever see either the $128 OR the box since it's clearly lost, if indeed, it was ever sent at all, and since the only word I have to go on that it was ever shipped is Starchaser09's INTENSELY shakey one, I shall be assuming the worst in her, as she was so charmingly quick to do with me. It seems only fair, and as I stated in the pm, I have now written this transaction off.

    2. Small correction, I just realised it was a little over two weeks between her supposed shipping date and the volcano erupting, not a month. My apologies!
    3. starchaser09 was last on the forum 21MAY. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution and put a link in her individual feedback thread.
    4. I've already put the link in and I really don't expect any resolution to this. It's been far too long for her to put in an insurance claim assuming her postal service is anything like ours where you have a time frame on such things and that assumes that she did indeed ship the parcel with the insurance I paid for in the first place, neither of which has been proven.

      I've written off the money and goods, I just wanted this to stand as a warning to her buyers in the future.
    5. There was nothing that could be done at the post office- they couldn't find the package and I have yet to receive it if it was sent back!
      I am extremely sorry this happened- I unfortunately cannot do a thing.
    6. Also I have been royally scammed by buyers many times before so I can't help but be suspicious when things "go wrong." In this case, I truly believe the package got lost :/
    7. Starchaser has just sent me a charming pm:
      To which I have replied:
      I consider this issue done with, I have absolutely no desire to deal with starchaser again.
    8. She wrote not to write her again- but this was my reply:

      I assuredly will continue to watch the post for the package. It HAS to come back unless it was lost. Once I receive it, I WILL be shipping it back. Otherwise, I would like to offer some sort of a refund but before I even had a chance to offer (I ***really*** wanted to wait to see if the package would show up after a solid 90 days) I was told that she wrote the money off.
      So honestly I don't know what to do other than write this off as a failed transaction. My statement of potential scamming, of me being cautions because I have sold a lot on EGl_comm_sales before and have been scammed was turned into a blatant misunderstanding and though I explained myself it was taken as an insult and I was considered rude.
      Honestly, in the end, I will NEVER want to deal with Lulu again. She wasn't the most pleasant buyer either.
    9. I really fail to see how you OPENLY ACCUSING ME OF LYING could be a misunderstanding.

      I was quite happy to let this go and write it off but you just don't seem to be able to let it go. Do you have any idea how light you got off here? You claim I wasn't a pleasant buyer, name ONE OTHER PERSON on this board who wouldn't have demanded a refund from you from the get go and who would have allowed this to trail on since MARCH. JUST ONE.

      I was INCREDIBLY soft on you throughout all of this, even the FEEDBACK was gentle, you have zero right to say I was not a pleasant buyer and NOW I want a full apology from you before I'll let this rest. You have been nothing but insulting, flakey and entirely out of order throughout this and yet STILL I was prepared to let the situation go. That is the dictionary definition of a PLEASANT BUYER.
    10. This will be closed now. Please link back to this thread from Starchaser09's feedback thread.