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Unsatisfaction transaction with qiyeyueji - MEMBER BANNED

Sep 1, 2009

    1. This is something what I REALLY hate to do, because I'm not the type of person to complain of small things in transactions. I know that life can get on your way, and we're all just humanbeings, but honestly I have been very patient to qiyeyueji during this unlucky transaction :C I really felt like telling this to you guys, to be cautious when dealing with her.

      I bought Ringdoll Dylan fullset from her on 07.15.2009.
      She promised me quick shipping schedule. She asks me three days later, that she needs my phone number for the EMS shipping. I replied her asap, and waited for the tracking number.
      She never gave me any, so I pm'ed her on 07.22.09 and asked if she had already shipped the package. Then she replies me within the same day with the tracking number, and the package was sent later than what we earlier promised. ( I didn't find this as a big deal, but I felt like adding that here )

      I waited for the package to arrive, and nothing happened. The tracking number said that it was still in china, so I got worried and pm'ed her on 08.03.09 asking what might have happened to the package. She replied me few days later that she will call the postal office. Within the same day, she says that the package was sent back to her.
      This time she sent it asap, with the same tracking number, and this time it arrived to Finland in 3 days.

      It went to customs, but it was never opened by customs service. Not even when I went there to get my package, I was the first one to open it when I got back home.

      The box was very well bubblewrapped from outside. But the doll wasn't. The doll was without any bubblewrap around his hands, and the facemask was not attached with anything. The doll was inside in a loose cushion.

      There was some serious damage on the faceup. The facemask, because it wasn't attached with any string or even tape, had dropped off and scratched the faceup badly. Also, the doll missed 4 fingers.
      Faceup damage / fingers snapped off.
      I PM'ed her asap about the damages. She sounded like she didn't understand what I tried to tell her about the poorly packed doll, ( I completely understand the language barriel, I'm not excellent with english either ) and she implied to me that she had put bubblewrap around the hands and the doll was packaged very well.

      I argued with her about that case for a good long time, and then I asked her to refund me 30$ from the faceup ( what's listed on ringdoll dealer's sites ) and new pair of hands. She refused to refund me the 30$, but she suggested to refund me 10$ and new pair of hands. She said that in china, the faceup costs the 10$ only, and she could refund me that.

      I tried to explain her, that I had payed 200$ plus shipping from the doll and 5% pp fees, and it all included the faceup what came with the doll. She didn't quite understand my point, so finally I gave up, because I got very tired of arguing with her, and finally agreed for 10$ refund and new pair of hands.
      She promised to deal with the issue asap, and send the hands as quickly as possible.

      On 08.09.09 I PM'ed her about the hands, and asked her politely that has she already sent them out. She replied me on the same day, and apologized politely that I had to wait for so long for the hands to arrive.
      On 08.24.09 she sends me a pm of the EMS shipping number about the hands.
      I made a mistake for not checking it right away, but I felt like not cheking it asap because the package takes few days to arrive.
      Yesterday on 08.31.09 I check the ems number, because I haven't heard anything about the package.
      The tracking number doesn't work. ( Tracking number she gave me: EE200445265CN )
      I pm her asap ( 07:37 AM ) and kindly ask her to check if the shipping bumber is correct.
      She was online yesterday ( last online status 02:15 PM ) after I had sent her pm, but she hasnt replied me yet.

      I understand that she can't reply asap, and I'm not waiting for her to reply asap because we do have alot of things going outside the internet...But I'm just a bit worried...

      I really do hope that she understands why I'm dissapointed in this transaction, which isn't even yet solved.

      Also I really wish that this doesn't bring bad blood between us, and this case can be finally someway solved and we can finally get over with it. This is something what I really hate to do, but felt like that I had to do it :C

      I will update here when the hands have arrived safe and sound.
    2. She is now Being Paged - please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. qiyeyueji just sent me a PM on 12.27pm

      Obviously the package has arrived to finland!
      She still never gave me the real tracking number, what I really expected for. But I'm very happy to know that the hands finally arrived.
      I will update here on what condition the hands are on tomorrow. ( after I have visited the postal office )
    4. Ee200309645cn

      您的邮件于 2009-09-01 08:24:00(芬兰 00000453)未投递成功

      处 理 时 间 处 理 地 点 邮 件 状 态
      2009-08-29 15:00:00 上海市娄塘邮政支局 收寄
      2009-08-29 15:09:00 上海市娄塘邮政支局 离开收寄局
      2009-08-29 19:21:35 上海市 到达处理中心,来自上海市娄塘邮政支局
      2009-08-29 21:18:11 上海市 离开处理中心,发往赫尔辛基
      2009-08-31 00:06:00 芬兰 赫尔辛基 送交海关
      2009-08-31 00:06:00 芬兰 赫尔辛基 到达处理中心,来自中国 上海
      2009-08-31 09:24:00 芬兰 赫尔辛基 海关放行
      2009-08-31 12:47:00 芬兰 00000453 未妥投
      2009-09-01 08:24:00 芬兰 00000453 未妥投

    5. maybe you can't understand chinese
      i just want you to see that what's the shipping company said
    6. your customs have receded the parcel before,the reason that the parcel were late is that the doll were being sent back,and redelivered,i have already told this to you,and then this unhappy thing happened.i hope they can pay for this for you and both for me,but they dont want to because they think after recieve this parcel it is none of their business anymore what could i say. and this second time i also pay the postage and the fees for hands.i am sure about the package is fine!i dont know why the customs want to send it back,maybe they had checked it out once,who knows...

      and this time the reason why waste another week is customs changed the record once,and the company have not told me this before,so after asking then i know.

      in fact,this doll is my friend who don't have DOA ID's.
      i just want to help her,but happen so much unhappy things.
      my english is not so good to explain so many things,if you still want to chat about this thing,i will tell you her email.
    7. I have a good feedback thread here.
      i don't want any one feel unhappy.
    8. in fact,you can see that,i alway send my doll in the time i have said,
      but it is the time come to my Country's national day.
      for the safe.the company and the EMS always open the bag and to see if have send something may break the law.so a lot of things happen also in my Country ship.
      i wish you can understand that,and i am so sorry again.
    9. .__. I thought that dealing dolls on behalf of your friend is against the DoA rules...

      Anyway, I thank you for clearing this situation trough.
      However, you gave me the wrong tracking number, and that was the reason I was worried, because our earlier transaction with the whole doll didn't go well, and I was unable to get you in contact.

      I'm not angry to you or your friend. I just wanted this case to be solved once and for all.
      I will update here when I have received the hands after visiting post office.
    10. i am so sorry that i against DOA rules,and i am so sorry for the wrong tracking number,my english is not so good that may make you unhappy,wish you will got the hands safe```
    11. ^^;
      If it helps, I am not angry to you because your english isn't good. In fact, I am not angry to you at all, just upset because of this transaction what has been going for too long and well..bad. Please rest asurred, I am not here to flame you.
    12. An update as promised!

      I received the hands yesterday from the local post office, and the package was in okay condition.
      The item was bubblewrapped really well this time, and there was no damages on the hands.

      From my point of view, this transaction is now resolved. ^u^
    13. i am happy to hear that you got them.
      so sorry to make you unhappy
    14. Korone ~ Please link back to this thread in the seller's feedback thread.