Unsatisfactory Cool Cat Group Order run by Pegapup :(

Sep 9, 2008

    1. *NOTICE* This is NOT a thread that has anything to do with Pegapup as a SELLER here on DOA. I'm sure that she is a very reliable seller and she is a very amiable person. This is a thread to let everyone know that I believe that she runs very UNSATISFACTORY and perhaps a little shady Group Orders and GROUP ORDERS ONLY. Do NOT let this thread effect purchasing things from her here on DOA. This has nothing to do with her as a SELLER. *NOTICE*

      I joined a Group Order for Cool Cat with Pegapup started on 7/27 and completed on 9/8, and was extremely displeased.

      Firstly, in Pegapup's defense, Cool Cat does not offer shipping rates before you place your order and pay for it, unless you request one, so she couldn't have known the shipping rates before hand, and I realize that. That is not the problem I had with the group order.

      Problem 1: She did NOT put up a Group participant list (I checked her other Group Order threads and found that she doesn't have a participant list in ANY of them) so none of us had any way of knowing how many people were in the group order, and when I (and one other person) requested in the thread to put up a list of participants (they weren't demands, they were polite nudges of reccommendation that she should put up a list) we were ignored and no list was put up. So there could have been five people, which would have made the shipping very expensive, or there could have been fifty people, which would mave made the shipping very cheap, but none of us had any idea, so we went into it having no idea what the shipping would be (something she mentioned in the thread, so we were all aware that we wouldn't know shipping until after we paid, and we couldn't back out). I purchased 34 dollars worth of items, a few pieces of stringing, a few Kips, and a few S-hooks.

      Problem 2: She did NOT confirm our orders. No 'Hey, I'm going to order tonight/tomorrow, is this the stuff you want? Do you need to change anything?'. Nothing like that, she simply invoiced us on Paypal. She PAID for the order through Cool Cat, then invoiced us, instead of confirming first, so if anyone wanted to change anything, we were completely unable, as the order was already made and paid for. She did offer to try to get someone else to cover my items, but I didn't want to make any problems, and figured I could just resell them, so I assured her it was no big deal that I had the extra items, but made it clear I was displeased that a Confirmation had not been sent out before she placed the order and paid for it.

      Problem 3: She picked the shipping from Cool Cat to her without consulting the group. EMS ($105) or Airmail ($75), and she decided, without consulting us, that she wanted the EMS shipping for $30 more. I paid about $8 for shipping (not sure of the exact amount, so I could be off) from Cool Cat to her. So by my calculations, there should have been about fourteen people in the group order, including Pegapup. That's taking into account Paypal fees, of course. But without a participant list, there's no way to know how many people were in the group order. There could have been 20 of us -- I plan to go back and count how many people in the thread sent her PMs and try to figure it out to see if she charged us appropriately for shipping, because it seemed shady to me that we had to pay so much.

      Problem 4: She did not let us choose if we wanted Priority or First Class when she sent out the items to us.
      "I've sent shipping invoices. I apologize for not getting them out to you sooner. I was not feeling very well on Friday and Saturday, so I was unable to get the packages finished!

      If you did not receive an invoice, please let me know. All packages will either go First Class package w/insurance and confirmation OR Priority w/insurance and confirmation.

      According to the weight and type of package (some items had to go in a box verses a padded envelope), I chose the least expensive way of shipping. If it was close (with in about $0.50), I chose priority on the boxes.

      Every package that has the shipping paid between now and Tuesday will go out on Wednesday. I have had last minute arrangements to be away all day Monday and returning some time on Tuesday. I will label all paid packages on Tuesday and get them in the mail first thing on Wednesday." -- straight from the Group Order.

      She charged me $6.50 to ship my package Priority Mail to me. Taking into account Paypal fees, that means my package should have cost about $5.50 to ship from her to me. She never sent me a PM to tell me that she was shipping it, only sent me an invoice, without letting me choose if I wanted Priority or First Class, but the Invoice said on it that she was sending it Priority Mail. I was confused as to why she'd send my package Priority when I was SURE that it wouldn't be expensive enough to be within $.50 of the $4.80 that it costs to ship a light weight Priority package. But I paid it anyway, because I just wanted my items.

      Problem 5: I got my package today. First class mail. She used an Ebay shipping label so that there was no amount on the package to say how much it cost her to ship it. So I took it to the post office and had them weigh it and send it to her address. It cost $2.70 to ship it to her from me. How is $2.70 within $.50 of $4.80? I don't understand. So she charged me $6.50 (paypal fees included) to ship me a $2.70 package, and she lied and said that she was sending it Priority Mail.

      I expect to get a refund for the shipping that I paid to her, to have it shipped Priority. $2.70 plus paypal fees is $3.09. She charged me $6.50 to ship it. So I would like a $3.41 refund (not a payment, as Paypal will take fees out then, I would like a refund) on this Group Order.

      Problem 6: I placed an order for Cool Cat for the exact items I got in this Group Order - I ended up paying (approximately, as I do not know the exact number I paid for shipping) $14 for shipping to get these items by joining this Group order. If I had bought these items direct from Cool Cat, on ebay, I would have only paid $12 and had them shipped directly to my house, instead of having to go through the trouble of a Group Order. I actually paid MORE to be on a Group Order than I would have paid to order alone. I imagine a lot of you people on this Order will find that you had the same thing happen to you.

      As I said before I am EXTREMELY displeased with the way this Group Order went, and would caution EVERYONE to NOT JOIN A GROUP ORDER WITH PEGAPUP. I do not trust that this Group Order was run as a Group Order should be.

      I sent her this PM to let her know that I was displeased (I marked it so I would know when she read it):

      I got my items today and would like you to know that I am extremely displeased and have left appropriate feedback in your thread.

      I didn't like the way the order was run and will never be ordering from you again, but that is neither here nor there, it's my choice to not join a group order with you and that isn't something that needs to be discussed further than me letting you know I was very, very displeased with the way it was run.

      You told me that you would ship my package Priority and it was shipped first class. You spent $2.70 shipping it, and charged me $6.50, and with paypal fees figured in ($3.09 with paypal fees), I would like a $3.41 refund on this group order, because you sent it First Class, instead of the Priority that you charged me for.

      Please contact me after reading this, I have marked it with a request for a read reciept so I will know when you have read it.

      Thank you

      And I left this notice in the Group Order thread so that if she missed my PM somehow (incase DOA ate it) she would be aware that she should contact me:

      I got my order today but I am extremely displeased and will be PMing you so that you can issue me a refund for my shipping, and will be leaving appropriate feedback.


      I would be very interested to know how many people were actually in on that group order, so that we could decide how much was actually charged for shipping and how much was collected for shipping (not including fees), so that we could add fees on top and find out exactly how much shipping went to Pegapup. I would also like to know what items were ordered so that I could re-order them and ask Cool Cat what the appropriate shipping would be on those items, sent EMS, would be. Shipping a doll from Luts is only $70 EMS, and I imagine (though I could be wrong) that the group order from Cool Cat couldn't have weighed THAT MUCH more, to cost $105 EMS shipping. The box must have weighed about twenty pounds to cost that much, I think.
    2. Pegapup has contacted me and offered to refund my entire shipping price from her to me (which she did in fact refund me) and she let me know that she had not only spent the $2.70 on the package to ship it, but also bought insurance and had placed Delivery Confirmation on it. I checked the packaging and found that it said 'Insurance' on it, but cannot confirm that she put Delivery Confirmation on it, but will take her at her word that she did have DC on it. I have let her know that she could simply refund approximately $1.50 and I would be satisfied, now knowing that she did put insurance on it (though I wasn't aware that she had insured it, and wasn't aware that I was paying for it).

      It should be noticed that Pegapup has been EXTREMELY nice and courteous and professional while contacting me, and dealing with this matter. Once again, I want to stress that this has no effect on her as a seller or her attitude - she has been very professional, through the group order and through the discussions that we've had over PMs.