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Unsatisfactory Correspondence with Sixfried

Mar 14, 2009

    1. ... yes this is just the matter I want to write it, I think this is the right place where to write something like it.

      I write it for a dear friend of mine, Pistra, that I know in person as a honest girl. And I write it just cause she was trying to buy a doll here cause I suggested her to do it. She has the right to see the marketplace and she was doing it on her own, without my direct assistance, even if she is not skilled in english, not our native language.

      She recently was interested in buying a Senior Delf Abadon. She is not so used with DoA, even if she has the right to read the marketplace, so I helped her to find a good doll just before to buy it directly from Luts.

      We found a Senior Delf Abadon for sale from Sixfried, that was even offering the winter head for free, and she wrote her... and than she received replied that are very different from what is wrote on the sale thread.

      First of all seller said that, as she lowered the price, she do not give the winter head for free anymore. BUT this is not wrote on the sale thread, she only changed the price.

      Than she wrote again saying that, as they are both european, better to talk in Euro and she ask a higher price....453.44€ without the winter head.

      453.44€ today are 586$

      I am used to take print-screens of the sales when I see something I am interested in, just to be sure the seller don't change prices or other things after receiving interested PMs, so I have done for it too.
      The price is still the same, in DOLLARS. The winter head is still offered.
      The Last edited by Sixfried was on Yesterday at 02:26 AM. where she only changed the price (I ignore the previous price).

      I have, of course, suggested to my friend to refuse to buy it and go on the Luts website and she is doing it right now.

      And I could let it go.... but we are not on Ebay here, so I can't.

      As I am a enthusiastic DoA user and I have bought and sold a lot in the Marketplace, I know that the basis to have the marketplace the right place to keep on buying and selling are the honest of the sellers and their reliability.

      Taking advantage on new users not really good in english is a very very poor way to act.

      Thanks for reading it.