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Unsatisfactory split with Chikku

Apr 16, 2009

    1. At the moment I'm extremely unhappy with this split. I went on a Eulcase SOOM monthly split and I ordered the medication head with Chikku on a five month layaway. I pretty much made him off within three month of the spilt. Everything went okay and she could have communicated a bit more, like when payments where made.

      But all the problems begin when she first shipping him off. On March 25 she send me this PM
      So of course, I PMed her my mailing address and waited for a week. Until I got a PM from another member of this split asking me about problems with this member. At that time it was April 4th and I was like OMG! I haven't gotten my parts yet so I sent her another PM about my parts and if I could get a tracking number. And this is the PM I got in return

      Okay fine, whatever, I'm still worrying about getting him. Then on the 8th she finally gives me the tracking number with this PM

      Now I checked the UPS website with the tracking number and found out that she lied. She never send him out during March, but on Monday! The 4th was a weekend thus she couldn't send him out, therefore she had to wait until the 6th to mail him out. At this point I'm annoyed at this fact. She could have PMed me saying 'hey couldn't mail him out this week'. Okay whatever, I'll be annoyed still because that's fact the fact that everyone else GOTTEN their parts already!

      But on the I got him in the mail, I was happy and all... But then I noticed he had scratches and resin dye streaks down his winged ears. By this point I was pissed (and still am by the way) so I contacted both SOOM and Chikku about the situation and with pictures. Which I posted the pictures down below, I had to edit the color in one of the so people can see the dye run on the resin.


      At this point of course, this is a manufacturing problem and a shipping problem. So I contacted SOOM and her for the ordering number. Because at this point it I wanted it mailed to me and I didn't want her to sit on the parts.... again like my mediation head. This is my conversation with SOOM down below (current post to later posts). Also I've cut out the ordering number from all posts.

      And this is from Chikku which I got after Easter weekend

      At this point I'm like OMFG!? You knew about this in the first place? It was YOUR responsibly to notify me and SOOM about this problem! But you didn't! As an organizer you have the obligation and responsibility to let me know what has happened and to let SOOM know what has happened! To get the replacements and to let me know! And don't give me that BS that you are new to BJDS! You've been here since 2006 and I seem to know a lot more about BJD care, splits, and ordering that you do! And I came on the BJD scene in 2008! Also ID theft? Don't give me BS or more excuse! And yeah, I know that I threaten you to respond but do you blame me? A damaged product that you where aware of and did nothing! Not to mention there's a time factor to consider with ordering a Monthly or any BJD from the company! Honestly, I really don't think you cared but only about your own parts of the split! But that's my opinion of this split!

      As far as this issue goes, I learned an important lesson from this irresponsible person! Make a split thread yourself or go through a more trusted member than someone with a only one page of feedback! Espeically with a limited!

      For a warning for everyone else who deals with her! I wouldn't go in another split with her or if you do, be careful!
    2. When I got my Beryl last year from Soom, she had a few drip marks on her face and breasts, but I think that may just be the sealant spray. I think that's pretty common with Soom dolls, but it may show up more on darker resin, since both of mine were white skin.

      It's kinda hard to tell what's going on in those pictures too, so... I dunno. *_*

      Also, Soom won't be able to help people if they're not the original person that did the order. That's the only way they do replacements or fixes.