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Negative Feedback Unsatisfactory Trade with Kataxenna

Feb 25, 2009

    1. On 02-06-2009 I listed my Luts WS SDF Blanchet up for sale. Because the market is slow I included two trade options as well. My doll was brand new, had been taken out of the box once for photos for my first buyer and then put back in her box. The only other time I took her out of the box was to securely wrap her for transit.

      Kataxenna pm'd me the same day.

      The photos of the Limhwa are down now by the way as she took them down almost immediately after I agreed to the trade. My photos can still be found here though.

      Please note the bolded part for future reference. This whole transaction would have been fine if the doll was as advertised and I was happy with the transaction at this point.

      We agreed to ship the next day and sent each other addresses. After we agreed to the trade she sent me this.

      We both shipped out the next day. I worked and couldn't make it to an actual post office so I went to a store that has a USPS shipping center inside and sent it. I did not know that I had sent it too late and that it wouldn't go out till Monday and I didn't know that shipping centers apparantly do not scan their delivery confirmation slips either so while my tracking was working hers was not.

      I got many many PMs from Katexenna because she was worried about the DC number not working. I tried to be patient and understanding with her about this but I was seriously not worried because barely a day had passed since I shipped her.

      My doll arrived to me on Monday the 9th. I would like to add that Katexenna had told me:

      What she didn't mention was that she was only in the Soom box and then wrapped in brown paper. I didn't say anything to her because the doll had arrived in one piece. Blanchet arrived to her on Wednesday the 11th just like I thought she would.

      When I got the Limhwa I did leave Kataxenna positive feedback because I ready to be done with the transaction and because I had new doll high. I did notice that she was dirty and discolored but I thought everything would be scrubbed clean because Kataxenna said she was evenly colored and "perfect" and I believed her.

      Here is how the doll looked when she arrived to me before I did anything to her. Notice the discoloration of her face versus the rest of her headcap and body. I thought this simply was the faceup.


      After removing the faceup I noticed that the head was discolored as well. Her body was also discolored and I did attempt to whiten her using an Oxyclean dip which did not work as there was no change. I had her in pieces and thus I thought that at least the yellowing on her head matched the yellowing on her body and was willing to deal with it.

      She stayed in pieces for a very long time because removing the blushing and spray from her body caused me many problems. It took a lot of scrubbing and soaking and days when I was just fed up with it all and didn't want to deal with it.

      I would also like to add that the hot glue which was merely peeling was a mess. The hotglue in the headcap was glopped everywhere and the bar in her head is hot glued on because of this. Nor did I know the reason why she had hot glue in her headcap was because one of her magnets was missing.

      Today I put her back together to quickly try on an outfit I had gotten her when I noticed something that was honestly the last straw for me. Her head was yellower the the rest of her body. It was the one thing that I had specifically asked about and was assured that it was merely a camera problem.


      I talked to some friends and they all agreed that I should seek some form of compensation from Kataxenna so I messaged her.
    2. I did not get her a week ahead of time. I got her two days before Kataxenna got her doll. I have had her two weeks since yesterday, most of which she has spent un-strung as I first cleaned her and then discovered that the yellow was not caused by the MSC but the doll itself was unevenly yellowed. I had no clue that Kataxenna had left a three year or however old faceup on the doll and that does not change the fact that she is unevenly yellowed.

      I do regret posting and giving her positive feedback. When I got her I merely thought it was a dirty doll because I was assured she was an even color and thus I thought that Kataxenna had seen her blank and gotten her painted herself.

      I did not alter her as it is stated on the forum thread where I posted that the Oxyclean dip which is the supposed "alteration" did not work and did nothing to change her. In fact people have told me that I have to sand her to whiten her and I have not done so.

      And yes I am buying her high heel feet because I am trying to make the best of the situation. I do not think I can sell her to get my money back. Who is going to pay for an unevenly yellowed Limhwa whose face is darker then her body? Thus I decided to keep her and make the best of a bad situation. That does not change the fact that I was lied to. Nor do I appreciate Kataxenna first trying to blame the doll's condition on previous sellers and then try to guilt me out of asking for some sort of compensation because she bought two more dolls.

      I have a feeling that nothing will come of this but I want to make my dissatisfaction known publicly. At the very least I think she should pay me for the faceup artist I have commissioned to blush her head a lighter color to match her body.
    3. Dear, Radiotrash.

      You had my Limwha Half elf, over night. And you did not speak to me other than leaving me feedback. I Owe you nothing in return for your Blanchet, You left in my feedback. This.

      You have had The Limwha Half elf for almost a month now, And you have not Pmed me once, Till late tonight to say. " Oh, She's yellowed and you lied" Which is not true. I told you that she was missing a magnet in her head, And that i had hot glued around ehr faceplate to make sure that her head was on right, Nice tight and snug. My flickr account is another issue that is my own. I deleted old outdated photos to make room for better ones that my Groups and such look at. I had bought a new camera as well..

      On the 11th of this month you posted a WTB High Heel Feet for said Limwha Half elf. Which is telling me, That you obviously where happy with this trade, Just like in the feedback you left me.

      I had told RadioTrash that she was yellowed, And this is the way I had received her, and she had been in her box, in a nice cool place for her to be in. So no yellowing would accure to her lovely Resin. This has gone too far, I do believe. And i do not owe her anything in return for being truthful.
      Her head is yellow, as is her body. And i made that perfectly clear to her, And she knew that. I do not know how old this doll is, I've had her for a month before she was traded to Radiotrash for a BW Blanchet. Which i am not a good person with trading, So i was nervious to why the DC number was not working. hence a few extra PM's to see if she had gotten it working or not.

      Radiotrash had gotten her right away. And Did not let me know any issues. It has been three weeks now, And she decided to just now write something to me about her. She expects me to pay something when i have done nothing wrong, When i received my Limwha, Like i said. She was out for pictures. Not many of them. And then stored safely away. I would have no responsablity to what has happened to her under her MSC sealer on her body or face, I did not alter her. Or even play with her.

      Screenshots of her Altering her AFTER SHE BOUGHT HER.

      And looking for High heel feet, After she had her a few days.

      Basically to place this in simple words about this transaction. RadioTrash SHOULD HAVE CONTACTED ME RIGHT WHEN SHE GOT THE LIMWHA HALF ELF. So we could have sent each others packages back. And we wouldn't be here today. Now would we? I was an honest seller, I told her about her flaws, And how i fixed them. The previous owner didn't tell me much about her other than her body and face was done by Jay and all, She came to me as she was sent too Radio Trash. Once again, I did not alter, Or play much with this girl. Which is why she was traded.She was blushed by Jay, and and had a face up by Jay on DOA, AKA here, No time period of knowing how old this Limwha actually is either, I wouldn't have any record of her being for sale because I did not add a sales thread on DOA for her. Thus i have no record of that. Or record of the ex ower seller's thread.

      I spoke with many of my friends and they have told me. That if she had contacted me right away, That she would have a right to some money back. But she failed to do so. So i do not believe she has right to any money. Which then, I would have. But now being so many weeks afterwards, I don't think so. Because she never PMed me ocne with any issues, concerns or questions after getting her.

      This is a very unfair action towards me. I have perfect feedback from many different people, And i have never lied about anything to anyone. I had said i was sorry about ym camera, Because i was still figuring out how to use it.
      (Parden the large Photos, Sorry.)
    4. Radio Trash Threatened me With an Unsatisfactory thread, And I told her that it was not fair given the time period she had the Limwha and never said a word about it too me till three weeks later. Which i am not liable for. And she altered her. She whiped her face-up off, and blushing. That is not my problem. She is no longer my problem. She is RadioTrash's problem.

      If she was an honest person, She would have come to me right away and i would have told her that it was fine and we'd send each others packages back to each other. But no. She waited three weeks to tell me anything. An has been unfair, Rude on top of it all.

      I have nothing further to say about this at all.
    5. Also, A small add on. Here is one photo I have left over of Charity, The Limwha before she was traded, She looks perfectly fine. Can you tell Yellowing differences?

    6. I sold the Half Elf to Kataxenna.
      The doll was yellowed. I purchased her from an owner on DOA or ZOZ I can't remember who. She had a faceup by Jay Searle and I charged with shipping $500 but requested extra shipping fees to compensate the cost as it was higher then I estimated.
    7. Thank You, PinkBear, For your honest input.

      She was evenly yellowed all over. (Still do not know how old the actual Limwha is, Or her Face up.) And you can see, From the photo she had posted, One nut under a cut. That she looks more even so, than she did when i had taken pictures of her with my new camera. (I had Crome Mode on, for the longest time.As Camera modes change.) Even in PinkBear's photos. I still cannot see an un-even Yellowing color with this doll.

      But i stand firm on. You should have contacted me right away, Once you got her and told me it wasn't going to work out. And i would have agreed to ship back you're Blanchet,And gotten my Limwha Back. If you didn't wait. Naturally, You waited far to long for it to be my problem anymore.
    8. Jay did the faceup I believe a week or month before I bought the doll so.
      Limhwa Half elf's have only been out since 2006, I believe...so it is possible she was 2 years old when I bought her.
    9. First of all I want to clarify that I had this doll for two weeks. Not three weeks to a month like Kataxenna keeps claiming. I received the doll on 02-09-09. The 9th to the 16th is one week. The 16th to the 23rd is two weeks.

      I am used to buying second and third hand dolls on DoA and getting them a bit worse for wear. I do not mind having to clean off old blushing. Because Kataxenna has assured me that the doll was evenly colored when I noticed the discoloration I thought it was merely the old blushing and/or the MSC yellowing. I work 40 hours a week, I do not live at home. I do not have to luxury of doing everything that I want to when I want it. It took me a few days to restring her and clean her off. That's when I noticed that she was still discolored. However, while it was apparant that there were lighter parts and that her back was lighter then her front I still did not notice that her face was darker then her body because she was in pieces. I thought that matched the yellowing on the front. It wasn't until I put her together yesterday and put her faceplate back on that I noticed that her head was visibly yellower then her body. Again. When I asked her about this I was told that she was the same color.

      I think if you look at the photos that PinkBear, her owner before Kataxenna, post you can see even in her photos that the head is darker then the body. In fact, PinkBear herself was aware of this and stated this in her sales thread.

      But looking at the sales thread has shown me something even more shocking. Kataxenna lied to me about the value of her doll.

      She told me:

      As you can see on PinkBear's thread she says that she bought the doll for $475 and to make offers. I PM'd PinkBear to find out what Kataxenna actually paid and she told me.

      Even if you add in the $20 extra she had to pay for shipping Kataxenna did not pay $550 either way.

      I paid $500 for my doll without shipping. She paid less then $500 for her. I did not get an equal trade for the doll. I am going to value her at $475 which is what PinkBear paid which means the Kataxenna owes me $25 to make this trade even. And when we were bargaining and I believe that Kataxenna paid $550 I asked if we could do a straight trade because of the fact the doll was yellowed. I believed I was getting a $50 discount off the price of her doll and I in fact was not. I still want this $50 discount. And I want Kataxenna to pay the $50 that I am paying to have a faceup artist blush the lighter so it matches the body better.

      I believe that Kataxenna owes me at the very least $125 to make up for blatant lies and false assurances she has given me.

      I will not consider this transaction resolved until I am compensated this amount.

      Caps for proof as it has been insinuated that I could be editing the quotes.

      Kataxenna telling me she paid $550 without shipping.
      My PM asking her if her head is darker then the body.
      Kataxenna assuring me she is the same color everywhere.

      Kataxenna telling me about the hotglue.
      There is no mention of a missing magnet here!

      PinkBear's sales thread and the price that she paid for the doll.
      PinkBear's PM to me with the actual price Kataxenna paid.

      And because I cannot make it any simpler then this. I took this photo that PinkBear took and grab a swatch of the face and one of the body for easier comparrison.

      On the left is the face, on the right is the body.
    10. I just want to add that when I had the doll, her faceplate magnets worked fine.
    11. Kataxenna has not bothered to reply or message me since my last post, which comes off to me as if she hopes that ignoring the issue will make it go away.

      I'm updating this thread to state that I sent Kataxenna a PM today telling her that I was willing to compromise and ask only that she refund me $75 to make up the value of the doll and I will consider this transaction resolved.

      As of this moment however this is still unresolved.
    12. For records sake:

    13. Radio sent the faceplate of this doll to me for a faceup, and I wanted to add my opinion since i have this head in hand, and can see how yellow it is. This face is VERY unevenly yellowed, it is NOT by any stretch of the imagination "yellowed from BW to normal". The forehead is normal colored, and the face has a VERY noticeable lemony yellow tint to it. I took some of my own pictures by my window to add:



      I think it's fair that Radio requests a partial refund.
    14. First off, everyone needs to know that after RadioTrash received the doll, She wrote, And I Quote.
      After Receiving the doll, She left me good/positive feedback, And then decided after almost two weeks of having the doll in her possession that she was unhappy with her. Which was also after she had removed the face up, And soaked her in Oxyclean.

      I also want to add that you knew that I was not her original owner. I believe I am the third or fourth Owner of this doll. When I received the Limwha from PinkBear, she already had a custom face up that had been on for a while, However the date of her age of the doll, and face up is unknown to me,(PinkBear did not tell me that her magnet was missing)
      Referring To RadioTrash's photo of when she had recieved her. The only thing I noticed wrong in this photo of her is that the back of her head appears lighter. But consistent with the rest of her.
      However RadioTrash Said to me, And the quote was

      With that being said you said it was alright to go ahead with the trade, and I proceeded to ship her out. As both of us were in agreement and were both happy with each others trade. RadioTrash misunderstood my pricing, I had wrote it wrong and had explained to you that I paid $500 for the doll, flat. And paid a UPS shipping fee of $50. So, in all that would make her worth $550 to me. And I had other money into this doll before she had arrived. Such as a doll would need.

      Lets remember the picture before she removed the face up. That is when she noticed discoloration to her face. Remember, She chose to remove the original face up. (Original as far as I know), And then she chose to soak her in Oxyclean, which can damage resin's of all types.
      It was your responsibility to check the doll thoroughly upon arrival and you admit that you did not. You gave me positive feedback, for almost two weeks. At that point the deal should of been done. I find it ironic that I am being accused of lying by someone who first says the transaction was positive in every way, Then changed your mind.

      The Bottom line is, If you were truly unhappy with the doll, You should have contacted me promptly,not 13 days later to tell me that you are unhappy with her. And after what you had done to her. I do not agree with paying you $75. I did consider splitting the cost, even though I should not have had to. And you refused. So at this point there will be NO compensation. Considering you continue to harass me about the transaction.If you would have contacted me within two days of receiving her and told me you were unhappy we could of worked something out. But remember, You left me positive feedback,because you were happy before you removed her face up. Which is on you, not me. How was I suppose to know how her head was to turn out after you had removed her face up? I had not seen her without a face up.

      What part in this should you own up to?

      How fair do you think it is to continue to harass me, and put me down as a person?
      Shame on you. I have not said one nasty or rude word about you to anyone or how you have treated me over this transaction, And you continue to do so.

      I tried to work with you, but all you do is to continue to trash my name. I have been a great seller to many, and a buyer as well. At this time I will no longer receive contact from you, RadioTrash. I consider you're messages to me to be harassment at this point. No seller, Or buyer should have to endure what I have, through-out this trade.
      I consider this trade over and done with. Do not contact me again, I am done trying to work with you and try to make things right. But you refuse to even consider any of my thoughts on this trade, Thus it is pointless to continue to fight over what is done with. And has been done with for weeks. If I would have known that you were going to do what you have done to the doll I would have never considered trading her to you what so ever. If I receive contact from you in anyway I will be contacting a moderator about harassment.

      Consider this our last correspondence. At this point contact a moderator for this thread to be closed. Because it is over, And you will NOT receive compensation.

      Before Soak and Face-up Removal.

      After Face up Removal and Soaking.


    15. "I paid $550 without shipping."

      PinkBear saying that you paid $500 including shipping and then she requested an extra $20 from you so you paid $520 total. Not $550.

      If we are going to include the total we paid with shipping then it cost me $62 in shipping from Luts making my doll worth $562 and still more then yours.

      I also put other money into my doll before she arrived, that is completely irrelevant to the trade.

      I do not feel like I am being harassing in anyway. Harassment is not stating facts. I am trying to find out why you not only lied to me about the yellowing but the worth of the doll as well. The owner before you even mentioned the uneven yellowing so I don't know why you are trying to blame it on me when it existed before the doll even got to you. I am trying to get fair compensation for this trade and it feels like you are calling harassment simply to get out of having to take responsibility for your actions.
    16. >.>; Soooo....what happened here?
      Did you receive your refund?...did you just drop it and leave this case alone?
      Perhaps this was a grave I shouldnt have dug back up..but Im curious...
    17. Kataxenna told me that if I contacted her anymore she'd report me for harassment. I turned to the mods because I felt backed into a corner and unable to do anything and...nothing happened after that. It's been dropped in the sense that I can't do anything anymore if the other party is unwilling to compromise or even speak with me.
    18. Oops, I should add that the mods really couldn't do anything either. It's not like they can force her to speak with me. I thought at least to have this locked as unresolved but it turns out that's more for paging threads and the like. Oops. :X