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Unsatisfactory Trans. With Caro

May 31, 2008

    1. I am having problems with a transaction with Caro.

      I posted a WTB thread a while back saying I would like to buy a Luts Delf T3 boy body, NS. She responded to me saying she will have one coming soon with her Breakaway which she would sell to me. She offered $475+ shipping. I asked her the shipping and she said she didn't know but she will go to find out. I told her I was looking to pay up to $530 for it inc shipping, as that was the price someone else had offered to me. I also told her for her ref. that last time I bought a SD body from Canada (Where she is) the postage was $100. However to cut down on costs for her she can unstring the body and send it in a smaller box, I wouldn't mind not having the box. She said in that case $530 is fine, and I laid down a deposit of $200 for the body and the rest to pay when she gets the body.

      On 2nd April (Weds), she tells me she has recived the body. I pay her the $330 remaining pretty much instantly. She tells me she got the money, she will send out the body on Friday (4th.) I hear nothing from her untill the 8th, simply stating: I have shipped the body using Airmail.....

      Which scared me as I was under the impression she didn't even send it tracked. I asked her to provide me with the tracking number, or a customs declaration number so I may track my parcel. She had no reply while being online everyday till the 16th, when she tells me:

      Actually there was no tracking number...it'sprobably the last time I will ship to UK because it's so expensive..
      I don't think there should a problem..please let me know when you receive it

      I was alarmed because it is crazy to send such an expencive doll with no tracking, and I had already warned her of the cost of shipping through express mail. In any case I thanked her and said I will wait for the body. I checked with her, Airmail should take 2 weeks to get to UK? She said yes.

      I waited untill the 30th of April, nothing, it was nearly 3 weeks so I started to get worried. I PMed her, and she told me not to worry, she would try and ask the PO if they can track the parcel for her. She told me it will take 6-10 days for them to give her a reply. I was unsure how the PO can track an untracked parcel but I agreed. I waited 2 weeks (14 days) more. I heard nothing from Caro. So I PMed her again. She told me she will call the PO the following Monday as she hasn't heard anything from them.

      Monday came and went so I PMed her again as I heard nothing from her, and she tells me they are still "looking for it". I asked her again, did she send the body out by Airmail or Surface mail, as I saw two options on the Canada post web site, and now she tells me she infact sent it through surface mail. (Which would explain why it is taking over 5 weeks to get here if this was true) She told me she didn't send it tracked or express because it would have cost $125. She then asked me for my name and address when I had supplied it to her a few times before that last time she "called the PO". I gave it to her again, feeling like she may just be buying time.

      I also asked her why she lied to me first, saying she sent it through Airmail when now she is telling me something else. She then tells me she didn't lie, she HAD sent it through airmail, not surface mail. I was quite upset and confused at this point, as 5 weeks through airmail was very long time.

      I told her to look at her shipping receipt, and she tells me she isn't sure anymore if she sent the package through Airmail or Surface mail, aparantly it does not say.

      I then went to the Canada Post site and told her the prices of a SD body roughly through airmail and surface mail, and asked her which one matched the price she paid for the shipping. She replies with "Oh I guess it's surface mail then..."

      I heard from another member she should have got a customs number for my package when she sent it, I thought this too from past experience with Canadian sellers of other things I buy, so I asked her again for the customs number (she ignored my request last time) and she told me there is no customs dec. number. This was 2 weeks ago.

      Now I am on my 7th week nearly 8th and I am pretty sure she has either not sent the body at all or it is lost. She had not contacted me though she was meant to be looking into it for 2 weeks, so I PMed her a few days ago and she told me Canada post cannot tell her where the item is, she has just recived a letter from them. In either way the seller has been handeling this transaction in a very strange manner, reluctant to help me track the item, will not update me unless prompted. I PMed her back, telling her I want my money back. She told me she couldn't give me the money back. Well to be honest it is as good as she scammed me, as there is no proof she even sent the body. Now she is not responding to PMs.

      I would like a satisfactory resolution to this problem.
    2. She has now sent me the receipt stating she sent the body to me. However, it has been tampered with. The receipt is not the same ink as the address part with my name and her name and addresses on, and you can see originally there was no sender or receptant, hence why there is a line across the area. It seems she has written the info on afterwards.
    3. Oh dear... this is concerning, being that I have a transaction open with her from 5/21. I have been told that she 'would' ship, but not that the items have actually shipped. A quick call to my maildrop indicates no arrival today. This is only day 10 for me, but still, this brings up a worry.

      I will watch for your updates, and give you mine as they come.
    4. Also, the receipt states it was shipped 9th April, if it is to be believed. She PMed me on the 8th telling me she had already sent it. There seems to be alot of strange things with this transaction.
    5. well crap, I wish I'd seen this sooner =/

      I bought a doll from Caro on the 9th May and while I did get a tracking number he still hasn't arrived.
      I paid $75 for shipping having been told it would be sent via Express mail (Canada's equivalent of EMS which should have taken 4-7 business days according to their website).

      The last tracking update was on the 15th so understandably concerned I PMed Caro a few days later (a couple of days past the expected arrival date) to express my concerns and to ask if she could chase it up with Canada Post on her end only to be told that she's sent dolls to the UK before and had them take a month so not to worry and that she couldn't check up on it until a month had passed away.
      This was two weeks ago.

      Needless to say having read that I'm wondering if my parcel too was sent via surface mail... which is annoying and distressing to say the least considering I paid for express mail.
    6. WOW..I can't believe that..I SENT everyone's items! so do not worry! please!
      This is insane...I never thought the package would get lost...and I only insured it for 50$ so now how can I refund her? she took the risk by insure it to only 50$,
      Please pm me if you have any questions I am not stealing anybody...
      for your information the package was sent the 8th..just read again the receipt there is a stamp that says it was shipped on the 8th..please don't start to lie now!
    7. As I've said in the PM I just sent you I'm more concerned about the fact you quoted me for shipping express mail. Surface mail was never mentioned and I would have happily paid the extra if it was more expensive to ship it express.

      You didn't tell me I was due a 4-6 week wait as opposed to the 4-7 day one I was expecting and paid for.
    8. Actually, you told me you never insured it full stop. Hence no tracking number. I also WARNED you it will cost about $100 for the body to be sent to me. You said you were OK with this. And the "proof of posting" you ahve sent me, the addresses you wrote in AFTER you left the PO AFTER it was signed. And if this IS a genuine receipt for my doll, you have sent my doll through Surface mail after telling me it was through Airmail, as on the reciept "Surface mail" is ticked. I have looked at the slip again. I'm sorry, it is the 8th it has been sent, I must have misread it. However the added addresses still stands. For all I know the reciept may not be for my doll. When you agreed to send my body, you did not tell me it will not be tracked, you didn't tell me how much you will insure for at all. I assumed you would have the common sence to use tracking and insurance. I never asked you to insure it for any amount, I was not asked. If the reciept is real, she has paid $19.25 shipping.Surely you should think more about your buyers rather than try to save yourself money?
    9. The package is insured for 50$ I sent you the receipt and you see that the value of the doll body is 50$ just like you asked me to do...so the only refund I can send you is 50$
      All I think is that even with a tracking it could have been lost and you would have lost your money next time ask the seller to fully insured your package so you will get the complete refund..what else can I say, I have senbt many packages to UK and never had any problem..except now..if I could go back in time i would ask for a tracking but now it's too late...
      You can all think I'm a stealer or what so ever...I'm not! just bad luck I guess this time just like I did lost my job this week..I have no money to refund her and the package was only insured for 50$
      I'm completely stressed out about this even if you all, think I'm not
      I will be leaving thios place so you can ban me if you want I don't care anymore about this place
    10. Caro-

      I regret to inform you that your attitude has forced me to file complaints via Paypal. Had you even addressed my concerns such as telling me that mine was shipped and when, we could have avoided this. 14 days without even knowing if it shipped is a bit much.
    11. Eveshka I sent you an email with the receipt so you can see it was shipped

      Rinoa, I did ask the PO about that package it took forever for them to answer me..I cannot do anything more , I have no more job so how can I refund her...and I'm thinking that when you buy something that pricy you should ask for a full insurance she did take the risk about that, so why should I bne the one to pay for her mistake???..I sent her the receipt to prrove it was shipped and she said that wasn't a good one! what else can I do?? I certainly have no money to refund her as I have no job now!!:doh
    12. You did not ask me anything about insurance, or tracking, so I assumed you would have the common sence to insure it and track it. I wanred you it would be $100 or so for shipping to me, you said you understood and that was fine with the price I offered. If you had told me you would be using SURFACE MAIL and NOT TRACKED IT, I would not have bought from you. (This is assuming you have sent me this body) You have ADDED to that reciept you sent me, the addresses and the rest of the form are in totally differnt ink, and there's even a line through the adress section to show it used to have NO adress on there when it was stamped by the PO, thus for all I know it could be a recipet for ANY post. Why did you tamper with a reciept? It is very noticable. That;s why it is not good. As I said before, I'm $530 short, no body, just a photograph of a reciept with my address and your address scrawled onto it AFTERWARDS (like you admited yourself, you wrote it after) You won't even get compensation from PO like that as you have tampered witht he reciept, even if you DID send it and this IS my reciept, though I have no idea why you wouldn't fill the form out properly. If you were planning to send my doll unprotected and untracked, WHY didn't you tell me this?
    13. kazezakura ~ for clarifications sake - did you or did you not ask Caro to undervalue this package?
    14. Yes I did, as I expected it to be tracked.
    15. We're not accusing you of stealing. I do believe that you've sent the items out but you didn't do so as was agreed and neglected to inform us of certain facts. That's the issue here.

      You didn't tell any of us you intended to use Surface mail, which frankly isn't a service I particularly trust when sending a $700 doll. I am sorry that this is happening, I know you've said you're not having the best of times at the moment but the fact is you lied to us. =/

      Since I still have 20 days or so left to do it, once my doll arrives and I can confirm how much the shipping actually cost I do intend to file a paypal dispute to claim back the difference between that and the $75 I paid you believing it would be sent via Express mail.
    16. Hi,
      Don't need to ask for Paypal claim..I will refund you the money for shipping...
    17. In the interest of open communication...

      Caro replied to my dispute with a copy of a shipping notice dated 5/29.

      Here are the pictures of the receipt front and rear..I'm sorry I know it took me a long time to ship but I have an hour drive to go to the PO and on top of that I have to find my self a job as I have none at the moment...it was shipped on may 29th...just like you'll see on the receipt

      The receipt passes secondary verification by a Toronto based associate, matching the typical shipping receipt and proper stamping. The handwriting matches as well, so I'm satisfied that the receipt is true.


      Being that I paid on 5/21 and was told it would ship 5/22... this does not please. (She also charged $8 USD for shipping and paid $5.05 CAD (exchange rate has hovered around 1:1 for months now, so can't blame it on that. 5.05 CAD is currently 4.97 USD. So did I pay for the gas to go to the post office? I could accept that IF she had shipped when she said she would.) Small packet AIR, which I would have qualified for would have cost $8.55 CAD... roughly $8.41 USD.

      Never once did she tell me that she was going to use Surface Mail. If I had suspected she would have used Surface, I would have provided my Canada shipping address and probably would have had my purchase by now.

      She's asked me in email to:

      I forgot to tell you that please when you get your shoes let them know on DOA that I didn't stole you...I certainly feel stressed out about all this...+ the lack of job makes it unbearable anymore...

      I'm not concerned about stealing. I'm concerned that:

      1) Shipping did not happen when I was told it would. (I was not notified of a delay, nor was I notified when it shipped.)
      2) Shipping method wasn't addressed, especially when I have a Canada address that will take delivery of parcels for me.
      3) Overpaid for shipping and didn't even get the benefit of knowing it. Others I've dealt with have typically refunded when shipping proved to be different.

      14 days from payment.
      06 days from shipment.

      FYI, nothing arrived today.
    18. For the record, my package arrived today. The writing on the Post slip affixed to the box matches the ink and writing on the slip that she photographed, so.

      It did indeed have $5.05 CAD in postage on it, so I overpaid for postage. However, I have my items, so I consider my part in this closed.
    19. kazezakura: I'm guessing you haven't received anything yet? =/

      Caro: In that case when should I expect a refund?
      I'll be honest, I am very frustrated with this whole ordeal. I'm not sure why you chose to send the doll surface when we'd agreed on express airmail and I am sorry that it's come to this but unless my doll arrives by the 22nd (two days or so before my protection with paypal for this transaction ends) I will be looking into my options to protect myself from potentially loosing the money.
    20. No I haven't. I am trying to look into how I can get atleast some of the money I lost back.