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Unsatisfactory Transaction with Blythedolly

Nov 23, 2008

    1. I'm a bit at my wit's end right now. I ordered a Pyrite artist's doll from Blythedolly on October 8, sending most of the money then. We agreed that I would send the rest when the doll was finished (which I did). I also told this person at the very beginning that I would like the doll by Thanksgiving, since I would have a break then-I said when Thanksgiving is, and how long my break would be, since she (?) is in France and wouldn't know otherwise. This person agreed on that date, saying it would be no problem.

      The biggest issue I have had is with communication. There were long communication gaps, and I didn't get a reply unless I sent anywhere from one to three PMs. I also didn't get updates when I was told I would-I was told the doll was done but had to prod repeatedly for pictures, as I really didn't want to give the 'OK' unless I saw them.

      Now I had asked about the doll being shipped-Blythedolly said all along that as soon as the doll was done and I'd finished payment, it would be shipped. Well, it was done about a week ago, according to the PMs I have. I asked when the doll would be shipped, and all of the sudden the person is telling me that it will be ON Thanksgiving, at the soonest. I asked why, and she (again, ??) told me that the money had to get into her (?) account, and that was the way it was in France, that money went into their accounts at the end of the month.

      I asked why the money for shipping wasn't put aside, then, if I'd made my feelings clear early on-and also why I wasn't informed earlier that the doll wouldn't get here. Her (?) reply today was:

      So she is threatening to leave me bad feedback when I had said that I would leave neutral, for the communication gaps and her poor planning, while also not telling me that it would be later than we had agreed on. She (?) lead me to believe that my doll was about to go in the mail when the deadline we'd agreed on would not be met. I just want my doll at this point, and will likely never do business with this person again.

      If the mods want me to include screencaps I will be glad to. I'd had to prod to even see if my money had been received and for pictures, but Blythedolly was more than happy to tell me how much money I owed instead of sending me the pictures that had been promised. PMs were quick when this started and they wanted me to commit to buying, but now there hasn't even been an apology, just accusations.
    2. Suuchan is not very patient.
      The doll will send tomorrow (monday in France).
      I have explicate many many all concerning the delay. I have presented all of my excuse this last day but Suuchan does not understand the reason of my delay.
      I have some problems with resin and I have to remake certains parts of this doll, it's take to some period for make one doll and Suuchan does not correct with me.
      I have explicate the all reasons and I can nothing say moreover...
      I have tell her the doll will send tomorrow but she's very certified it's not the truth.

      When the doll will send, I give her the track number and paper for proof.
    3. So I would like to explain that Suuchan have not pay the doll in one time but two. She has never said that I would pay only when the doll will be finished, if I had know that I would not accept. I make a doll when all payments are received, I have made the doll BEFORE that !

      she said :
      So I have said I leave a bad evaluation IF she leaves one... And I never said that I'm certain to send the doll for a date, but that I will try, it's not the same thing.

      I'm very sorry of this problem, but I'm a little worry

      So, I AM A GIRL
    4. I will refer to you as a woman from now on-I did not want to definitely, in case you were not.

      You never mentioned the recasting problems, and I waited the amount of time that I would have waited from a professional doll company. We DID agree on two payments, one when the doll was done-if you wanted the money sooner you could have asked for it sooner, but why else take the $250 at the beginning and say that you were starting the doll?

      I have been very patient, only sending you PMs when I had serious questions or was a bit worried-you did not once contact me before me sending you one or two, though. I learned early on that I would not get a response within one week if I did not send you two PMs. I do not know if it is a problem with your inbox or otherwise, but it was the only way to get you to respond, and even when you did you sometimes skipped over questions or didn't send pictures, and I would have to pester you for them again.

      I am not sure of all of what you said in your first reply here-yes, you said your excuse for saying that you would ship the doll right away but not actually meaning that you wouldn't until the end of the month was when the money transferred into your account. You seem to think that I am entirely upset about the delay. I am not, I am upset that you outright lied to me and said that the doll would ship right away, and KNEW that it would not ship until later. You still have not addressed that at all, instead passing over it to offer more excuses and to tell me that if I leave bad feedback, you will retaliate by leaving bad feedback. You even said that I left neutral feedback you would leave me bad feedback!

      I felt that I had to post publicly, or you would be holding me hostage in a way, by saying that if I did not lie and say that the transaction went well that you would slander my name. That is why it went this far, because of your threat.
    5. Sorry but my english is poor and I don't understand all your word.

      I have receive your 2nd payment monday to this week (17th november). I have say that I start the doll cause I would to be gentle with you. I don't like stress people with money history and I know that's it's not easy to pay a doll in layaway at time but you have paid a big part of the doll so I have start to made her. But I could wait total payment before start her.

      I think it's a big understanding of two parts (you and me).

      The doll is now on the package, I have pics of the doll in her box if you want I send to you.
      I can't do better before tomorrow (monday).
    6. Okay, if you are saying that you could have waited until the total payment-you could have done that. You could have at the beginning but you agreed on something different, and you cannot go back and say "But I could have done THIS! Be glad I didn't!"

      I somehow do not think that you threatening me with retaliatory feedback is a misunderstanding, or you refusing to answer most of my questions unless they directly involved me sending you money. As I said in my last PM to you, I want my shipping back. You repeatedly lied about the date that the doll would be sent. If you had said at ANY point that you could not send the doll until the end of the month, that would be fine-but to send the doll two to three weeks after you told me you would is not acceptable to me, and neither is threatening me with bad feedback in such a childish manner.
    7. This is track number : CC 4747 7648 6FR

      Thanks to close this disput when you will receive the doll.

      Now, I'm not responsable to delivery of this package.

      The postman have said me that it will arrive before the end of this week.
    8. That still does not take care of the fact that you threatened me with retaliatory feedback and lied outright about when this would all occur-besides, clearly you had the money to send it instead of waiting until the end of this week. I will have this thread closed after I get the doll, but will still in no way leave you positive feedback.
    9. Also, you did not tell me what company that tracking number is good for. Without that information, the number means nothing to me.
    10. The number is tracke here : http://www.coliposte.net/
      It does not matter feedback that you will leave me, I have anything to reproach for me the quiet aware and I was very correct on this transaction.
    11. Again, you are utterly ignoring the fact that you both lied and then threatened me with retaliatory feedback. I can't help but notice that you have been much more polite since I made this public thread-I have also been contacted in PMs about the fact that you bully your way through transactions frequently. Hopefully this will either make you change your tune, or will keep others from being pushed around.
    12. Also (because I cannot edit): Is there any English page or any larger service's page that I could use and actually READ? As far as I learned from Babelfish, the website that you sent me to is sending that the number is invalid. Until I have solid proof that the doll was sent, I am not willing to let up a bit.
    13. I know the number does not valid for the moment, the post office must be scan the track number before the package must leave France.La Poste is french service, and this is a reason why the page is not in english. I don't know where you can track this number with english language.
      So, in france when the seller or ebay shop give a track number the EMS trace or USPS is ONLY in english and not in french language. EMS service don't exist in France only Colissimo International. Chronopost service exist but is very very expensive (more than 100 € for send doll).
      This is a paper to proof envoice, I don't make another and many actually.
    14. The tracking number never worked. I got the doll this morning, and it is in the worst condition that I have ever seen a doll in. Ever.

      First, the doll was shipped in the decorative box, not in another cardboard one. Secondly, it didn't require a signature to pick up at all, was just left in the mail box.

      The doll is COVERED in gouges and scratches, and two fingers on one hand broke off. The headcap was held on with sticky tack, and barely fits on the head even then.

      I want my money back, all of it, and I expect to be reimbursed for shipping the doll back to you, Blythedolly. The doll is fit for nothing more than scraps and mod projects.

      The foot. I don't think I need to explain further.
      Parts of the doll were shiny for no real reason, looking wet, though most of the doll was just scuffed horribly.
      One hand, also shiny.
      The other hand.
      The dirt is in a deep gouge, and you can see scuffs all over the foot. The entire doll is covered in scratches like that.
      Top of the headcap.
      You can faintly see what seems to be an eyelash in the ear. The resin has many little 'things' embedded in it, mostly tiny red fibers or dots.
      The lip has a rather large spot where a bubble was in the resin.
      The whole doll is like this, really. Scratches from sanding, I suppose, and gouges. If the mods need them I have pictures of the doll piece by piece, and can take more. I wanted this mold badly, but see that Blythedolly needs to get someone to cast her work, as well as working on the joints (torso would NOT do anything but pop, arms swivel around, joints just don't fit together). Dolls like this should be put out of their misery early on, not sent as a finished product.
    15. I have packaged the doll carrefully before send her. I have pics of that but I don't remeber where is it. I can send you another hand, an accident can arrives, but for the black marks and some scratchs I'm not responsable. The track was FONCTIONNATE, I have seen that the doll was rest 3 DAYS at the office of the customs ("douanes" in french), it's not my responsability, if they have damaged seen with them.

      I'm not professionnal, You know that before buy this doll. Another customers who have the same doll are satisfy. I had never problem with them.

      So I have learn by moderators that you are knowned for always said bad thinks, and you was banned from certain parts of DOA for this...
    16. No, if you are going to sell a doll and pretend that you are a doll company, you have a responsibility to not send a totally ugly product. You sent a doll with GOUGES in the resin! I am immediately going to file a Paypal claim, since you are completely unwilling to fix the problems that you have done.

      Yes, I have said not-nice things. I do not believe in coddling people. That in no way means that you can send such a shoddy product.

      I am getting PMs saying "How dare she (you!!) send a doll like that!" "How dare Blythedolly say that it's not her fault!" I am not saying that the broken hand is your fault, though you should have packaged it better. The display box is not a shipping box. I am saying that you are responsible for the gouges in the resin, and the scratches, and the other awful things. This doll is NOT FIXABLE, do you see that?? I hold you to the standards that I hold ANY company! A company is when someone makes a product to sell, making a company name-which you have done. Do you have no pride at all?? Clearly not, or you would not send such a horrific product!
    17. Also, the bottom line is that you did not warn me beforehand of the defects of the doll. You sent a product that you KNEW was essentially broken, and even if you were reselling one from a major company and it had those flaws you would be at fault. You need to open your eyes and see that what you are doing is NOT OKAY, and if you are going to play doll maker you need to realize that responsibilities come with it.
    18. Blythedolly has sent me a PM saying that she has no money to refund me (I started a Paypal claim) but that she can send me a new doll, without the scratches, and is still saying that somehow this is all magically the post office's fault.

      I have let her know that I will ONLY accept a new doll from a professional casting service, or anyone other than her. Otherwise I have no way to get my original $250 back, but will likely get back my last $140. She is refusing all responsibility, when the condition of the doll CLEARLY is due to her awful sanding and casting, and bad joints, and has nothing to do with how the post office handled the doll (save the one hand).
    19. Also, I just checked my Paypal claim. Sometime last night, Blythedolly posted that she'd offered to fix everything from the start and that I had declined. She said she'd offered to cast me a new doll and I'd refused-keep in mind that this was many hours ago, and about five minutes ago is when I told her that I had conditions for that, but did not outright decline.

      She is lying, clearly, and trying to weasel out of paying me back for the horrible, horrible mess she's made.
    20. Blythedolly has been sending me PMs, I suppose to hide from the public. This is the latest, and my reply.