Unsatisfactory Transaction with Grass - RESOLVED Member MP Banned

Sep 20, 2008

    1. :doh
      Hope this issue can be resolved.

      I recently bought shall full set from Grass.

      Transaction went smooth. She replied very quickly.
      The problem is with the package and some doll's communication.

      Package arrived but when I opened...

      1. The doll itself had NO BUBBLE WRAP and NO FACE CAP covered!!!!!.
      I looked around and found face cap inside the box.
      As a result, shall face + head was scratched with DOD blue box. Poor girl!


      2. The doll fingers were broken.
      (Dont know whether it's before or after the package was sent out)

      Grass (seller) said this is her first time sending doll, so she does not know much about packing the doll --> Well, you used to have at least 2 bjds but you didn't know if you have to send them to the other side of the world, you will have to at least wrap them with bubble? Doll company did!:doh

      3. The doll is a bit yellow. I asked seller before about the condition and she said the doll still looks white.
      When I received the doll, I told Grass (seller) about the condition.
      She said she does not have other dolls to compare with. I believe her at first that's why in first time I told her I will try to cope with them.

      But well, I found out that the extra hands that came with the doll (inside bubble with no sticker wrap), which have never been used as the seller claim, is actually whiter than the doll.:doh So, I don't think that Grass (seller) does not know about the doll condition. that's why when I raised dispute with paypal in 2nd action, I require more refund from seller. I think this is quite serious to me.

      Packaging Insurance:
      I asked Grass to mark the doll for 150USD and that's the amount she insured the package.
      I understand if something happen which is the fault of transportation, I will get refund only 150USD max.

      However, I believe in the bubble wrap and try to believe in post office that they will deliver my package. So, I'm ok with it.

      I guess the first missing part is "I do not know how to wrap the package" as stated by sender after she saw the package.

      What have been done:
      1. Well, At first, I asked seller to compensate me at least for the expense to re-do face up and get a new hand from DOD ( though I know the colour will be difference).
      Also, I think I will probably find the way to deal with those yellow since at the beginning I think Grass (seller) really doesn't know about the condition.
      as a result, I asked for 150USD compensation.

      Seller Action:
      -Grass (seller) said that she will refund me if USPS refund her. She already file for a claim.
      Me: Well, I'm not sure about the USPS refund since it's because seller didn't wrap the doll properly but I will go to post office and report the damage as well.
      ( I received the doll on Friday and talked with seller at night. So, I will claim the post office on Monday)

      It should end here but:
      Just wondering, I asked Grass (seller) what if USPS didn't refund because it's not their fault.
      Seller didn't reply me at all but told me to wait around 23 business days. (Well, that's at least a month) I already paid seller 2-3 weeks ago.
      What if USPS didn't refund ???
      Also, I asked if you are so sure about the refund, can you refund me first and if I get refund from USPS, I will give the money back to you.
      I kept asking (sorry if that annoy you, grass) but I really need to know.
      Again, seller didn't replay me that answer: :doh

      I counted the days and it probably be more than 45 paypal days. So I did no 2.

      2. File dispute with paypal.
      As I mention earlier, I think you know about shall condition that she is yellow. Together with for the filthy blue head + face, face scratch, broken fingers, yellow body, I requested for partial refund.

      Also, I told Grass (seller), I dont want both money from paypal and USPS insurance. If USPS finally pay the insurance after Grass (seller) already refunded me for my partial claim with paypal , I will give back insurance amount from USPS.

      I told seller I raised the dispute

      Grass (Seller) replied: Then let resolves the problem in paypal.

      I really don't get it when people sold doll to a new home. They do not want them to arrive at new home safely?
      and also about doll condition!:|
    2. Respond from Grass (seller) in paypal:
      1. I didn't wrap the doll face but I put the facecap to protect it. I put the doll between two cushions and the cushions are same size of the doll box. I put another brown box to protect the doll box and marked as a "fragile". This is a used doll and I used the original packing to resend it to the buyer.

      2. The doll fingers are perfect when I send it out. Once again, I used two cushions to protect the whole doll.

      3. Yes, the doll looks white for me and I don't see a big difference between the new extra hands and doll. I did show the buyer the pictures of new extra hands and doll but the buyer has no concern for it.

      4. I didn't ignore any questions and I replied the PMs ASAP. Buyer requested me to mark the doll's value as $150 and actually the doll worth $900 (and about $100 for S&H). I told the buyer clearly that I only can buy the insurance for $150 if I marked the doll as $150. Buyer agreed with that. I used the original packing and resend it to the buyer. I'm not reluctant to wrap the doll and the buyer also never requests it. 5. The insurance from USPS only can cover the damage or lost from the doll.

      Well, I can't reply in paypal since it's a claim already so: FYI
      - you know as much as I do that face cap can pop out
      - I know that the cushions are same size of the doll box but how about the space between 2 cushions? The doll can move from side to side. and again. the height of DOD box cap is quite high. The cushions cannot protect the face and face cap
      - Fragile: but you didn't have any bubble wrap? Why then?

      2. How can you be so sure?

      3. You show the extra hands picture but not the comparison of extra hands and normal hands. You also said it's white.

      4. I know about your respond I should get 150USD from insurance but how about yellow scratch body you told me it's white?
    3. Did you also post this or link it in Grass's feedback thread?
    4. I have not done yet.
      I am waiting for Grass to respond my request about refund me first and if USPS refund me I will return her the amount I get from USPS.

      You suggested I should do the link? Well, ok

      Thanks for the advice :)
    5. Sorry, i think i told you clearly that i won't refund you first. We have to wait 23 days first!
      We have two investigations in Paypal and USPS now so i don't want to comment that anymore.
      Feel free to leave your feedback on
    6. Please check paypal status. the case has been deferred.
      I think at least you should show some responsibilities. :(
    7. Well, Grass
      How about you give me back my money and I send the girl back to you.
      I do the best to wrap her. Bubble, cushions, face cap + bubble again, hands and feets wrap with bubbles.
      I will try my best to deliver her to you safely.
      Then, resoved the case

      This is the question I asked you before, remember?
    8. Sorry typo
      Then, resolve the case
    9. To update the case,
      I went to post office to file a claim as Grass (seller) really wanted me to do and this is what I promised her I would.

      I already PM you the document images, the officer name, the name of local post office and head quarter that the document will be sent to.

      Well, it's time you show some responsibilities since the root cause of this issue is from you that you did not wrap the package well, or at least with some bubbles. (I still wonder what's on ur mind when you packed the girl)

      Please answer my last pm about my offer if you really did not want to do anything and think that this is not your fault, at least give me my money back and I will send back the girl to you safely. Then we resolved the case.
    10. It will be interesting to note if the claim is honoured. Please keep updating this thread. Thanks!
    11. I will.
      Well, If I really get full refund 150USD from Grass (who got paid from USPS), this issue will be resolved since this is what I asked from seller since the begining.

      Otherwise, I would hope Grass show some responsibilities.
    12. Update again
      This is PM I opened this morning


      My reply

    13. I suggested to refund $75 to Otty first and we can go throught the process from USPS together but she refused. I hope we can work together and wait for the investigation from USPS first.
    14. I just accepted 150USD paypal refund from Grass.

      I'm okay with this issue now.

      Moderater, please add "resolved" into title of this thread.

      I will go to Grass feedback thread to say that the case is resolved - I already got refund from her.
    15. I already refund $150 to Otty and it's a good experience for both of us.
      I will bubblewrap all dolls like a mummy from now on and I will take pictures(or video) after I packed the doll so it won't have any misunderstanding of damage on my part. I won't mark down the value in the custom form anymore.
    16. Grass - did you receive payment for the insurance claim from USPS? This doesn't really appear to be their fault.
    17. Hi, I haven't received a payment from USPS.
      I just received a letter from USPS last week and my inquiry has been forwarded to the Foreign Postal Administration of Thailand. It will take time for Thailand to verifies the damage and it will take at least 23 days for the investigation.