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Resolved Unsatisfactory transaction with "lallorona" - RESOLVED

Jan 13, 2008

    1. I wish to bring this to the attention of anyone who would be considering buying anything from lallorona . I have included all of the PMs that took place between myself and this individual.


      I spotted an item on DoA's Marketplace and sent a PM (on 11/25/07) to see if it was still available. These are the PMs that I received.

      11/29/07, 11:08am
      11/29/07, 4:16pm
      11/30/07, 12:13am
      I ordered (and paid for via PayPal) the "DD SwallowTail Limited Black Dress" from her on 11/30/2007 for $87.50 (including shipping).

      11/30/07, 12:48pm
      When I hadn't heard anything by Wednesday (12/5), I PMed her again. Her reply was.

      12/05/07, 10:12pm

      I PMed her on 12/14 to let her know that I still had not received the dress yet.

      12/18/07, 12:46am
      Still not having received the package yet, on 12/26/07, I did an Domestic Intranet Inquiry with the USPS on this tracking number. It showed that it was a 2 oz. first-class package,mailed on 12/17 from Chicago, IL 60618, being sent to the zipcode of 07307 (Jersey City, NJ). As you can see by the PMs, I live in Glendora, CA 91741.

      On 12/27/07, 4:45am, I sent her the following PM
      As of today (1/13/08), I still have not received a response to my last PM from her. It has been over six weeks now since I paid $87.50 for a "DD SwallowTail Limited Black Dress". I have also noted on (her DoA Marketplace) "lallorona's feedback thread", that on 12/23/07, at 11:58am, Kotori posted
      I am sorry to have to say that I can only conclude that she has no intentions of shipping this item to me, as it would appear that she has already sold this outfit to another person almost 4 weeks after I originally paid for it, nor is she willing to be honest with me, to admit that she made a mistake and to refund me the $87.50 to my PayPal account.

      I would discourage anyone from buying from any seller using the name(s) {name removed] lallorona, lacespider@gmail.com.

      She has not been honest or truthful to me throughout this whole transaction. Once she received my money, communication with her has been spotty, at best, and as of now, non-existent.


      Terence Cole
    2. lallorona has been put into the "Being Paged" group. Where did you see a feedback thread for her?
    3. Terence, I sent you a PM.

      I apologize how it looked like I sold your dress set to someone else. This was not the case at all. I owned 2 sets of the Swallowtail Black Dress. I sold the full set one to Kotori before you had even contacted me about the second set. The second one which you bought did not include shoes, but Kotori's was the full set.

      I gave you another person's tracking number by my mistake, and for that I apologize. Kotori lives in Canada, not New Jersey, so again I did not sell him your set. He had the set in hand before you ever contacted me.

      I got confused with shipping and sent someone's item thinking it was yours (because they bought the pink Swallowtail dress version instead) and gave you incorrect tracking for a different package. I assumed I had shipped your item, I never got your last PM telling me the tracking was wrong so I had no idea there was a problem.

      I found your set here still, I'm really sorry, I thought I had sent it. I never sold your set to someone else or had intentions to cheat you of it. I honestly thought I shipped it.

      I went and shipped your set today. It is sent by priority and is fully insured. Tracking number: 0711 9496 6850 1200 0650

      I'm really honestly very sorry for the trouble and delay.
    4. Mr. Postman ~ Please post into this thread when you receive the item in question.
    5. I received the package today, with the item that I had ordered, as described and in good order. I was going to chance the title of this thread to "neutral", but I've lost the ability to edit the first post. This transaction have (finally) been resolved. Please feel free to "lock" the thread also. Thank you.