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Unsatisfactory Transaction with lisaastrup

Oct 12, 2009

    1. I recieved an AOD QING head today in the mail from lisaastrup and the back of the head does not go on AT ALL. And it was not disclosed in the (NOW DELETED) listing.

      Box was in perfect condition when it arrived to me No problems perfect box.
      Doll head was not together when it arrived, it was in 2 pieces
      which is normal. Doll head cap does not stay on the back of the head. At closer inspection there seems to be a groove that does not have a corresponding peice to snap into the head. So this is why the head does not stay on. There is a groove that is missing at the base of the head which would allow it to attach. It also looks like it has been sanded down.
      Clearly it does not attach because of this misssing part. Really upset about
      this. I have tried to look for the original sale page for the advertisement of
      this head. Has it been deleted

      I contacted lisaastrup and she is willing to take the head back however only refund my purchase of the head and not the INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. And I must then pay for tracked international shipping back to her country. So I feel by the time I send this head back ultimately I lose a lot of money on this transaction.

      I also asked lisaastrup about a Thread that she started with reference about having trouble removing her AOD head. I asked her if she broke it and then sold it to me. She said no.

      To re sell this head might not sell because of the problem on the cap. However I would have the decency to tell the truth about the head having a defect. To send it back I LOSE money and faith in Doll people who are suppose to be honest.

      I am not happy with this transaction and any assistance from the moderator will be helpful
    2. kxoxo ~ The moderators of DoA cannot and do not get involved in Marketplace transactions and that is why this Problem Transactions subforum is in place - so members can work publicly to reach a resolution to a negative sale.