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Unsatisfactory transaction with Mid - RESOLVED

Apr 23, 2008

    1. I recently had a very unfortunate transaction with Mid. I bought a Pureskin uv-cut SD-13 long legged body, her sales pictures can be seen here and here.

      What I recieved was a filfthy yellowed body that I spent three hours cleaning and there are certain parts that I haven't been able to get clean yet. I'm going to try Oxiclean later, as that was suggested to me. This body was sent to me in the silver Volks doll box (no outter shipping box), with only the pillows, two small bits of bubble wrap around his hands, and a single sheet of bubble wrap wrapped around the body itself. The pillows reaked of smoke, and there was a small puncture in the box because these thin boxes are not made for shipping.

      Here are some pictures of how the body arrived to me, though this was after I'd given up on cleaning him in one piece so I took him apart:

      One of the calves that is still stained after a great deal of scrubbing with a Mr Clean magic eraser.

      This is the same thigh and the calf that's also stained though not as bad. It was still dirty though, as was the rest of the body.

      A very dirty behind.

      This looks more effective in person, so I'm not sure you can even really see it here. But I made a clean spot on the neck.

      As far as the yellowing goes, this is the body's foot in comparison with my F-17 head. I am unaware of how old the head is, but I don't believe it's that old.

      So I paid for this body and unless I can get the staining off I'm pretty sure there's no way I could ever sell it for what I paid. ($550 plus shipping.) So after cleaning it and putting him back together I PMed her.

      And this is the reply I got:
      In all honesty, I am shocked given her previous good feedback. I feel I was lied to and that she very obviously doesn't care and has decided to simply brush me off. I would advise very strongly against entering into a transaction with her, unless you're prepared to get poorly packaged goods that are filthy and stained.
    2. [ETA] I have opened a paypal claim for a partial refund.
    3. I have received a pending partial refund of $100 and was left this message:

      (The *** was an edit by me, naming another forum.)

      I don't think I should have had to press the issue, and I feel her response of: "I would have given a better refund if pressed with a problem transaction thread" was childish, but I will close the dispute once the pending refund has been completed.
    4. I would just like to state publicly that I believe I handled this transaction poorly and I apologize to onnawufei.

      I cleaned this body before shipping and saw nothing wrong with it. I would like to believe that I didn't intentionally misrepresent it. I believed it to be in good condition and sold it as such.

    5. onnawufei ~ Is this situation resolved?
    6. Oh yes, sorry. The partial refund went through and the dispute has been closed.