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Unsatisfactory Transaction with minimary

Oct 25, 2009

    1. I inquired about a pair of pants that minimary was selling on October 19th. I told her I was interested in buying them, but wouldn't be able to pay immediately. She said that was fine and gave me her Paypal address and listed the total amount.

      I sent the payment on October 21st.

      I assumed all was well until I received this response from her:

      I asked her to clear this up because I was not quite sure what she said.

      In which she informed me that she had sold the item that I had already paid for, and been told was shipped, to another person. She also informed me that she sent a different package to my house and that I will now have to reroute the package for her, to the correct buyer.

      I told her that I would send the package to the correct buyer, but I am extremely disappointed in this transaction. I did receive a refund from the seller, but too many things went wrong for me to ever consider buying from her again. She sold my item to someone else, despite having said she would hold it for me, accepting money from me, and then claiming to ship it to me. She also messed up shipments to her other buyers, something that I will now have to take care of for her.

      Overall a very unsatisfactory transaction.
    2. Did you link back to this thread in her regular feedback thread?
    3. Yes, I did.
    4. I also had a unsatisfactory transaction with Minimary.

      I'm the one who's package was sent to Raine Delmont...

      First of all, I inquired about my items (two sd shirts) on the 19th. I paid the same day, or rather attempted to. After I let Minimary know I sent payment she then PMd me back apologizing and saying that she had sent me the wrong paypal address, which is fine. I understand people make mistakes. I canceled the payment and she was very nice to hold my items for me until the money I spent was rerouted back to my paypal account.

      I finally repaid her on the 24th to which she replied that she did indeed get my payment. But that was the last I had heard from her.
      I was never informed that my package was sent out. I was never informed that my package was sent to the WRONG person or to who that person even WAS. I was lucky enough in this case to know Raine Delmont personally.

      Raine Delmont let me know today that the package arrived at her house and also let me know that there was also some type of stain on the back of the white shirt I bought which was NOT referenced what so ever in the for sale thread. There was one picture of just the front side of the shirt and the price in the for sale thread. Nothing showing the other side of the shirt or even saying that there was any damage done to it what so ever.

      I have PMd Minimary asking her why I was never told of any of this and am currently awaiting a response as to how she will settle this matter.

      Picture of the shirt I bought with the stain:
    5. I’m very sorry about making a big mistake of the transactions between Raine Delmont and Nezumi_Mouse.

      While I sold my thing to Raine and Nezumi, there were so many PM at my PM box at the same time. Therefore, unfortunately…I max-up the PM between those buyer. And caused this situation…

      As for Raine’s case, I have already refund all money (hk$80) to her, and also send her hk$100 for the post fee to correct buyer and for amends. I’m very sorry about that.

      And for Nezumi’s case. I apologize for my careless mistake and forgot to send a PM to let you know what’s happening. And I’m willing to refund the cost of the white-shirt (hk$ 50) to Nezumi. Therefore, pls let me know your paypal acc, I will send the money back when I get it.

      I promise I will not let this situation happen again. And I will state clearly in writing.
      Sorry for any inconveniences caused.

      (Sorry for my poor English.)
    6. Minimary has indeed held up her end of the bargain and PMd me to explain what happened along with refunded me in full for the shirt that has been stained.

      I consider my end of the transaction resolved at this point.