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Unsatisfactory Transaction with naitomeadoll aka Taksan

Oct 27, 2007

    1. Last Sunday, the 14th of October, naitomeadoll PM'd me about my two sets of YoSD clothes for sale. She also told me to email her because she couldn't recieve PMs apparantly. Well, whenever I tried to send her an email to her email address it would just return as undeliverable. Finally I managed to contact her via the "Send a message via email" on her profile page.

      She wanted to pay me with billpay through Bank of America, which means that BoA would send me a check that would pull from her account. Basically like a regular check except that BoA sends it to me. Okay, cool. I'm also a memeber of BoA so I figured it would be a pretty easy transation.

      I got the check in the mail on Saturday, the 20th. I deposited it via the ATM on Sunday, the 21st. When I checked on Monday and Tuesday it said it was still pending. When I check on Thursday it was listed as posted on the 22nd. On the 24th however I had a withdrawal for the exact same amount of money ($123) for a "RETURN ITEM CHARGEBACK"

      Now I don't know if she had called BoA and had them cancel the check or if it bounced. Either way, I wasn't contacted. Worse of all is that BoA charged me a $5 "RETURN ITEM CHARGEBACK FEE". I sent her another email asap asking her what had happened.

      I was going to give her another day to respond to me but I ran into her today online and posting on DoA. With no response from her sitting in my inbox. I emailed her again to let her know that I'm putting the clothes back up for sale (I'm SO glad that I didn't ship them until waiting to see if the money would post) and that I was leaving her bad feedback.
    2. Im really sorry it bounced I have no idea why and now my account is over 123 as well.. as soon as I figure out what happened, I will get back to you as soon as possible.
    3. Weird, I had a good transaction with Naitomeadoll! But I cashed the check I got, and didn't deposit it.
    4. sent you a pm! Thanks rynn! ^^
    5. going to have to bump this-i got a check for a considerable amount of money for 3 things sold (a shiwoo and two CP bodies) to naitomeadoll and today found out it bounced. i had cashed the check and deposited it thinking everything was fine. a week and a half later my bank alerted me the check was no good.

      i've been in contact with naitomeadoll and hopefully we can work something out really soon. i'm just in hysterical panic mode right now since this is a lot of money for me to worry about. i have faith in her though
    6. In the interest of full disclosure, I want to add to this thread that I am currently holding onto a check from naitomeadoll for $115 worth of doll clothes. As she had said she was sending a money order (I don't take checks), and I failed to realize what arrived was a bank check instead, I went ahead and sent the items. The day I was preparing my deposit I saw this thread, realized I was holding a check and not a money order, and got in touch with naitomeadoll to ask what was going on. She has apologized for sending a check, and says that when I deposit it this weekend, the funds will be present to clear. I will ask the bank if it is possible to verify this somehow before depositing.
    7. Naitomeadoll bounced a check for $500 for a doll she bought from me. I am also out a $35 bounced check fee.
    8. my check that bounced was for $1230. my overdraft fees now total $144, she promised she'd pay me back and the fees. she sold two of her dolls and had the buyers paypal me the funds-after fees it was $918 sent to me. which is great, but if there's a problem-the buyers will come after me. i haven't been in touch with her today, last night i got an email saying her internet was down and she was using her phone.
    9. Im one of the buyers, (its Jan) so you can PM me if you need to and you have my email. I also got a text from her this morning on my cell saying her net was down. Communication seems good though and Im hoping for the best. I have sent her an email asking her to have it shipped soon.

      Im glad we all at least connected on this. I had read her feedback thread and thought it was all good, so this shuffling around of things is a surprise for me.
    10. I will be taking the check to the bank today. I am going to stand there and have the bank call the other bank to make sure funds are present. I will let you know if I have success.
    11. i just got off the phone with her-she's very upset this happened. she hand closed her account w/the bank before things had time to clear. she is going to try to pay all parties involved back asap. she does not have internet at home right now.
    12. So the account is closed? The check I am holding is written on an account that no longer exists? Was she planning to get in touch to let me know this?

      I am also concerned because with the stories coming out in this thread, some of what she has told me is clearly not true. I will go through my PMs when I get home from work to see if we can sort out what is really going on.
    13. what's the issuing bank?
    14. Naitomeadoll contacted me a while ago saying that she was interested in a body and a head I'm selling. She asked me to mail her better than PM her. We kept in contact and I put the items on hold for her. She said she couldn't use paypal and she prefered bank transfer (eventhough I explained other methods to her). I haven't had any reply from her since then. I mailed her to ask if she still interested and I got no answer. I tried to PM her and a notice said "Naitomeadoll has choosen not to receive PMs". So I put the items off hold. That's what happened to me.
    15. I am going to write a detailed explanation of whats going on
    16. This is appreciated. And please include in your explanation how you are going to recompense all these buyers and sellers.

      It would be very helpful if those who are involved would list the amount of money, bank fees and dolls/etc., that have been lost.
    17. I am very shocked that this has suddenly come to my attention, my deepest apologies to everyone involved, my internet connection is back up (I chewed out my room-mate to go pay the bill) I intend to keep in contact with everyone until my debt is completly cleared. So here is what happened to my fullest understanding.

      I had paid via bill pay, figuring everything was good & cleared, because I had heard from parties that there checks had cleared and they had there money

      I closed my bank of america account and transfered banks because BOFA is entirely to far to walk to (about 4+ miles) recently I got an email from hoobear saying that her check had bounced, and I now owed her another 1230 $ + Fees, I have every intention of paying back.

      Bank of america does NOT hold the funds while doing transfers, apparently they collect later rather than holding the funds or freezing them until they are collected. I didnt know this, and sense I was told that checks cleared I figured everything was fine.

      The account is no longer open and so when they went to collect there was nothing there to collect-
      and that is why all the checks have bounced.

      I seriously pray that no more happens. I have repaid hoobear 918.00$ of the money I owe her.

      I am sick to my stomach over the money I once owe again, I am a tattoo artist and will be working over time this weekend to make as much money as possible...

      I have also been selling dolls to come up with funds
      to pay everyone back for the money that I owe.

      I realize that this is my fault for not checking, I have 100% confidence that I can pay everyone back in a timely manner. If you experience bank fees, please let me know and I will pay them back as well.

      I am shaking and crying because I have to come up with this money again. So I am sorry if some of this is confusing.

      I am NOT a scammer. Now I know never to use bill pay ever again. If you need to contact me please contact me by email. I have emailed a few mods about my pm problem but they havent contacted me to fix it.

      Also, if anyone wants to get ahold of me by telephone. My # is. 19168031021. if I do not answer PLEASE leave a message and i will call you back as soon as I get a chance.
    18. Zagzagael- I sent you a pm with my phone # and email. I also have written a post in this section of what happened. I intend to keep in touch I also posted my phone #
    19. Naitomeadoll, I just got back from my bank. They called and inquired about the account listed on the check you gave me, and were told in no uncertain terms that the account in question is open and does have the funds in it to cover the amount of the check.

      Was my check was written on a different account, one that is active and containing funds? If so, I wish you had told me that when I first asked you about all this on October 26. I have been holding it all this time, as we discussed in PM.

      In any event, since the funds were present, my bank took your check and the payment will be processed as usual on Monday morning.

      If I may offer some advice -- you need to learn how to use a check register to track funds and checks written. It is a basic life skill that will prevent this from ever happening again.

      Also, for the record, you are not having to "come up with the money again." The money for the checks you wrote was never withdrawn in the first place -- hence them bouncing. You just flat-out wrote more checks than you had money to cover, and didn't realize it because you were not keeping proper track of your spending. You even had WTB threads in the Marketplace while all this was going on this week -- a lot of them! You need to gain control of your spending before it ruins your life.