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Unsatisfactory transaction with PakouChan

Nov 20, 2008

    1. I bought a Dollga wig from PakouChan on November 6th. Her thread stated that shipping was free, but she told me that since I live in Canada I had to pay for shipping. So I asked:

      I paid what she asked for and the wig arrived on November 18th, not in a bubble envelope like I had mentioned but in construction paper covered in packing tape. When I opened it I was dismayed to find out that the wig had very obvious damage- I could tell it was a curly wig that had been straightened. The ends are all scruffy and there's hair falling out. That was never disclosed in her thread and I paid $25 (plus shipping and Paypal fees) for it, very close to its retail value of $27.

      I PMed her asking for a refund, and saying that I would ship the wig back to her. She replied with this:

      I went back to her sales thread to read whether she had in fact mentioned that she didn't do refunds, since I did not remember that part being there. Her post was edited to say that the wig I bought was straightened (that was absolutely not there before) and that potential buyers should look thoroughly at her pictures, which I see as her way of telling me that I didn't look hard enough at her picture so it's my own fault. It also covers her tracks for when I leave her negative feedback. I can't say with 100% certainty that she didn't say no refunds before, but the post is edited and I can't tell now.

      I have just been refunded $10 (which means I ended up paying $15 for a junk wig), but I wanted to make this thread as a warning to potential buyers. I do not imagine anyone else wants to receive their doll items in poor condition or wrapped in construction paper.
    2. Maiwenn ~ Have you linked to your feedback here in her regular feedback thread? It can be a good idea to screencap a sales thread when you purchase. :(
    3. Zagzagael- Yes, I posted a link to this thread in her feedback. And I'll definitely be screencapping sales posts from now on! I've had so many good transactions here, so this threw me off. @__@;
    4. This is a late reply; I did give you a partial refund and Im sorry for your disappointment. But Ive never had a problem before, so sorry to you and hopefully youre happy with the refund I did give you.

    5. Maiwenn ~ Do you consider this resolved? Are you happy with your refund?
    6. I guess it can be considered resolved.
    7. Mmmm....do you mind being a little more clear about the resolution? If you aren't completely satisfied, you should be able to state that here. Would you like this thread closed?
    8. While I can't say I'm entirely happy about ending up with a wig that I don't feel I could use due to its quality or sell in good conscience, in the end it wasn't an expensive item and I don't wish to drag the situation out (nor do I think anything would come of it if I did). So this thread can be closed.
    9. Maiwenn ~ It's still not clear whether or not you received a refund? Is it the quality of the wig that you're unhappy with regardless of the refund?
    10. As stated in my original post I received a partial refund of $10, so I still paid $15 plus ~$3 for shipping/PP fees. Yes, it is the quality I'm not satisfied with- I may be able to cut the scruffy ends off, but the fibers are stiff with damage and there is hair falling out. The wig's poor condition was not disclosed to me prior to the sale.

      I also find issue with the way PakouChan edited her sales post after the transaction to make it seem like this was my fault for not looking closely enough at her pictures or not reading her post carefully enough. I find that very dishonest.
    11. Thank you!