Unsatisfactory Transaction with PandorasToyBox

Aug 24, 2010

    1. I bought Pandora’s Kid Delf Jeong from the MP on July 10th. I sent my payment that day, and received a message from her saying:

      “I've received payment and will ship her out first thing Monday morning.
      -Pandora- “

      Monday morning came and went. By July 14th I still hadn’t heard anything from Pandora, so I sent her a PM asking if she had shipped the package, and also to inform her that I would be out of town for the weekend. Later that day I get the following PM:

      “Ah unfortunately I was called into work every day since monday and haven't had time to ship her. I sent a message but I guess it did not go through. Sorry about that I hope it's not a problem. Anyways I can wait to ship her if you'd like so that you're home to receive her. Let me know. And have a nice trip too
      -Pandora- “

      To which I responded: “Ah, I understand! I'll only be gone for a few days so when ever is the most convenient for you works fine for me. :] “

      After this, I did not hear from her directly again. Instead, I got an e-mail from PayPal saying my package was shipped on July 20th.

      By the 26th, the tracking PayPal had provided me with still had not updated, so I PM’d her again, asking if she had indeed shipped the package. On the 27th, I got the following reply:

      “I shipped her out last week, sometimes these things don't update til they arrive. If she's not there by saturday or monday of next week I'll go talk to the post office though
      -Pandora- “

      This was the last communication I had from her until August 9th. I waited until the 9th to message her because August 2nd was a holiday in Alberta, so there is no postal service. I figured I’d wait a week to PM her back, since holidays can cause some backlog. So I sent her a PM asking if she would check with the post office, since she still had not arrived:

      “Hello again.

      I figured I'd give it another week since last Monday was a holiday here, but Jeong still has not arrived. If you could talk to the post office, I'd greatly appreciate it ;__;

      Watch, now that I've asked she'll arrive tomorrow xD... That always happens to me.

      Thanks so much,

      To which she replied: “LOL I sure hope so! Thanks for keeping me updated, I'll talk to the post office if she doesn't arrive by tomorrow!
      -Pandora- “

      She still hadn’t arrived the next day, August 10th, so once again I asked her to go to the post office. She replied the same day with this: “No worries dear I comepletely understand. I'll talk to the post office tomorrow.
      -Pandora- “

      After two days I hadn’t heard anything from Pandora so I PM’d her on August 12th asking if she had gone to the post office. She responded with:

      “yes I did, they said that she's been on her way, that sometimes it doesn't update until it actually reaches the destination. Unfortunately they also mentioned that since she was sent priority mail instead of express mail that it was not guaranteed and she could take as much as 30 days. If it hasn't arrived by the 30 days we can file a claim. Please let me know if you get any updates on your end.
      -Pandora- “

      The next day, the tracking finally started working. At this point, it had been 34 days since my payment. Since the time limit for making a claim with PayPal is 45 days, I was starting to get worried. That gave her one week to arrive. It was a little suspicious that the package hadn’t moved until I asked her to go to the PO, so long after my payment. The reason it hadn’t moved was not because it was in customs. The package had not even left Florida. I sent her a PM telling her the tracking had updated and waited.

      The package finally reached the Canada/US border on August 17th, and had stayed in customs until August 20th. Because I was already suspicious, I opened a PayPal dispute for my own personal safety. I sent her a PM saying that I would close the dispute when she arrived.

      Within the hour, I got several PMs from her :

      “@_@ Ok she's not there yet? Has the status updated at all?

      And several minutes later:

      “You do realize that the item cleared customs today right?

      To which replied: “Yes, I do : | I've been advised by several close friend of mine to open the dispute anyway. Since she should arrive Monday or Tuesday, it shouldn't be too big of a deal. It's just for my own safety .-.'' “

      Her response was:

      “Ok well hopefully she arrives tomorrow since those frozen funds in my paypal were for school tuition... due monday.
      Please let me know as soon as she arrives. Thanks
      -Pandora- “

      It struck me as suspicious that her university tuition was due on the last possible day I had to open a PayPal dispute. It also struck me as odd that she was paying her tuition on the last possible day, via PayPal. Of course, the post does not run on weekends in Canada, so I knew she would be arriving on Monday.

      Sure enough, she arrived today (Monday morning), but I was very disappointed with the packing. The package was simply wrapped in brown paper and blue painters tape, with no outer box for protection. Inside, the doll was curled up and had not been wrapped in any bubble wrap, and also did not have a face-mask. I also noticed that the eyes Pandora had said she would include in the sale had not made it into the box.




      Missing eyes...

      Proof that eyes were supposed to be included.

      The original sales thread.

      I updated the dispute on PayPal with this information, and also asked that she either send me the eyes or a partial refund.

      The doll at least arrived in one piece. Upon further inspection, I found many dirt marks, as well as a couple small nicks on her wrists. The doll was also strung too tightly, and there where small cracks on her wrists. Her face-up was luckily undamaged.

      After several hours, Pandora responded to me on PayPal, saying: “I will send a refund for the eyes but you need to release my funds otherwise I cannot refund you the $10 for the eyes. I do apologize as I forgot to include them. I myself did not package her, my mother did because I was out of town. If you'd like to discuss this more thoroughly please pm me.”

      Pandora never told me she had been out of town at any point throughout the transaction. I did not see this message for a few hours, and by the time I read it, Pandora had already sent the refund, despite saying she could not unless I closed the dispute. It was also strange that her mother had been the one responsible for packing this item, yet it is Pandora who says she forgot the eyes.

      Overall, this transaction lacked several basic business practices. Pandora did not contact me once without me having contacted her first. Though her communication was friendly, she neglected to tell me some important things, such as her being out of town, and when exactly she actually dropped the package off at the post office. I also do not appreciate her trying to guilt me into dropping the claim, as I was just ensuring I was not being scammed, since I was suspicious of the extremely long wait times for a package to simply move out of Florida, as well as the complete lack of communication on her part. I was also unsatisfied with the lack of packaging, and that she blamed it on her mother.

      This transaction has caused me a lot of unnecessary stress, and I do not plan on dealing with PandorasToyBox again.
    2. Would you like PandorasToyBox to be Paged? Don't forget to link this thread in her individual feedback thread.
    3. Because I received the doll and a refund for the missing eyes, I do not need PandorasToyBox to be paged. I will be sure to link this in her feedback, thank you for reminding me.
    4. Just to clear up any confusion on the shipping dates, here is a copy of the tracking updates from USPS:

      - Delivered Abroad, August 23, 2010, 11:37 am, CANADA
      - At Foreign Delivery Unit, August 23, 2010, 7:45 am, CANADA
      - Out of Foreign Customs, August 20, 2010, 12:37 pm, CANADA
      - Into Foreign Customs, August 17, 2010, 6:05 pm, CANADA
      - Arrived Abroad, August 17, 2010, 6:05 pm, CANADA
      - International Dispatch, August 13, 2010, 6:25 pm, ISC MIAMI FL (USPS)
      - Arrival
      - Electronic Shipping Info Received, July 20, 2010
    5. I received this PM from Pandora today:

      "To make this clear I'm not leaving you any feedback, I asked you if there was anything more that I could do about the transaction and you didn't say anything. The reason I frantically replied to your paypal dispute is because I had to pay for my classes and you froze my funds.
      Needless to say I replied to every PM you sent me. If you were unsatisfied, it's because you lacked the communication to tell me so. If I had known, I would have rather granted you a refund and you could have returned the doll to me, or I would have gone out of my way to try and make it better.
      -Pandora- "

      I would like to note that I am the only person who initiated communication for this transaction. The fact remains that Pandora did not notify me directly when the package shipped, she did not tell me she was out of town, and she did not tell me her mother would be packing and shipping the doll. It is not up to the buyer to chase after this information.

      To clarify, I am not dissatisfied with the product, but with the way this transaction was handled. Pandora only asked me yesterday, approximately 10 minutes before she sent the refund without consulting me first, if there was anything else she could do:

      "I can send you $10 refund for the eyes (That is how much I paid for them, I got them from pupapa.) I do apologize about the packaging, I had no idea it was packaged that badly as I did not send it, my mother did since I had to go out of town. Please release my funds and I will send your refund immediately.
      If there is anything else I can do, please let me know.
      -Pandora- "

      I would have preferred to have the eyes sent to me, but since Pandora had already sent the refund, I decided it wasn't worth the trouble, especially since Pandora seemed to need the funds.
    6. I sent the refund because I needed the funds to pay for school.
      I get paid on the 15th and 30th of every month. Meaning I had to sell one of my dolls to pay for classes. The only reason I even noticed the dispute was because I went to pay for my classes with my paypal debit card on the 20th and it was declined. Not because i was waiting til the last minute to pay (I sold my YoSD Kanon and received funds the night before).
      Frankly I didn't even know that the last day to open the dispute was on the 23rd as I was not concerned with you filing a claim since your package was shipped.
      Take what you will from this whole transaction, and you can go back and look through every other transaction that I've had in the past and note that I go out of my way to please others. It was a misstep on my part, and I APOLOGIZED. If you'd like me to do anything else, all you have to do is ask.