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Negative Feedback Unsatisfactory transaction with Sedatedtoi

Jul 16, 2009

    1. I thought long and hard on wether to post this or not. But in the end I am convinced that this is the right thing to do.
      I don’t know if it will make a difference at all. Since it happened quite a while ago.

      Though I kindly request all the readers to refrain from posting comments about “insured shipping” since that is NOT the problem and that has been referred to too many times already :|
      (I will have those posts deleted)
      Thank you very much.


      Back in December last year (2008) I was looking for a MNF DES head.
      Sedatedtoi contacted me and told me that she was willing to part with her DES head for $85 usd + shipping. I also bought a pair of eyes from her to go with the head.

      I agreed to opt out of insurance because of that and because insured shipping to my region always costs me dearly. Even more so because I always risk custom fees when things are insured and those mostly go up to $35 usd per package. And I myself have received various items from the USA, 1st class ship, and never had a problem before. So yeah...

      So the items are shipped, although separately. And now the waiting begins. It's close to the holidays so I don't expect anything soon. Also knowing how slow my own postal service can be sometimes :|

      Still no head. The eyes have arrived in the meantime though.
      I ask her for some information on the shipping so I can inquire the thing at my post office. She gives me a detailed description of the box, two possible shipping addresses and two possible places where she could have posted it. Which I myself find kind of strange, since I ship from multiple post offices in 3 different countries and always know what I shipped where.

      So I contact my postal service through telephone since the thing on the internet does not apply for international shipments. But they are of no help. They can only help with EMS services. And they don't know of any other way. They advice me to wait since it can take up to 3 months to get things delivered.

      I did also file a claim at my post office for the fact that they recently had placed a package on top of the mailboxes. (I live in an appartment building) I pointed this accident out to Sedatedtoi, fearing the worst might have happened (stolen). But when I look back at the timeframe it's near impossible that that could have happened. All overseas items take at least two weeks to arrive I know by experience. And I was only away for a couple of days.

      Sedatedtoi will call the USPS to file a request to look up the package.
      Another DoA member opens a problem transaction thread for Sedatedtoi. I get worried and ask her multiple questions about my own "case"
      In the meantime another threat has been made for asking help on this matter:
      Because of that I ask for a receipt of shipping. Also the green customs label is discussed, since that needs to go on everything from or to the USA. But that gives nothing. She has no info on the green label or the receipt:

      So we pm’d a bit back and forth but alas there was no solution on both sides. My post office refuses me to help, they do not even respond on the letter I did send them. She would contact the USPS again, asking about retrieving copies of receipts and such. But that gives nothing.
      In the meantime I did receive a couple of other packages from the USA without any problems.

      Time passes and still no head unfortunately. We do keep sending PM on wether there is any news on this.
      Then I suddenly get these PM's:

      other part in next post
    2. Then after a while I get back to her about the refund she has promised me. Saying that’s a bit awkward to let somebody wait for four years. I know that she has some issues with college and bills, but this is just too weird.

      So yeah that’s the reason as why I am posting this as a unsatisfactory transaction. It's mostly because of the whole refund issue. If you do not want to refund, then do not say so in the first place. :nowords:

      ‘Till this very day I am waiting for the head, but I’ll doubt it will ever get here.

      What I did learn in the meantime though is that my post office does not track/handle missing items. I recently had a similar situation and they said to get back to the sender. Since they own all the information on the shipment....