Unsatisfatory transaction with july31 - RESOLVED

Oct 9, 2010

    1. It's a bit ridiculous to have to come so far because of something like this, but here we go

      I first pm'd july31 about a Sphaler wig and she agreed to hold it for me til I could pay for it. I asked about shipping cost with tracking number and she replied:


      No problem. Shipping without tracking according to usps.com is about $13, with tracking is $18. If shipping is actually cheaper, I'll refund the difference.

      I paid for the shipping with tracking number, because I do not trust the Postal service of my Country. She posted the wig on a friday, and when I asked for my tracking number she said that "had left the receipt at work". Fine, I'd wait til monday. The answer:


      Double-checked the receipt, apparently I didn't get a tracking number. When I went to the Post Office, the employee there said that $18 pays for basic shipping, if I had wanted Priority Mail (which I asked for) shipping would have started at $40, with addition of a tracking number for an additional $10. So, there's no tracking number. Sorry.

      I asked for a picture of the receipt, and she started not to answer my pms. I naturally became worried and drier, but never rude.
      Next thing she wants me to mail the wig back when it arrives to get a full refund.

      Okay, let me see if I can get this straight. First, you never asked to see proof of the receipt. Second, did you want to pay another at the minimum, $45 to ship the wig to you with tracking? Because I sure enough was not going to eat that amount of money. If you're so unhappy, when the wig comes, mail it back to me and when I receive it in the condition I sent it out in (which was near brand-new), I'll refund you the $48 you paid me. I'm so sorry you're so unhappy with this transaction, you feel the need to threaten me with going to DOA. And Paypal? Paypal will tell you to wait and see when it shows up. I know, I've already contacted them about you, because I knew you were going to be a headache. Though congratulations, you have given me the final reason to say I'll no longer ship anywhere but the US and Canada; because of people like you. I'll await the return of the wig, and until such time I don't see the need for any further communications.

      Ok, the wig arrives to me on the 7th, and the postage sticker reads 3,81
      I asked her the refund for the other 14$, and she says

      Okay, seeing how you're not apparently returning the wig to me, which by the way I know you didn't mention, that was my "demand" to use your word. But fine. In answer to the "$3.81 postage refund the difference", the $3.81 is what I paid for delivery assurance for me. So the Post Office could confirm you received it. No, it's not a tracking number, as the only people who could check it would be the US Post Office. It was not the postage, it was just listed on the second of two stickers. One was the postage, which was $15.00, and the assurance which was $3.81. So in actuality, I spent $18.81 on shipping. I'm being kind enough to waive the $0.81, so could you be kind enough to just let it end here? Or the option to return it and get a full refund is there. Thank you.

      I don't understand how can the full value be higher than the one in the envelope.
      I will not return the wig, even though I was dissapointed to spot red/pink stains on its back.
      All I want now is the difference back and to leave negative feedback, not because of the wig, but because of her lack of respect with myself and with my concerns.

      I will post pictures as soon as I have a camera.
      If july31 would be so kind as to show me the receipt, I'd not have to get so far.
      I have all the pms if that's needed.
    2. July31 was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Um, may I ask why I'm being paged? I explained everything that happened. I'm sorry that this transaction did not go the way either one of us wanted to go.
    4. Oh, and may I add to my side of this that not 4 days ago bluekitsune went to Paypal and demanded a refund of $80, even though she only paid me $48. So may I ask what that's all about? I offered to refund her the full payment if she returned the wig; she said no. I explained what happened with my Post Office and shipping; I received demands and her trying to get more money from Paypal then she paid me. I was standing right there when the employee at my Post Office put both stickers on the package, the shipping and the Post Office assurance. At this moment, all I want is for this to be over. Oh, and I want to see pictures of these stains on the back of the wig, because they weren't there when I mailed the wig out. And concerns? Concerns? I didn't get concerns from you, I got demands. So negative feedback is apparently going to be going both ways; from you to me, and from me to you due to your lack of respect of me and my dislike of being demanded of, and the lack of concern over trusting you when you put the wig on hold with me, even though I could of sold it to at least 3 other people on DOA for more money then you paid me.
    5. I still didn't complain to Paypal yet, so how could I have asked for 80$?

      You explained the 18$ of shipping, yes, but I asked about such assurance, and it there was such a thing, the people who answered my doubts wouldn't have been startled as well.
      Ok, you deny the refund of the 14$ but you don't show the receipt.
      I always tried to be polite, yet you are loosing your temper more than you should, all I'm trying to do is see this trhough and end it, so why can't we?
    6. All I'm asking as well is that we end this. From what I can understand, you admit that what I'm saying about the $18 is correct, however you still want a refund? The assurance is only for the United States Postal Service, not any other country's. It is so that the US Post Office can guarantee a package will arrive in a high-risk country like...well, like yours. The Brazilian Post Office would not have it. Seeing how I know what was put on the package, why do I have to show you the receipt? As for as I (and to give you the benefit of the doubt) you know, either in shipping or at Customs, the secondary shipping label peeled off. I did not know I was losing my temper, I will admit however to possibly becoming as fed up with you as you seem to be with me. I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what PMs of your's I've ignored as I've responded within 24-48 hours to every one you sent. And as for Paypal, I received notification that someone in South America had demanded a refund for $80, and as you're the only person in South America I've dealt with in the last 2 months, I figured it was you. I'd still like to see pictures of these stains, as they were not there when I put the wig in the plastic bag inside the bubble envelope. The only thing I can think is, was it opened at your Customs? Perhaps it happened then. I'm trying to be reasonable, I just don't appreciate signing onto my computer today to find out I'm being paged, even though I responded to your last PM yesterday. I thought the Mods usually waited until someone had not responded to PMs for a couple of weeks; but maybe it's me.
    7. Excuse me, but you had the option to price your wig, and to put it on hold or not.
      If you wanted a higher price or not to put it on hold, that was your option and we had agreed.
      Trust? Yes, I did trust before you started ignoring my pms. Isn't it natural to worry when you don't get clear answers?

      If I did demand 80$ on paypal, do show us. It must be a mistake, because I didn't contact them.
    8. Well, you sounded like you didn't want to communicate with me again? What should I have done? Forgot about it?

      I repeat, I didn't contact paypal.

      no, there doesn't seem to be any kind of label that was peeled off, and no, the envelope wasn't opened at customs.
      I will come with pictures of the envelope and wig tomorrow, as I don't have the camera's memory card with me today.
    9. I was not saying I asked for more money, I said that several people offered me more than I was charging when I told them it was on hold for someone. I refused their offers as I was holding the wig for you. Right now, I'm extremely sorry I did. The one thing you keep seeming to skip over is the fact that you will not tell me what PMs I ignored. I would like to know what PMs I have ignored as I have answered every single one of your messages withing 24-48 hours after I received them, unlike you who even with being on DOA daily, would go up to 4 days between responses. I'm sorry, but that kind of behavior does not speak (to me at least) as someone who was too concerned about the shipping of her wig. Again, I'm sorry, but I'm dealing with everything you have put in either PMs or on this thread, why is it you seem to pick and choose what points you will answer? In my opinion, you were the one who got nasty first, and I have copies of your PMs to prove it, but right now you seem to be doing nothing but playing the innocent victim. I keep saying let's just say there's blame to go around as we both could have handled this differently, we both chalk this transaction up to a learning experience, and let it end. But I am not just going to refund you money out of the kindness of my heart. And would you please stop attempting to twist my words? I never said I was going to start ignoring you, I just said that in the problem transactions threads I have read previously, the Moderators only got involved when there had been at least 2 weeks of no response from one party to the other. Not less than 24 hours.
    10. Following the advice of a Moderator, I will just post one simple response;

      What exactly do you want, and what would be a resolution in this for you?

      When you respond, I will say what I want, and what I would consider as a resolution.
    11. To lay the facts out:

      1) bluekitsune PM'ed me 10/07 about the wig she bought from me. In the PM, the only things she mentioned were that the wig was a gift, and she wanted a refund partially on the shipping, as according to her I overcharged her.

      2) I responded to bluekitsune's PM on 10/08.

      3) 10/09, I logged on to DOA to discover I was being paged as I was apparently ignoring her PMs. :?

      4) Following a lengthy dispute, bluekitsune said that on 10/10 she would post photographs of the packaging and the wig, as she now says it is stained. (I would like to know why she did not mention this fact in her PM.)

      5) Following the advice of a moderator, I posted a reply 10/09 at 9:02 PM EST asking bluekitsune what exactly she wanted, and what would she consider as a resolution to this situation. I finished saying that after she posted her requests, I would post mine and we would try to come to a mutually satisfactory resolution.

      6) Seeing as how it is now 10/11 and she has not posted any replies to the thread, even though she has been on DOA several times throughout 10/10, I would now like bluekitsune paged. As it seems to be perfectly acceptable to not allow more than 24 hours to pass without a reply before being paged without any explanation over why you're being paged, I would like bluekitsune to be shown the same courtesy.

      7) I would also like an answer to a question I have asked several times; what PMs of bluekitsune's have I ignored? She has never answered this question.

      I really want to resolve this.

      Thank you.
    12. Hello

      I mentioned I don't have the pictures. I don't have my camera now

      I mentioned I want the refund for the difference. If you so insist the package was posted with the fee of 18,81 PLEASE do post a picture of the receipt.
      That's precisely why you didn't answer my PMs and I became worried. Only when I started to mention starting a problem topic on DoA and reaching paypal that you started to answer again, with this same tone you have now wanting to cut communication.

      I will not prolong myself on this topic.
    13. Then I believe we are at a bit of a stalemate. As you refuse to supply photos, and I can't supply photos. I'm incapable of taking any photos right now, because I'm shopping for a new camera. We both only have the other one's word on the shipping. And seeing how neither one of us seems to trust the other one, I don't think this is going to be resolved anytime soon.

      Though may I say, you still have not answered what PM I ignored. Yes, I said that I thought communication should over until you mail the wig back, but that was 2 PM responses to you ago. When you said that the wig was a gift and you wouldn't return it for a full refund, I responded to you, keeping the lines of communication open.

      May I say, in my opinion I seem to be the one right now putting more effort into resolving this, which is great seeing how I'm only one of the two people involved. I would like to resolve this to both our satisfaction, but I believe that refunding you any money on top of what I paid for shipping would be basically giving you the wig for next to nothing.

      However, I am trying to get this resolved.
    14. Here are the pictures







      The PMs and all the other relevant images can be found on this folder:
      http://s289.photobucket.com/albums/ll217/kitsune-myself/DoA problems with July31/
      I answered all the PMs promptly, while she sometimes left DoA and answered a day later. But that's not the matter, what I wanted to leave clear here is that she expects me to believe something that is not written on the envelope I got. And, when asked for the receipt (which I mistakenly called recipe some times for I am not a Native english speaker) she left me unanswered until I had to turn to my rights as buyer, as you can read in the PMs. She became dry, rude. If she had not denied me the receipt, if she proved me she really paid the 18,00$ she insists she paid I would not have gone this far.
      But here we are, having arguments over argument.
      Yes, I was upset the wig was stained. But that is her care with it. "Brand New", she says.
      Anyway they will fortunately come out, I expect.
      The stains are for other to see what kind of care she took. No, Customs didn't open the package, and they were not made by me, I'd have to be crazy to let such a wig stain.

      I will not direct myself to July31 anymore, as I seem unable to be heard.

      I contacted paypal for the 14,19 refund and will not post here any longer unless we come to agreeing in solving the problem.
      The proof is there for you to see.
    15. Okay, go to Paypal. When I contacted Paypal about this, they said that as soon as you acknowledged receiving the wig, their involvement ended. Whether or not you received the wig is the only thing they care about.
    16. To Paypal it is.
      What amazes me is that July31 can't even admit she is wrong, that perhaps she was mistaken on the Post Office... And has not apologized for the accusation she made that I asked for 80$ of refund.

      I will post uptades as the Paypal goes.
    17. Okay, how about I post? I just received an e-mail from Paypal stating that both your request for a refund and then claim (in less than 24 hours, my...someone has faith in Paypal.) have been denied. So, what do you want to do now?

      You have never answered me what PMs I have ignored, and explained how a stain that you never mentioned in any PMs ( if I received a wig with a stain, that's the first thing I would have mentioned) happened on the wig. It appears to have been caused by either coffee (I don't drink), tea (only green for me) or soda (not my taste either). I am a bit curious how I would be mistaken about spending over $18 on shipping.

      I have 6 pages of feedback, and you're the first person who has ever had a problem with me, so I'm sorry if this seems a little suspect. When people have underpaid me for shipping, I've paid the difference. Why with you would I turn around and vastly overcharge you?Luckily I'm not in this for the money, I'm selling things on DOA because I don't want them and figure they would be better off with people who do want them. I would not accept a stained wig, why would I sell it to someone else? I don't appreciate what you're saying about me.

      Look, I'm very sorry it's come to this, but out of the two of us I'm the only one who has apologized for her part in this. I don't know if you know the old saying, "there are three sides to every story; yours, mine and the truth." Well, I've heard yours, you've heard mine, and we're still trying to figure out the truth.

      Don't know where you want to go from here, due to the fact that as I said above, Paypal denied your claim.
    18. I was merely stating how the wig arrived when I mentioned the stains. I did not mention them through PM firstly because I noticed them while analazing the situation to open this topic. Second, you were so dry and wanted not to have further communication.

      Yes, they closed the claim, even though I gave all the proof you see.
      And I think July31 is not going to give me the refund of the difference, even though she mentioned so in a PM. Which is one of the two things I asked for to solve this.

      Now what I ask of her is that she shows me the receipt, if she insists she didn't overcharge me. Don't have a camera? Can't she borrow one from a friend? Otherwise I will insist on asking the refund.
      I have had support from other US members from DoA, and they told me there are no extras you can add into First Class.
      Plus, the USPS screnshot states so. Nothing was added, though she could have added the tracking I had asked for.
    19. The moderators have reviewed this thread and have some serious concerns about this transaction.

      By checking the tracking number of the package (shown on Bluekitsune's photos of the packaging) into the USPS website, it is clear that the parcel was sent airmail without any special services. A tiny bit of research shows that the cost for mailing a 4 ounce package to Brazil is exactly $3.81, which would also match the pricing sticker.

      It would appear that the buyer has been overcharged around $14 in postage.

      July31 may either provide the moderators and buyer with proof of postage cost or refund the overpayment within one week.

      Additionally, a claim has been made by the seller that the buyer filed a Paypal claim for almost double the cost of the transaction. This is a serious accusation and if it is true, we must take action against the buyer as well. Paypal would have sent an email notification of this claim; please forward this email to a moderator for review.
    20. I have received a refund of 14,19 with the following message:
      Nonsense her father says? Yes, because being stolen from and falsely accused is really a nonsense
      I have not heard of the moderator if July31 has shown proof that will keep her from being baned.

      I am satisfiyed I finally got what I was asking for, though I feel slightly offended with their manners.