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Unsatisfying deal with Marti

Aug 5, 2009

    1. Some time ago I contacted another Marti about an Unoss they had for sale for quite a high price, 3000USD. I wanted to know if she was willing to consider a long layaway. She did accept it, making clear that they would not be able to return the payment once done. As the doll was my ultimate grail I didn't mind, at the time I was sure I could pay all parts. We had some small quarrel about which amount was the whole price of the doll, her sales post had the amount ins USD, my offer which she accepted was in euros and the sum she gave to my was in yet another currency. The currency she gave me had the chance of making the price move severely up had the currency values fluctuated. I was a bit upset about this, but swallowed my discontent and accepted it.

      Situations changed, I ended up losing a job and couldn't buy the doll. I had made a payment of 500€//675USD and honoring her rule of no returned payments I asked if I could use the payment I made to buy another doll of hers. She had not made it clear if this was possible or not, so I wanted to find out. Her answer was no. The doll I would have liked to buy with my first payment was worth of 450USD, so she would have ended up getting more for the doll than normally, but she still said no. At this point I was shaken and sad, feeling that I had thrown a large sum of money in the trash. I also blamed myself for this as I wasn't the perfect buyer; I asked a lot of questions and apparently she understood some of them as a wish to change the deal (few were close to this, but most of them just curiosity and uncertainty).The reason I haven't acted before was that I was blaming myself for the whole mess and felt downright humiliated every time I thought about it. Had I not told about this to my friends and heard their opinion I might have just staid quiet, even though the lost money weighed heavy on my budget. Marti did promise that if my situation changed and I could afford Unoss the first payment would still count which I find really fair from her, but considering my life stituation it wasn't much of an help.

      I read the messages between me and the seller several times, and found no mention of being not able to change the payment from doll to another, only that refund as money was not possible.

      TL; DR
      Agreed on buying expensive doll with long layaway, situations changed, pestered seller about unclear things, couldn't buy the doll after all and lost close to $700 as seller didn't agree to change the payment from a doll to another even though there was no rule against this in her sales post/PM's.

      What did I learn? No matter how much you want some doll, make sure you ask everything and make every tiny little thing clear before agreeing on buying, no matter how small or stupid it seems at the moment :P Even if the matter between me and her doesn't change at all after posting this, I think it doesn't hurt others to know this kind of mess is also possible.
    2. Too bad you haven't told me you were about posting here, because now I don't have our PM's and I can't make a proper reply. From what I remember you wanted me to send a doll that wasn't no longer on the market place, as I decided to keep her in the end (the doll was on marketplace for a long time and I thought that there is no use to sell her if no one want's her (changed her make-up and keeped her). If I rmember right the doll was PW Yeru and she is stil a part of my collection. Also, she was taken from my marketplace thread before you even mentioned taking her as a refund [and, by the way I told you clearly before making a deal, thet there are no refunds if you won't be able to pay]). You can't except me to send a doll that is a part of my collection to you just because you weren't able to pay the money we agreeded on because you just happend to like this particular doll. I don't remember you asking if I can send another doll- just say OK, and I haven't heard from you from that day.

      I'm really sad that you decided to post this here instead writing to me and trying to resolve the problem directly. I really hate to discust personal buisness in public. I would have help you for sure, but now it's a little too late as I don't have any of our conversation's in the PM box. It's hard to help you in any way as you haven't even gived me a chance to do it.

      Really sorry for what happened to you, but I think you should write to me and explain. I'm a serious person and I have never had any problems here on DoA. I understand that you are sad, but I'm finding it a little unfair, as you were warned, that in case of a expensive doll I can't refund money if you won't pay in full- I have my own bills to pay. If someone is asking for a long layaway I'm paying my bills with those money. where I'm suposed to take them from if in the middle of layaway you'll change your decision ?

      Also, I'm really sorry for yoyr situation but for me "no refund" statment is clear- it means you won't recieve your money back if you'll change your mind. it means you won't recieve cash OR anything else instead. I'm really suprised that anyone would think that in our case it's just normal that you'll recieve another doll (from my collection that wasn't for sale!) if you won't be able to pay in full (and I want to make it clear- I would considere it if you would ask for a doll that was stil for sale, as I'm always fair to my customers).
    3. The doll I was asking about was Belladonna which was certainly for sale at the same time. I would never ask a owner to sell a doll that is not put up for sale.

      The reason I made this thread was that I was told it might be wise, also your last messages were quit final.
    4. As I've said I'm really sorry for all that happened, but without my PM's it was really hard to act.

      I've PM'ed Uninu about this and I we have resolved this situation.

      I'm really happy to hear that everything turned OK with her life and after a rough time she's now happy again.
    5. Unfortunately I've lost the messages, too.

      Under the circumstances I believe the matter is solved.