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Update: Utterly disgusted with ShopArtistique

Jun 30, 2006

    1. http://www.shopartistique.com/

      UPDATE 7-13-06:
      I finally received the corrections to my order along with a postage paid sticker to return the incorrect eyes. Although it was very stressfull I may run this order again, not because I have any faith that the next order will be any less stressfull but b/c I really love their eyes.


      Okay so i decided to run a group order for Artistique eyes. Taking orders was easy. Sending invoices was easy. Everybody paid quickly. Placing the order wasn't too bad.

      The eyes arrived today....

      Out of the 37 pairs I ordered, only 10 were correct. Thats right only 10 pairs showed up like they were supposed to. The rest either were on B/O and marked as such, came in the wrong size, came in the wrong shape or just didn't show up at all. I have a total of 18 pairs that I DID NOT ORDER! Including one random bag of 9 pairs of 6mm eyes!

      For your viewing pleaseure a nice organized list of all the things that went wrong:

      Not recieved AND not marked as B/O:
      LFB-03 6MM OVAL
      LDB-01 6MM OVAL
      LD-09 6MM OVAL
      DD-05 6MM OVAL
      DD-01 6MM OVAL
      M0-1 16MM HALF ROUND
      DH-03 16MM HALF ROUND
      LDB-03 16MM OVAL
      LDB-01 20MM HALF ROUND
      M-04 16MM HALF ROUND
      LFB-09 14MM HALF ROUND -2x (3 ordered 1 recieved)
      DH-01 16MM OVAL


      Eyes recieved in error:
      LDB-09 14MM HALF ROUND
      DH-03 14MM HALF ROUND
      M0-1 14MM HALF ROUND
      M-04 14MM HALF ROUND
      LDB-09 14MM HALF ROUND
      DD-05 6MM HALF ROUND
      DD-01 6MM HALF ROUND
      LD-09 6MM HALF ROUND
      a bag labled DRS-06mm/LDB-01 with 9 pairs of eyes!


      Eyes listed as back-ordered
      LF-07 14MM
      DD-05 14MM
      DD-05 16MM
      DG-01 14MM HALF ROUND
      M-01 6MM OVAL
      LDB-03 6MM OVAL
      LFB-03 16MM HALF ROUND
      LDB-09 16MM HALF ROUND
      LF-07 14MM HALF ROUND x2
      DG-01 14MM HALF ROUND x2
      DG-01 8MM HALF ROUND x2


      The 10 pairs that were correct:
      LDB-07 14MM HALF ROUND
      DK-07 14MM HALF ROUND
      DA-09 14MM HALF ROUND
      LF-07 16MM HALF ROUND
      LD-09 14MM HALF ROUND
      LFB-09 14 MM HALF ROUND
      LDB-01 14MM HALF ROUND
      LF-07 8MM HALF ROUND
      LF-07 8MM HALF ROUND

      Needless to say I will NOT be doing another group order for eyes from this company! I am so mad right now! :evil:

      Y'wanna know the part that sucks the worst? Artistique is closed and will be closed until July 6th! I can't get any of this fixed for the people who are in the order until then.

      I feel like tearing my hair out or crying! I know this was my order too b/c my invoice was tucked inside. It's like the company just didn't care! They did say they'd send the eyes currently listed a B/O in a couple weeks but the rest is unforgivable!
    2. yeah.... artistique has that sort of reputation :<

      I used to be one of her distributors and gave it up.. it took her TWO MONTHS to send me a 1500 dollar order.. that was two months AFTER I paid :<

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE her eyes.. but won't deal with paula any more :<

      I am so sorry you had to go through this.. I had heard she was getting better at it :<

      *hands you virtual marshmallows and a big hug*

      Seek peace

    3. Thanks Carol! Especially for the hug!

      I just hadn't heard what a problem ordering from them could be. I mean I've ordered before with no problem but then again I had only order 1 pair on 2 seperate occasions. They also charged me $10.90 for shipping that only cost $4.05, I guess I'm paying for the handling, or better stated mis-handling of my order.
    4. That is horrible! I hope they send you the correct eyes as soon as possible.
    5. That's terrible, and on such a large order, too? One woudl think extra care would be taken. I've only made two small orders from her, and both were absolutely fine. I wonder what the deal is?

      Hope you can get it resolved quickly.
    6. Ooog. Thanks for posting this. I was considering doing a group order myself...
    7. How can you even make a mistake that big? O_O And whats with the bag of 9 pairs? Surely when putting that in you'd stop and think "hold on a sec..."

      I've ordered from them before and it went smoothly, I really had no idea they had this kind of problem, thanks for posting!
    8. wow that is bad, I have ordered a dozen pair one time and didn't have a problem and recently ordered a few items and some eyes, they even called and told me two were backordered and and if I wanted i could trade one color for another that was almost the same, and if I wanted to wait on the backorder...
      that is too bad...
    9. In retrospect, maybe I should have complained to them when I ordered last September, and one of the three pairs I ordered was the wrong color (bright purple instead of dark brown). I just figured it was a fluke since the eyes were so small (8mm) that it might be easy to grab the wrong one by mistake.

      Earlier this year there was a thread in the group order section (dunno if it's still there or not) where Artistique took forever and a day to send out a group order. It's too bad, I do like their eyes.
    10. Same as Masterpiece Eyes. Wonder if these eye makers are all related.
    11. was someone drunk when they tried to fill your order?
    12. i just hope they can upsize my eyes(stupid juri head!), and i hope everything works out! geez, they need to get their act straight. they should refund your shipping or something for putting you through all this trouble!
    13. I think I've pretty well decided to just call on the 6th when they are supposed to be open. I think complaining over the phone might be more effective then an email. The office line is posted on the site thankfully. 805.481.1806
    14. yeah, the phone would be better in this case, lay it on them! best of luck!
    15. I guess I misread the site. They won't be back until tommorow! This is so stupid!
    16. Good luck in sorting it out...It really stinks though! Let's just hope they have good customer service and can sort it out for you...
    17. Tried to call today. The office is closed. Ugh. I'll call on Monday when they should be open. I went ahead and sent another email since no reply to the first.
    18. UPDATE 7-13-06:
      I finally received the corrections to my order along with a postage paid sticker to return the incorrect eyes. Although it was very stressfull I may run this order again, not because I have any faith that the next order will be any less stressfull but b/c I really love their eyes.
    19. I am glad for your your blood pressure's sake that it was sorted out eventually.... and kudos to you for having enough faith to do it all again!

      Yes, their eyes ARE wonderful :>

      Seek peace